skateboarder guy



I was tagged by @nightmaretoremember94 to post a selfie thank youuu

Here this (the skateboard is not mine) pic which was made by my friend. This was a cool afternoon :D

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Can we take a moment to imagine Harry Potter, tattoos, long hair tied up in a scruffy bun, tight jeans and band shirts, skateboarding?? Like, just chilling around the park, skateboarding, letting the day turn to night. And maybe he bumps into Draco. And of course Draco is beyond appalled, because ‘Potter why are you on a plank with wheels’ and maybe Harry laughs and tries to show Draco how to skateboard. But Draco is not having any of it, thank you very much. So Harry shrugs and casually skates next to Draco as he is walking through the park. And Draco will try to shoo him away, telling him to go and be a lost puppy to someone else. 

But Draco comes back the next evening. And the one after that. And the one after that… Just watching Harry go around on his plank with wheels, his hair scruffy and slightly in his face, band tees and too tight jeans, with tattoos inked on his arms, and a whisper of some more every time his shirt rides up, and those eyes, Merlin, always those green eyes. 

Just, you know, Harry Potter skateboarding.