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Soulmate AU: Everyone is born with a small image somewhere on their body, representing their soulmate. This tattoo continues to grow throughout life, adding interests, images, and words that are important to the soul mate.

Will has the most emo/punk tattoo ever for someone so cheerful.

Nico has a hypodermic needle tattoo, and doesn’t know if his soulmate is a doctor or a drug addict.

Percy’s birth tattoo is an owl, but at 17, it changes to the image of a knife, and the tattoo grows to be darker.

Annabeth’s tattoo is a funny collection of skateboards, sea creatures, and the color blue.

Piper can’t help but laugh when a pair of glasses appears on her tattoo. Out loud she calls her soulmate a nerd.

Jason is confused when the word “nerd” appears on his tattoo.

Frank’s tattoo doesn’t expand like most people’s. Rather, its the image of a horse, that gets bigger until it’s fully grown, then it moves across his skin.

Hazel’s central tattoo is a maple leaf, and a few Chinese characters that read out “mother” and “grandmother.”

Leo doesn’t have one, and has always felt different, and out of place among his friends. He tries to hold a relationship with a girl who doesn’t have one, but it doesn’t work out, and they part as friends. It takes him time, but he learns to live without it, and to cultivate friendships. When he accepts this, he wakes up with a full blown tattoo on his back, that looks like tree branches, each one with a different friend’s name at the end.

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