skateboard update

This is for pi-on-a-skateboard who sent a lovely prompt. This is not exactly what you asked for but I tried. And I’m also very very sorry this is so late. Personal stuff got in the way. Hope you understand and enjoy and thanks for the prompt bby! You’re wonderful! xoxo

Connor thinks it’s the way the sunlight is streaming in through the courtroom windows. Or maybe it’s the glare coming off of the opposing counsel’s tablet. It could be that he missed his midmorning caffeinefix or hasn’t had a good night sleep in weeks. Whatever the cause, it doesn’treally matter; Connor can feel the migraine building behind his eyes and just knows it’s going to be a bad one. He digs into his briefcase to grab two of his pills but he can tell it’s too late. The drugs aren’t going to be able to stop it.

Forty minutes later, Connor can feel his heartbeat in his eyes and almost cries when the judge dismisses them for the day. He pulls out his phone to call Oliver on the way to his car. He already told his assistant that he was going home and not back to the office for the afternoon. Oliver picks up just as Connor’s getting in his car.

“Hello.” The word is clipped. Oliver’s got frustrated, de-coding, everyone I work with is an idiot voice going on. And Connor is about to make his afternoon much worse.

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