skateboard montage

the raven cycle youtube au

Gansey: artsy photography, traveling vlogs, mini history lessons, hauls of clothing and antique treasures, home decor (he is a nerd), gangsey collabs (the whisper challenge!!), short stories about his day

Blue: DIY cute crafts and decor, outfits of the week, baking with Noah, survey on the streets kinda stuff, women advice/relate, monthly favorites, hair tutorials

Noah: almost daily vlogs, lots of collabs, skateboarding and driving montages, gaming channel, random hauls, pranks on the gangsey but mostly on Gansey

Ronan: (only posts videos like twice a month) challenges, lip syncing music videos with Noah, rants, car vlogs sometimes featuring Adam

Adam: life advice, q & a’s, inspirational videos with A+ editing, the boyfriend challenge with Ronan, how-to tutorials, nature montages

Tyler Franz // Pyramid Country Montage