skateboard monogatari


Skateboard Monogatari clip - FUNKY BEDROOM - nov 3 2015

The HUD is always a work in progress. Having all this information on the screen is pointless, but we want to show off our character name generator.

Character creation is only fun for some players, and I, as a player, hate coming up with names when I play RPGs. One of our favourite games is Worms Armageddon, which has a name generator for squadmates. Unfortunately, it only generates unfunny names, like “Simon” or “Fatty”.

We have devised a button that only generates good names to relieve the player of the burden of character-naming.

the wizard’s tower - skitchin’

skate game canon planes of existence: 

the shredscape, aka the physical realm of skate game as we know it. 

hyper funk zone, a funky realm of perpetual motion that exists as a vibration between worlds.

dreamworld, the world of dreams.

devil world, the domain of satan. 

the cyberrealm, a world inside electricity. 

ghost world, aka limbo.


the magic dimension