skateboard jesus

My favorite experiences at pride

-getting lost while looking for our float
-petting all the dogs we saw
-gay Jesus riding a skateboard
-gay Jesus coming in with a gay flag and annoying the protesters
-someone telling me they loved my flag
-“happy pride”
-random people asking me about my flag and where I got it
-sorting all the beads
-the trans march
- a sign that read “exclude terfs”
-finding my float
-walking in the parade
-seeing all the tiny children
-someone had a cat with them
-some 30 old black woman asked for me when walking in parade and I talked to her for a bit and she held my hand and told me I was amazing and happy pride sweetheart and gave me a gay flag
-handing people sunglasses and then saying ‘yass mommy’
-handing out sunglasses and a fellow ace saying 'yes fellow ace brethren loving seeing you all’
-some girl yelling at me saying I was pretty
-the fireworks
-running a booth
-making friends
-talking to random strangers
-the kindness in the lgbtq which everyone seems to forget
-having heat exhaustion and not having any water so a guy and his boyfriend have me 10$ even though I told them not to worry about it
-just the overall happiness it gives me

“I had a fun time with you“

(A/N): FYI (Y/I) stands for (Your/Initials), Enjoy x also, i have not proofread this yet i apologise 

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“The anonymous street artist (Y/I) strikes once again…“

As soon as the familiar name is mentioned his attention is immediately drawn to the television. Apparently the mysterious person, who has been leaving several paintings all over the city, has almost been caught yesterday during the process of creating another masterpiece. Since the cops were incapable of catching hold of them, the anonymous artist has once again slipped through their fingers. 

Josh has been fascinated by their work from day one. Even though each portrait has its own individual interpretation, all of them hold the same message, which could be defined as diverse, observant, equaled and human. The country itself has been taken over by republicans, after being governed democratically for eight years. A lot of insurrections and turmoils have surfaced ever since the new president has been elected. (Y/I) paintings are often responses to countrywide but also citywide political occurrences, representing their own personal opinion, which should frankly speak to every person who has a slightly sense of humanity. In the eye of publicity their performance is seen as some act of rebellion, since the art pieces are mostly against the decisions and choices made by the new government. 

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Anime Boston was incredible! Everyone was so nice, helpful and, best of all, they were all nerds. At one point someone was dressed as the pope while waving around a rainbow flag. Another person was Kaneki Ken in a maid outfit. Rin Matsuoka was also in a maid outfit. One guy dressed as Death the Kid was riding around on a skateboard all day. Jesus made an appearance (accompanied by Waldo). There was a Deadpool with a dress and cat ears. Yato was leaving his number in random places. Ah, good times. Anyway, all these pictures are of people at the con (and if they want them taken down they can contact me? I hope I don’t upset anyone) and they were all amazing people. I hope I can go again next year! (I was Edward Elric on Friday and Mikasa with cat ears and whiskers on Saturday)