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Daniel Lutheran nosegrind in Redondo Beach, CA

“This is right when Daniel came out to California and that spot was new. It was bittersweet. He was stoked to be in California but I don’t think his living conditions were ideal. That was all the more motivation to get him out to skate. When he would skate he would just crush it because he didn’t want to think about where he was staying that night. And he’s one of those dudes that always gets a trick. This nosegrind is sick, it’s not a shocker or anything but he did it three times while we were skating.” - Anthony Acosta

From Acosta’s Angles during Daniel Lutheran’s rider’s week. View the rest of Daniel’s riders week in our updated Editorials section.

“This boneless is one of the gnarliest tricks I’ve ever shot of anybody. Look at that thing! it’s harsh. It’s the steepest bank.” - Anthony Acosta

From Acosta’s Angles during Chima Ferguson Rider Week. Check out our updated list of articles in our Editorials section.