Meet the Snoots: Barclay

Registered name: Barclay Gizmo Hoke

Neutered male

Birthday: February 27, 2014

Likes: Me, men, kids, people in general, facial hair, ears, kisses, cuddles, butt scratches, swimming, getting toweled off, naps, being social, agility, yummy foods, stuffies.

Dislikes: Kangaroo meat, falling, being blown on, having his hair pulled, cheap brushes, low quality kibble, other dogs getting attention when he’s not getting any, annoying retriever puppies who don’t get social cues, nail trims.

Titles earned: CGC, TKN

Sports: Agility, lure coursing, nosework

Future goals: Therapy dog, rally obedience, dock diving if we can build his confidence and toy drive more

I’ve had Barclay since he was a puppy. He was my first dog purchase as a legal adult and the first time I had done everything on my own regarding bringing a dog into the family. I didn’t do it right, but I don’t regret it one bit and would do it again given the chance. He taught me a lot about raising puppies and what I need to do better the next time I get a puppy. Barclay is also the reason I got into dog sports, and he really pushed my passion for dogs further. He’s not perfect, but he sure as heck is exactly what I wanted at the time that I got him.

Fun fact: His name comes from the Scottish name meaning “birch tree” or “birch tree meadows.” After my previous Collie, Lassie II passed away, I wanted a boy and I wanted another Scottish name. I had a list of names down but decided on Barclay because his merle coat kind of resembles the trunk of a birch tree. It’s also the only name he responded to when I decided to test them all out his first night home. :)