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Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

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We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

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Shall We Skate!!! Exchange 2017

Hi, Tumblr! 

Do you like Yuri!!! On Ice? Do you like creating fan art and writing fanfiction? Do you like getting presents? Do you like making people happy with your creations? Do you want to procrastinate on other things but feel productive about it? 

Have we got a match for you! 

Shall We Skate!!! is a gift exchange for fans of the anime Yuri!!! On Ice. We feel we’ve been given a tremendously rich canon with wonderful characters and stories to explore and this is a way of showing our love for the show. It’s also a great way to get new works into a fandom (fanfiction, fanart) because we’ve had good experiences with it and we’d really like to see it last long enough for a second season. 

Here’s our rules and our FAQ if you’d like a better sense of what we’re about. As the banner provided by our very own @reidavidson says, sign ups for the exchange open March 10th and works are due on April 21st. If you’d like to do something a little more low key, though, we’re looking for beta readers or pinch hitters and you don’t have to be signed up as part of the exchange to write treats as well! There’s more info on that in the FAQ. If we’ve piqued your interest, save the date and tell your friends! We’d absolutely love to have you.

So……shall we skate? 


February spits; not a lot for this month but that’s fine also you can totally tell which one’s the favorite