“Form Voltron !!” 
Well, close enough.

Air Gear crossover 


i need an aggro skating au ???

Otabek’s monolgue

I just got the feeling that while Otabek was skating and having his internal monolgue, it wasn’t just about himself.

This may just be my shipper’s side taking over, but somehow it almost felt like he was skating with Yuri on his mind. The whole animation sequence of the scenes gave me the feeling that it was like Otabek was preparing the stage for Yuri’s performance.

We all know how Otabek had admired Yuri even years back, when he thought Yuri had a soldier’s eyes, and wanted to be the Russian’s friend. So I don’t think it would be too far-fetched of me to believe that while Otabek did skate for his own sake, it might have been also for Yuri, his new friend soon to be boyfriend.


His expression after Yuri’s performance. He just seemed so happy for his bestfriendboyfriend.