its friday!!! 

uncle victor continues his adventures and teaches hinata and kageyama how to skate :O

lol his lines on how to skate are actually from wikihow …. like it actually says to pretend your an animal???? lol i found that funny….

ps thanks for all the nice msgs about this crossover! you guys have great ideas and i hope you enjoy these :D 

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As inspiration form what happened to Mitch, can you write something about Nurse getting hit in the face with a puck

first of all, this is the funniest fucking prompt i’ve ever gotten, so thank you. also, he so would, oh my god, poor nursey

(for those of you unaware, this is the referenced hit.)

Nursey’s used to getting hit on the ice. He’s a d-man, it’s basically his job to take hits and dole them out.

Getting hit by a person and getting hit by a puck, though, are two very, very different things.

First of all, you tend to realize when you’ve been hit by a person–it’s pretty hard to miss. Hockey players are pretty big; when they slam into you, you notice. But at least they’re only usually moving twenty miles an hour, tops.

Pucks, on the other hand, can fly around eighty miles an hour.

That’s fast.

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"Yuuri, when he means business, is almost frightening to be around" - about Yuuri skating.

When Katsuki comes to St Petersburg, Yakov doesn’t think much of it.

He screams at Vitya, nonetheless, because he must be out of his mind to think he can coach and compete at the same time. He doesn’t tell him that in the privacy of his head, he thinks that if someone could do it, it would be him. That’s not necessary. Vitya already knows.

He prepares himself to coach another head, either way, and gazes seriously at Katsuki’s movements, evaluating.

The boy is undeniably good. A little rough at the edges, nerves frazzled, but good.

With a little regret, Yakov thinks he’ll have to start polishing his english again. But Katsuki speaks russian. Accented, but precise, he addresses the world with concentrated eyes and a blush on the bridge of his nose. (When asked, he tells him nervously that he’s taken online classes to learn russian since he was fourteen, and glances at Vitya like that’s something to do with him. Vitya smiles, squeals and tackles him to the ground, like that’s the most heartfelt love declaration he could receive. Later, Yakov learns that it is.)


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Hey if you're still doing rec lists do you have any where stony meet cos Steve has to protect Tony or even after they've met Tony is in danger and Steve protects him maybe even some rescue fics? Either/or tbh, thankyou

Who doesn’t love Knight in Shining Armor Steve???  There are a lot of great fics that could fit your requests, but here are a few that I think you will enjoy.


And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of by Kairin16:  The world Steve wakes up to from ice has no need for Captain America anymore. Looking for his place in the new world, Steve gets hired as a bodyguard to the heir to Stark Industries, seventeen years old Tony Stark. Turns out it was both the worst and the best thing that could happen to him.

Measure of Protection by ohmyloki:  Steve has been Tony’s bodyguard for five weeks now. It’s a record amount of time since Happy, most of his new bodyguards averaging around four days before finally quitting.

If You Want to Live (The Historical Present Remix) by @sineala:  The Civil War is over. The SHRA is gone. Steve has been brought back to life. He’s settling into his new duties as America’s top cop. His longtime friendship with Carol Danvers – Avenger, former director of SHIELD, and former leader of the pro-Registration forces – is now a tenuous one. But something is very wrong in the world. This isn’t how it was supposed to be. Someone is missing.Tony Stark was killed at the age of seventeen, and it’s up to Steve to travel into the past to save a man he doesn’t remember from a man he knows all too well: a mysterious assassin from another time and place, a man with a metal arm. And the truth is more complicated than anyone could ever have guessed.

I Don’t Want My Heart to Show by @laudatenium:  On a gut impulse, Tony Stark hires Steve Rogers to be his bodyguard after Steve rescues him from an automotive crash. But despite his resolution not to share his secret with Steve, the man is far different than anyone else Tony’s ever known.And thus it begins.——AU of Tales of Suspense 45, where Steve was melted before the Avengers existed. And the fallout.

Four (or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark by @scifigrl47: There are four reasons for kidnapping Tony Stark. Tony’s sick of all of them. Well, there’s potentially a fifth, but it’s highly unlikely that Captain America will suddenly fulfill THAT fantasy. Tony’s deeply disappointed about that.Steve Rogers, as always, is oblivious. At least, that is, until someone who isn’t him kidnaps Tony. Then he’s just pissed.

The Knight and the Tower by valtyr:  The brave knight Sir Steven attempts to rescue a damsel in distress. Nothing goes according to plan.

How to Save a Life by @itsallavengers:  Steve and Tony fight, which is honestly not that unusual.Then Tony gets kidnapped. And suddenly Steve has a lot more to worry about than their stupid argument.

Hubris by romanoff: Tony would call it bad luck but, lets be honest, it was probably a long time coming.Or: Steve tries to find Tony and realises some things along the way.

Not Anyone’s Shade by @kaesaria:   Tony had fought, at first. Now he just waits.

Not a Special Snowflake by Annehiggins:  Tony Stark is no one’s special snowflake, so why do the bad guys keep trying to use him as bait? Set in a ‘gay Tony’ world so he was never romantically involved with Pepper.

Take Your Time by Avidreader6:  Tony just wanted a fun night out with Rhodey and Pepper, unfortunately Justin Hammer has other plans.
Steve to the rescue!

His Blue Heaven by Notevenwinded:  In a world where the Avengers never existed, Tony Stark, the successful heir of Stark Industries, discovers Captain America’s body frozen in the ice. With the Captain reluctant on taking back his hero title and Tony’s rivals wanting to use the super soldier serum for their own plans, the billionaire tries to find a way to help Steve adjust to this new world and keep his company running. A series of unfortunate events and with Tony in grave danger, Steve chooses to take the mantle of Captain America yet again and save him, marking his return to the spotlight.

Irreplaceable by orphan_account: There are obvious downsides to being the only member of the Avengers who is not a super soldier, a god, or a super assassin, and does not Hulk out when aggravated.
The most obvious one is that when villains want bait, they’ve got a go-to guy.Tony already knew Mondays sucked. He did not need his opinion reinforced this way.

You Don’t Only Get One Shot by janonny: In which Tony voluntarily carries a tracker around, and learns how to talk to Steve all over again in-between and during kidnapping attempts.“Leave you alone for two months, and you have an operation all set up to track wayward Hydra cells and rescue innocent billionaires,” Tony said, his tone skating the line of annoyance and admiration.

Let’s See What You Did Wrong by Resacon1990:  In which Tony is kidnapped by a rival mob

Toy Soldiers by copperbadge:  When Steve Rogers, five foot four and a hundred and ten pounds, met Tony Stark in a bar, he didn’t expect it to lead to a relationship. Or that Tony would find out he’s not an art student during a SHIELD rescue mission in Afghanistan.

Promise by Woad:     After Siberia, Ross makes good on his threat to put Tony in one of the Raft’s cells. Written for TRB Breakout.

You Never Call Me (By My Name) by @tisfan: In 1872, in the western town of Timely, the Town Drunk and scape-grace, Tony Stark, goes missing. Kidnapped by bandits and tortured for his cooperation, Ten Rings want him to repair his terrible weapons.Sheriff Rogers goes to rescue Tony.Problem: Who’s going to rescue Steve?

A Busy Man by @captainneverever:   Tony has been too busy for anything but work and he can’t seem to find time for dinner with Steve. But Steve goes missing and Tony might have missed his chance.

Past Imperfect by @captainneverever:  Present day Tony tells Steve that Steve wouldn’t like the college version of Tony.An alternative Steve, living in a dystopian future, is sent back to the past to stop the death of a young Tony Stark at MIT. He doesn’t know what he’s going to find but he’s going to try his best to save Tony.

The Ransom of Tony Stark by antigrav_vector:  As tends to be the case with anything involving the Avengers, the day starts out routine, and rapidly goes sideways. This day is no different; What was supposed to be a routine recon mission suddenly turns into a rescue…

Across the Universe by antigrav_vector:  During a mission, Iron Man vanishes. Captain America isn’t about leave a man down – or missing – on the field. Going after his missing teammate reveals a bit more than he really intended, though. Now, he has to decide what – if anything – he wants to do about the feelings he’s finally had to acknowledge.

Getting Home Again (The Kidnappers Never Prosper Remix) by antigrav_vector:  He was asleep when Tony was taken, and it’s left Steve a wreck. Now he’s got to keep it together long enough to get Tony back…

Kidnapped!(Again) by Muccamukk:  These are the worst kidnappers Tony has ever had.

I write about the sounds of your heart. You make me steal planets from halos so they could orbit your sun instead. Shining through my body like crystals found in mines of freedom, I search and search for a name that isn’t yours, but familiar lines haunt my parade. I am filled with you yet you are whole, is this what love is, is it all true? Blinding images cross my mind, go away, I whisper to no one at all but you return to stay, this time you don’t leave my hand. Is this what love is, is this all true? Sometimes I design lights so they reflect your smile, I tell you, it’s a beautiful masterpiece that shouldn’t lay concealed because you’re too busy growing compliments for colours that aren’t for you. I reduce the stress of the sun so your eyes would shine brighter, I’m scared that once you start skating in lines parallel to my arms they won’t ever hold you again. I trust your eyes that I won’t ever be blinded in a light that only shines for me. The words in my dictionary are replaced by you. I don’t know if this is love, but it’s a pretty beautiful life where I sleep knowing your warmth radiates through mine.
—  Is this what love is, is it all true?

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figure skater!bitty and hockey player!jack

There is music in Faber.  Not the usual game-day get-hyped mix that he was used to when they tested the sound system.  It was beautiful - swelling cello, melancholy and then building speed and drive.  It gets under Jack’s skin, makes his palms sweat.  He wonders if it would offend whoever’s playing it if he asked them to shut it off.  He bypasses the locker room in favor of following the sound, and when he sees the figure on the ice, he almost thinks he’s dreaming.  The music, the scrape of skates, echoing in the rafters is eerie.  In flashes of blonde hair and black clothing, the skater is a phantom, toying with Jack’s memories.  But he can’t leave.  

Nobody else has ever been on the ice before Jack’s usual practice time.  He finds himself equal parts afraid and intrigued as the ma makes graceful leaps, moving too fast to get the impression of a face.  Slowly, he descends through the stands until he is braced against the gate, fingers clutching tightly at the door.  The music ends, skater coming to a flourishing stop at center ice, toe pick dug into the faceoff dot.  Jack’s shoulders fall with the sudden “woosh” of his breath.  His gear bag slips and falls to the ground, the thud of it snapping the man’s attention to Jack.

They regard each other with wide, terrified eyes.

“Um.  Sorry,” the guy says.

“No, no.  I uh - I’m sorry.”


“I didn’t know anyone was using the rink.”


“I thought maintenence put music on.”

“No, that - That was me.”

“I see.”  The guy fidgeted.  “You’re good.”

“Well…Thank you.”

“I mean it.  That was beautiful.” The skater blushed.

“You’re too kind.”

“I’m really not.” They continued to stare at each other.

“I should probably get out of your way then.”

“You - uh - you don’t have to.”


“We could split the ice.  I don’t really need a whole rink for my thing.  Was just gonna shoot some pucks.”

“You’re on the hockey team.”  It wasn’t a question.  Jack nodded anyway.

“I’m Jack.”


“Nice to meet you.”  Jack tried to smile.  Eric smiled back.

“You too.”  Jack smiled wider, realer.

“I should, uh, go put my skates on.” Jack jerked his thumb at the bench.  Eric bit his lip.

“Okay.” He started skating backwards slowly.  Jack dragged his bag into the penalty box and grabbed his skates.  After kicking off his running shoes, he took his time lacing up, willing his ears to stop burning as he pulled the laces taut.  With a breath, he stood and took the bucket of pucks with him, gloves tucked under his arm as he took the ice.  Trying his best to ignore Eric, who had put in headphones, he started with a few half laps to warm up his legs.

They nearly scared each other half to death when they skated up the center line, turning to skate right beside each other.  Eric recovered his poise first, giving a bright smile before speeding up and leaving Jack in the dust.  Jack tried to work on some puck-handling drills, but found himself watching the puck in his periphery, watching as Eric runs through the routine again and again.  He can almost hear the cello in the movements of his body.  As he finishes the run-through, Eric looks over his shoulder at Jack.  Jack loses control of the puck.

It thumps against the boards.  He goes after the puck, and for the first time in his adult life, his skating is entirely graceless.

“Sorry, I’m distracting you,” Eric says.  “I should probably just go.”  Jack turns quickly, startling Eric.  

“You don’t have to go,” Jack insists.  “It’s not - You aren’t distracting in a bad way.”  Eric’s face is already flushed from exertion, but the little smile he directs at his skates makes Jack’s chest squeeze.  He skates closer, cradling the puck with his stick, until he and Eric are close enough that they don’t have to raise their voices in the cavernous rink.  “You’re really good.  You - um, uh - it’s…really beautiful.”

“Well thank you.”  Eric meets his eyes, smile growing.  “I guess I best get going though, free skate’s almost over.”  Jack looks up at the clock on the scoreboard and sees that his team will be in for practice any minute.

“Oh…Yeah, the guys will be here for warmups pretty soon.”  He doesn’t want Eric to go, but if they walked in now, the chirping would be brutal.  He’s pretty sure it’s written clear on his face just how adorable he finds Eric.

“Right…” Eric’s smile dims, and Jack scrambles to fix it before he disappears.”

“But I’ll see you tomorrow?” And there it is, back in full force.


I watch all these hockey babies at the ASG and honestly all I can think about is like the Zimbittle baby scoring a goal against Uncle Chowder at the ASG and having the cutest celly ever and like skating down the line of hockey players to get fist bumps while Bitty tweets furiously and takes pictures and Jack looks like a proud papa bear.


WSH vs VAN 12.11.2016

Captain and his A skate down the celebration line to tell them good job together, right across each other

The worst of it is, I’m about 37% sure they planned this, because Ovi shoved Nicky to the other side of the line after the usual headbutting of Holtby

Chez Nous

wordcount: 5204

genre: angst/fluff

warnings: swearing, anxiety, panic attack mention, if there’s anything else /please/ tell me

summary: He supposed he was luckier than most, what with a boyfriend halfway across town, but that didn’t make much of a difference when he was alone at midnight in a barren prison cell room. Yeah, there was laughter and Madonna down the hall, and Call of Duty explosions next door, but it felt like he was the only person left in the world. Just him and the hum of his laptop and the hum of the radiator and the hum of the city.

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Victuuri Vampire!au Story

…nobody asked for. lol *sweats nervously* I’m just so heavily into immortal things and please, be warned that the things written below is far from pure or realistic. aaa I still hope you enjoy some of my hopeless daydreaming if you like anything related to vampire😂 At least, it’s about eternal love.

+ + + + +

- Victor Fedorov quickly becomes one of the most decorated figure skaters in history starting with his first gold medal in 1896 worlds merely at his age 16 and wins 5 more, just counting internatinal competitions. He was loved all the time by so many people around the world for his dazzling face and smile, just as much as his skating career. However, much to everyone’s shock, he ends his own life only at his age 28 from a death leap, reason still covered in veil.

World never found his body.

- In 2010, some rumors appear out of nowhere around the social media claiming that recently, a few people in St Petersberg witnessed a stunningly beautiful man with a perfect body line, blue eyes shining like a light bulb at night, skin like that of a porcelain doll skating on a local frozen lake… doing something close to 5-turn-flip in the air. Of course, most of the people laughed at or ignored them until literally no-one could gather enough data to prove what they saw. All the pictures or videos taken were strangely blurred.

- 2 years past the “Skating porcelain doll” incident, the rumor is brought back when Yuri Katsuki, top male figure skater in Japan, GPF bronze medalist at his age 19, brings out his new coach on the ice rink, Victor Nikiforov… looking more like a snowy pale super model, tagging along and staring at the young skater like a blind man searching for sun, which was truly something for everyone to notice since Yuri looked very much ordinary when compared to his stunning coach himself.

- Much to everyone’s disappointment, this gorgeous coach refused to answer a single thing about himself and the only thing they knew for sure was that when the two were together, Yuuri was a blushing mess and Victor was a smiling idiot. Victor was constantly said to be quite a resemblance to one legendary figure skater back in 1st generation, even sharing his first name “Victor.” The truth was that he didn’t have a single official skating career yet he skated like magic. He was also well-known for his strength and ability to safely carry his student in less than a minute from hundreds of reporters and fans.

- Yuri Katsuki, already a rising star standing along the line of skating legends, soon wins 3 consecutive golds at GPF adding onto both single and free skate World records. He happily gets married to his coach at 24, Victor, and plans to retire after one more year as a competitive skater. Tragedy begins when Yuri dies at his impossibly young age, 25, from congestive heart failure.

- A war breaks out when Victor literally steals his husband’s body out of the hospital the moment Yuri gives away his last breath. Victor didn’t seem to blink his eyes even once during Yuri’s last days, sitting alongside his bed like a stone statue, said the nurses around that time in disbelief. He jumps out of the window with the corpse from 3rd floor before people could even process what was happening and there were no more witnesses on the street.

He comes back before the cops could find him, which was still a week later -all of the bereaved familiy close to fainting and all the friends gathered up fuming… but again giving everyone another round of nightmare: The body was perfectly preserved without even a drop of formalin in presence, flawless face like a sleeping prince wearing pale make-up just like his husband, lips red like fresh blood, laid in a ridiculously expensive coffin filled with white rose.

This incident made quite a lot of people tearful rather than angry, knowing how madly Victor was in love with Yuuri all this time and how the tragic fate literally crushed him down into a madman. Victor’s will was found in the husbands’ later perfectly empty house, two days after Yuri’s funeral.
World never found his body.

- Yuri Katsuki’s coffin gets robbed right after the day of Victor’s disappearance.

+) - The Comics are taking place after all that happened above.
- Grammatical corrections are always welcomed^^

Come On, Eleven || Max Mayfield x Eleven/Jane Hopper

Request: “ Any writing for elmax would be amazing ❤️   “

Summary: Max finally managed to get a smile out of Eleven.

Pairing: Max Mayfield x Eleven/Jane Hopper

Warnings: Swearing, and Adorableness

When Joyce had asked Max to teach Eleven, normal “girl” customs, she hadn’t been sure if she was the person for that job. However she did accept, desperately wanting Eleven to actually like her.

That was how she found herself standing in front of the Byers household, there to “bond” with the other girl. She made her way up to the door, skateboard in hand and knocked on the door. It opened a few moments later, Joyce standing there in front of her. There was a brief greeting before Max was let into the house. 

Eleven had been sitting on the couch, watching some kind of soap opera on the television that Max definitely did not recognize. She smiled at the girl and wave her hand, “Hey.”

All she got was a brief look from the girl before she turned back to the show in front of her. This, was gonna take a while.

And that it did. In fact it took at least a week before Eleven stopped giving Max cold looks anytime she was around. It took another week before they could hold a normal conversation with each other. Everything after that was, smooth riding actually. 

Max didn’t know much, about normal “girl” customs but she did know what she liked so she started from there. Teaching Eleven how to play Dig Dug and Dragon’s Lair until she was almost better than Max herself. 

It was a nice feeling, to final bond and be friend with the other girl, and though she knew that she wanted this. Max didn’t know it would make her feel so warm inside whenever the other was around.

One day, when they were watching that soap opera that Eleven seemed to adore so much Max caught a glimpse of El eyeing her skateboard. She looked over at the girl, then to her skateboard before speaking “Did you want me to teach you?” She offered.

“Teach me?”

“How to ride a skate board? Come on it’ll be fun.” Max said as she stood from her seat, trying to find any excuse to get out of watching the show that played on the television.

“Okay.” Eleven nodded, standing with that girl.

They found themselves outside for hours after that, with Max giving examples for the girl and holding her hands as she tried to teach her how to keep balance. They were enjoy themselves, laughing and joking around as they went along. 

After a while Max took a step back to let Eleven try to skate a straight line by herself. What a mistake that was, because in seconds the board went flying and Eleven’s hands skid across the gravel. 

Max rushed over and got on her knees next to the girl, “Are you alright?” She asked urgently. Eleven didn’t respond however, as she just looked up at the other girl, eyes focusing on her face.

They stared at each other for a while, neither realizing that they were slowly leaning in until they were kissing. It wasn’t some steamy, heated make out session. Just the sweet, peck that you would expect from awkward middle schoolers.

When they pulled apart they just sat there, grinning wide at one another neither knowing what to say, until Eleven finally spoke.