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I found hilarious your description about Yuuri's top photos taken by Phichit. So... Can you please make a top ten of those, please? Thanks in advance! I really love your fic and love u for being this amazing.

The Top Ten Most Liked Photos/Videos By Phichit To Date:

1) The ‘my best friend could kill a man with his thighs’ one mentioned in an earlier ask

2) The ‘Yuuri drinking vodka straight out of a bottle during finals week’ one mentioned in an earlier ask

3) The ‘Yuuri flipping his shit because he spilled coffee all over his laptop and broke it’ that brought in loads of offers of free laptops from companies again mentioned in an earlier ask

4) Yuuri and Phichit reenacting the ‘Shall We Skate’ scene from ‘The King and the Skater’ which was also when they had to officially clarify that their relationship was platonic because that scene was really really gay and they absolutely did it justice 

5) Yuuri and Phichit dressed to go out to a halloween party at collage (Yuuri lost a bet so Phichit picked out his costume. Let’s just say ‘sexy’ was definitely in the title of the costume he bought and forced Yuuri to wear)

6) Phichit wearing his first gold medal at a skating event and Yuuri looking like a proud parent beside him

7) A video of Yuuri asleep on his bed just before Phichit chucks a bucket of water over him during one of their epic prank wars

8) A picture of Yuuri literally asleep on the ice of the rink during the exam period when he was stress skating and not eating enough

9) A picture of Yuuri and Phichit on Phichit’s first day of collage looking extremely happy

10) A group selfie with loads of other skaters during Phichit’s senior debut 

+ no.1 of all time) A picture that does not exist in the timeline yet but one day in the future of the Rivals series timeline will eventually exist of a certain situation where Yuuri and Viktor look very happy together and Phichit is in the corner looking ecstatic as a best *ahem* “friend” ;)


pair skating you say…? well, I could imagine something like this too :)

Alexander Liubchenko, Jean-Denis Sanchis and Adelina Sotnikova, Bratislava 2016

Yuuri and Viktor are soo extra
  • Viktor Nikiforov, five time champion, takes a year off to coach Katsuki Yuuri, Japan's Champion ice-skater and master drunk pole dancer/ Playboy for a whole year, resulting in a budding romantic relationship between the two, which eventually turned into engagement, but nevertheless produced a silver medal for Yuri, and for his exhibition skate he decides to no... not skate alone like normal winners but skate with his coach/ fiance/Viktor Dethroned Skate King👑 Gold Medals For Days Nikiforov like can you imagine them explaining that to officials? "Oh yeah I'm gonna skate with my fiance for this one because he brought his outfit with him and i do what I want anyways sooo😘✌✌". And now it's decided Viktor is coming back to the Skating World© to defend his honor and horde his gold but he wants to kiss Yuuri's gold medal and then get married so just what are they doing they're so extra and I'm here for it.