Thrasher Mag, 1995 published an article “GIRLS WHO SKATE” which shared the narratives of many women facing the exact same issues we do today. Check out the full spread on our blog to read. We find it interesting and exhausting to find something this comprehensive existing in the archives of one of the most important skateboard magazines in the world. The fact of the matter is “girls” have been constantly sharing the SAME narratives to the SAME men in the skate world, yet, the issues have remained the same. We have regular proof that PATRIARCHY IS ECONOMIC STRATEGY, where men defend territory and exclude, even if subconsciously, for their own self interest 💵. You cant always attribute exclusion and violence to ignorance. This is why it’s important for women in skateboarding to start creating their own media and economies around the lifestyle and work with men who understand the importance of that. There is no reforming an industry that doesn’t and hasn’t shown it gives a fuck. Supporting women skateboarding, whether you are a man woman or GNC person, is the only thing keeping skating anarchic and anti-industry. Moth, South Sioux: 🏄🏽‍♀️"keep on riding and show up for other chicks"