skate your date!

“C’mon, let’s go!” Harry beamed, immediately sliding onto the ice as soon as he laced up his skates. This was your first date with Harry, and he suggested the two of you would go ice skating. You, being you, decided not to say no because a) you really wanted to impress Harry by saying you liked ice skating, and b) you just really really liked Harry and wanted this first date to work out. If the first date didn’t work out, you’d never get another chance! (Truthfully, Harry would probably give you a second chance. But, still!) 

“In a second! I have to fix my laces..” You trailed off, letting out a sigh of relief when Harry skidded off to the other end of the rink. The thing about skating was.. Well, you didn’t hate it. You just strongly disliked it, that was all. It wasn’t your fault you were clumsy! If you could trip over on flat concrete, just imagine the horrors of you on flat ice. And the thought of landing flat on your face in front of Harry was absolutely mortifying. God, this was a terrible idea. 

“Y/N, c’mon! The ice is going t’ melt away by the time you get over here.” Harry popped out of nowhere, the sharp ends of the skates crunching against the ice. 

“I’m coming, just gimme a sec.” You laughed lightly, hobbling over to Harry on your skates before gripping onto the railings. You hadn’t even made it to the rink yet and you were already scared for your life. “Mm.. It’s looking a little crowded. Maybe we should wait for like, 20 minutes until the crowd clears out.” Harry furrowed his brows in confusion before turning to glance at the people in the rink. There were 10 people in there, and the rink was big enough for definitely more than 10. 

“I’m sure we can squeeze in there. Surely those 10 people can make room for us.” Harry smiled teasingly, skating backwards a little. 

“I heard the Zamboni is going to make its rounds in a couple minutes! We should wait for the ice to be nice and smooth again.” You coughed, leaning against the railings before shrugging casually. 

“It’s ice, love. Ice is always smooth.” It was only then that the gears in Harry’s head finally clicked in place. “Do yeh.. Do yeh know how t’ skate?” Now was your chance to tell Harry you couldn’t skate! 

“Uh.. Yeah, I know how to skate!” You scoffed, waving him off quickly. “I wouldn’t have agreed to go skating with you if I didn’t.” 

“A’right, then. Skate towards me!” Harry raised an eyebrow, skating further away from you before holding his arms out slightly. There were a couple seconds of silence before Harry spoke up again, noticing the worried expression on your face. “I can always hold your hand if you’re scared.” 

“I’m not scared.” You muttered stubbornly, inching towards the rink as you looked down at the ice. “I mean, like, I’ll hold your hand anyway. Cos, like, you’re probably scared or something.” 

A grin took over Harry’s features as he shook his head and skated towards you, holding a hand out. “Whatever you say, love.” He pulled you towards him in one swift movement, wrapping his arm around your waist to make sure you definitely wouldn’t fall. Your knees buckled slightly when Harry started to push you gently, your ankles seemingly locked in place. Skating was so hard! Why did people even like slipping and sliding around on ice? What was so appealing about it?? 

Harry spent a good 30 seconds or so guiding you around the rink - It was pretty obvious at this point that you had no idea what you were doing. “Wait, don’t let go!” You blurted out, feeling Harry starting to pull away from you. Instinctively, you reached over, linking your fingers with Harry’s. 

“Though yeh knew how t’ skate.” Harry teased, glancing down at how tight you were squeezing his hand. 

“Oh, hush.” You laughed lightly, letting out a squeak when you stumbled a bit, Harry tightening his grip around you before tugging you a little closer to him. “Maybe I’m only pretending not to know how to skate so you’ll hold my hand.” You hummed, giggling when Harry squeezed your hip lightly. 

“I’d hold your hand regardless.” 


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