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Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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yuzuru hanyu in the kiss and cry | yuzuru and 2017 worlds gif collection (1/?)

plisetsky answered:

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

AO3 link

We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I've always enjoy reading ur post because you literally saves the figure skating world (by stating out the truth) ! I did feel Yuzu's LP in Worlds is so underscored while Shoma's one is so overscored. I cant wait for you to comment about this! and one more thing, i heard people saying that the commentators from Rai sports said many people felt that Shoma deserved to win gold and Yuzu is a cold performer during Gala.. if this is real, it really kind of piss me off.

Thank you! You are way too kind and I can only say I do state MY opinion, which is always up for debate :)

I scored Shoma using my judgement scale and I did score Yuzu’s SP and said what I thought about his FP scoring, so won’t say more on this (maybe :P)

Re RAI commies, I obviously didn’t hear them live since I was better occupied (and let’s be honest, RAI commentary is pretty low already in my list of commentary to listen: somewhere between “Figure Skating commentated by an ox” and “Figure Skating commentated by my cat”, with all respect to oxes and my cat). But it made quite a noise (mission accomplished, dears,  they got their two seconds of being talked about :D) so I asked a friend who recorded it if she could give me a sum up.

And this is what I got. Franca Bianconi (lovely woman who maybe should try to spend more time coaching her students. Oh, well, at least she is commentating and not using her ISU Technical Judge Badge, I guess) said:

“Many people thought that maybe [Shoma] deserved to win. And indeed his program was very rich, very rich choreographically speaking, very rich in interpretation*. With Hanyu that’s different, because Hanyu is very cold, he is quite frigid. I think that Hanyu has been perfect this time, he [Shoma Uno] made some tiny mistakes, plus he is young, not much known… so, it’s a climbing up for him”.

Her words made Max Ambesi write a simple post linking to this program:

and saying:

For those who have forgotten. Just to put things straight.”

And again, in comments:

”He had just turned 17 years old. And it must be noted that with such a program he got 83 in PCS, not 94, I don’t know if I’m being clear. Sure, they were other times, but it doesn’t hurt to remind it.”

*Bianconi’s comments may indeed explain a lot about her students’ choreography choices, tho.

**That aside, only appropriate reaction to RAI commentary is the following:

Yuri Plisetsky's Emotional Maturity - Meta/Analysis

I got a question about whether Yuri Plisetsky would ever catch up emotionally to Yuuri Katsuki. When Yuri turns 18, Yuuri K. will be 26. 8 years is still 8 years, but I personally think Yuri will be able to catch up. There’s evidence throughout the series that Yuri grows up fast.


We don’t know the exact details of Yuri Plisetsky’s childhood, but from interviews with Kubo-sensei, we can glean that it involved a great deal of tragedy. To the point that she was worried that if we knew, it would seem like a handicap to Yuri, and she wanted to showcase his strength and growth instead.

So, something dramatic happened in his childhood. My best guess is that it involved his parents. Abuse, neglect, death, or a combination of the three. Somewhere in there, Yuri became the main provider for his family. And at 10 years old, he moved away from home to live in St. Petersburg and focus on skating.

From the get-go, we see that Yuri had to grow up fast. No ordinary 10-year-old boy has “the eyes of a soldier,” as Otabek puts it. This poor kid had to become a miniature adult by age 10. He had to take on responsibilities, learn to cope without family to support him, and manage finances. Even adults struggle with these things.

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So you want to learn to figure skate?

Lately, especially with the Yuri on Ice phenomenon. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wanting to learn how to skate, and while @soyouwanttowatchfs has people covered for watching figure skating, I haven’t seen any blogs that cover actually learning. So here we go.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

This post is aimed at people who want skate seriously. I will do another post for people who want to learn to skate for recreational purposes.

So you want to learn to ice skate? Wonderful. Figure skating is a beautiful sport, it’s social, fun and ‘pretty’. But it’s also difficult: to reach the top you have to train upwards of 4 hours a day (and that’s only the time spent doing on-ice practice let alone off-ice training and gym time/fitness training) and it is expensive. A good pair of ice skates cost money, ice time costs money, coaching/ lessons cost money, rink/club memberships cost money, basically everything costs money. So if you want to get competitive you have to be dedicated and willing to spend a lot of time and a lot of money to reach your goals. This is not intended to scare you away, it’s the reality of the sport, but if you are willing to dedicate that time and money the reward will be incredible.

There is absolutely nothing that compares to the feeling of finally gliding smooth and fast on your blades and knowing you’re not going to fall, the feeling of landing a jump for the first time, the feeling of freedom the first time you complete a perfect spiral, the elation you feel when you find the spinning sweet spot and the whole world blurs around your center.

Originally posted by mysweetpuss

Simply put, there is nothing in the world, in my opinion, that compares to figure skating.

To get started, you have to find a rink. If you live in smaller town/warmer climate you’ll probably only have one, possibly two rinks within reasonable distance. In cities and colder climate you’ll have more options. You’ll want to look around at the different rinks as much as possible and find the rink that suits you best (price wise, do you like the people? Does it have extra facilities that you’re looking for? Is it reachable by public transport?) for example, where I live, I skate at the nearest rink but not the best possible one. This is because I simply cannot reach the other rink feasibly while still in school and without my own car. All factors to consider.

Once you have chosen your rink, the best way to get started it to apply for the group classes that the rink has (most rinks will have them) aka skate school. These classes will teach you the basics and they are a way to get noticed by coaches. At some rinks coaches will approach you and at others you will have to approach them, it all depends.

While you’re still learning the basics, the best option is to skate in rental skates until you feel confident on the ice and reach basic spinning and edge work. Some skaters will stay in rental skates until they start learning jumps and some will move to figure skates almost immediately after they get their ‘ice’ legs. This all depends on the money you have/are willing to spend and your own preference, sometimes coaches will insist on you having your own skates before starting private lessons. The difference that having your own skates can make is immense. You’ll get used to one pair of boots and blades and the higher quality blade allows you to do so much more.

Once you want to get competitive or your coach gives you the go ahead to compete, you will normally have to register with your local, regional or state skating club. This can be a monthly, term-based, bi-annual or annual payment. Sometimes you will register with your rinks club.

When you first start competing it’s advisable to cut your own music and shop around for reasonably priced costumes online as having the music cut for your or costumes custom-made can get crazy expensive.

The most important thing you can take away from this wall of information is that if you are willing, dedicated, and practice hard you will certainly reach your figure skating goals.

All my advice comes from 11 years (as of last year) of skating and a few years of teaching. In 2016 i joined the skate school coaching team at my rink and i have a lot of experience with beginners as my affinity with children had me routinely rostered on the beginner class. I have a few private students of my own and am still a student myself.

Sorry about this gigantic wall of information but tl;dr My ask box is always open for any figure skating questions you may have and if I do find myself stuck on an answer I have international competitive level coaches that I can get an answer from, so I will always do my best to get an answer to you.

Good luck on your new adventure, I’ll see you (hopefully) on the world stage

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Too Cold (F)

Originally posted by markjin

REQUESTED: a one shot of Mark Tuan and what he’ll do with his girlfriend.

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 937

Genre: Fluff

note: after months of waiting… scenario requested by the lovely @galaxyxingxing2102. I’m soooo sorry for the long wait. I was super busy with school and stuff. BUT HERE IT IS! (sorry if it’s reallllly bad) Hope y’all enjoy it and happy reading! -admin

It’s been months since you last seen Mark since he was busy with his schedule and you were busy with yours. Both of you didn’t have time to see each other as often as before. But Christmas was near and your boss decided to let you off early. As for Mark, his idol life occupied most of his schedule. It’s been a year since you two started dating. Mark bought an apartment, that you two shared, along with many other lovely gifts he spoiled you with. But at the moment, you felt lonely since your other partner wasn’t here with you. Mark gave you all the love that you needed, you just wanted him by your side.

As you sat on the couch in the shared apartment, you couldn’t help but miss him terribly. Turning on the TV, you hoped that it’ll distract you from thinking of Mark. You held a hot chocolate in your hand as you intently watched the show that grabbed you by the hook. You were so focused that you didn’t even hear the door open. But what did catch your attention was loud shuffling and the sound of a bag dropping on the floor that made you turn around.

“Mark?” You sat up as you anticipated for your boyfriend to walk down the hall. And just liked you predicted, Mark came walking in with a small bouquet of flowers in hand. Setting the hot chocolate down, you shot up from the couch and ran towards Mark’s wide opened arms.

“It’s been awhile, babe. I missed you.” Mark mumbled in the crook of your neck as you two shared an intimate hug. A warm feeling spread throughout your body as Mark continued to hug you. Finally pulling away, Mark handed you the flowers he had before grabbing your face to give you a sweet kiss.

“What are you doing with your coat still on?” You giggled as he pulled away. “Take it off and come in.”

“Well,” Mark started as he scratched his head, “I was thinking we could go on a late night stroll.”

“In this weather?” You gasped, raising your eyebrows, “It’s so cold outside.”

“That’s what I’m here for, right? Get your coat and let’s go.” Mark beamed at you. Smiling, you quickly scrambled to get your coat and shoes before you both left the apartment. With Mark holding your hand tightly, he lead you to a park which a few people were still wandering around in. You both talked non stop about the last few months without each other. He told you his daily life and funny stories about Jackson while you complained about your boss and work.You felt so much happiness with Mark, you wish he didn’t have to leave for tour and such. So you enjoyed every moment with him.

“There’s a skating rink.” Mark suddenly stated, pointing in the direction of the rink.

“I can’t skate, Mark. I’m going to completely make a fool of myself.” I said slightly hoping that we won’t go skating.

“Come on, (Y/N). I haven’t skated in awhile so I’ll be a fool with you. Let’s go.” Mark smiled at you, dragging you along with him. At this point you couldn’t resist being dragged by Mark. You just went along with it.

Mark paid for the rental of the skates as he helped you into them and led you to the rink. Although you both struggled at first, the amount of laughter that came out of his mouth was music to your ears. The way his eyes twinkled in the illuminated lights as his pearly white teeth were shown every time you both fell. It made your heart beat. Soon, you both got into the rhythm and skated freely. You, being happier than ever, skated away from Mark at a high speed. Looking back you, can see Mark laughing, trying to catch up with your speed. But as you turned to look in front of you, you slammed into a figure that made you fall hard on your bum.

“Hey, watch where you’re going.” You heard Mark yell before he appeared in front of you. He held out his hands and you took it. As Mark tried to hoist you up, he couldn’t keep his balance and fell back as well.

“We’re terrible, Mark.” I laughed as Mark tried to get up but failed once again. For a few minutes, we continued to try to get up and what seemed like hours, we both got up.

“How about we go home and just chill.” Mark suggested as he held onto my hands. You honestly didn’t want to leave this place since you’re having so much fun. But the chilly weather made your hand freeze and your ears red. Home was always the best place to be with your boyfriend.

“That sounds cool.” I managed to breath out after laughing my head off.

“Maybe we could have some wine and possibly… take some action in bed.” Mark winked at you. You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. Grabbing his face, you pulled him in for a kiss, sharing the warmth between both of you on a cold night.

Pulling away, you flashed Mark a smile and grabbed his hand, “Sounds like a plan, babe.”

“Guess we’re staying up late tonight.” Mark smirked as he took your hand and dragged me off the rink. Hand in hand, Mark led you home as you both enjoyed the time you both spent together. As the night fell, you both shared a lustful night that left you feeling warm in this cold weather.


Yuri on Ice Characters’ Hogwarts Houses

I don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but because HP was my first fandom and the one I always fall back on, I have a tendency to sort every character.  I put some real thought into this, but this is only my interpretation!  Feel free to argue a character’s house!  All of these characters could potentially belong to a different house than the one I set for them.  So here we go! (completed pre-episode 12, post-episode 11)

Yuuri Katsuki
At first glance, this cute little cinnamon roll may seem like a Hufflepuff.  I definitely don’t deny that he has some Hufflepuff tendencies, but I mean just look at how brave he has been this entire series to get where he is now!  He’s had to take on tremendous obstacles and overcome his fears.  I picture Yuuri to be a lot like Neville Longbottom.  He may seem mild and timid at first, but boy does he pack a punch when it’s his turn to shine!

Viktor Nikiforov
Once again, Viktor may seem like another house at first glance (namely Ravenclaw or maybe Gryffindor), but my argument for Slytherin is a pretty strong one.  This man gave up everything in order to succeed.  He is quoted as saying that he’s ignored love and life for 20 years in order to achieve his desires of being the best professional skater out there.  His ambition is great, and he does whatever he has to do to get what he wants (such as his relationship with Yuuri).

Yuri Plisetsky
Okay, stick with me here.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, “What?!  He’s so clearly a Slytherin though!”  Well look again, my friend!  Family is very important to Yuri.  His grandfather is his entire world.  It’s where he finds his agape.  He takes commitment and hard work to a whole other level in his training too!  Yuri may be an angry smol skater, but he holds his loved ones close and ain’t no slacker when it comes to achieving his goals.

Phichit Chulanont
This one is for a lot of the same reasons as Yuuri.  Phichit has overcome insurmountable odds in his professional ice skating career.  It’s clearly stated in the show that he’s the first Thai skater to ever make it this far.  He’s daring and bold, and TBH, I liken him to Ron Weasley a lot.

Christophe Giacometti
Chris is a very sensual, intelligent, and artistic individual.  In episode 7 during his monologue, Chris states that he designed his own programs with the intention of beating Viktor.  Designing your own skate programs takes a level of creativity and intelligence that not all skaters possess.  Besides intelligence, Ravenclaws are also known for their creative ingenuity.  Chris has this in spades!  He is driven to succeed and works hard to do so.

Otabek Altin
Okay, so my reasons for this one are actually quite similar to my reasons for Viktor being Slytherin.  Otabek has come a long way from where he started.  By the sounds of it, he had a later start to skating and/or not as much natural talent as others.  However he decided to do whatever it took to become the greatest.  He has a lot of ambition, and intends to steal the gold away from the Russians in order to bring it back to his home country.  Otabek is determined to succeed, and cares little for what others think of him.

Jean Jacques (JJ) Leroy
JJ is exactly the type of person who would complete dares just to prove himself.  He acts first and thinks later.  He’s bold and daring with his skating (I mean seriously! How many quads did he do?! A lot!)  He’s not afraid to push himself to the max.  JJ has the heart of a lion, and isn’t afraid to prove it.  However he also relies on his fan-base.  His family and loved ones are important to him, and he wants to prove himself in their eyes.  Lucky for him, they love him unconditionally!

“Happy Valentine’s ay...You get the D later” (Smut)

Originally posted by skatesslut

A/N: I love that part ^ in the We Got That Video (skatesslut and her beautiful gif making), cause fucking jawline! Anyway fandomwhoreex just loves to give challenges, and I love to fulfill them! Sorry for droning on, and on. No joke though after this first part, I’m just gonna hop right into the sex. So grab some water and prepare yourselves. 

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Nate wasn’t the most romantic boyfriend, but he did have his moments. A moment you hoped would happen today. You had never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Being single each year, and only receiving a gift from your dad really took its toll on you. This year was different though. You were actually in a relationship, and experiencing this day was making you giddy. When you woke up, you reached over for your phone. Every morning you spent about an hour checking social media. This time when you looked at your phone, there was a message from Nate.

Good morning lil mama, Happy Valentine’s ay! 

You furrowed your eyebrows at the message shaking your head at Nate’s misspelling.

You spelled day wrong, and good morning to you too

You replied, stretching out and making the covers fall off of you. The cold air hitting you out of nowhere. You groaned at the sudden coldness, pulling the covers back up, and burrowing back into your pillows. Your phone buzzed again, signalling Nate had replied back.

You get the D later ;) 

The text took you by surprised, and you let out a snort of laughter. Quickly typing back a reply. 

Then it should be alentine since you get the V later

     His stubble tickled your inner thigh, and you bit onto your bottom lip at the feeling of his teeth nibbling at your skin. Nate loved to mark you making sure everyone knew who you belonged to. His tongue ran over the dark mark, soothing the pain just a bit. He continued doing this getting close to your heat. You felt his breath over your heat making your grow wet at the thought of his tongue. Nate smirked as he saw goosebumps rise against your skin. To your dismay he moved over to the other thigh, giving attention to it instead. “Tease,” you huffed feeling him smirk against your thigh.

“I like making you squirm,” Nate replied, voice lower than it usually is. His finger brushed over your folds, collecting some of your juices. He shook his head at how wet you were. Getting impatient, you reached out and pushed his head closer to your heat. Nate pulled away from you, sending you a glare. “Did I say you could touch me?” he growled. You folded your arms over your chest, giving him a pout. He rose his eyebrows at you in question, and you shook your head. 

“Touch me already!” you demanded. Nate liked when you begged, but that wasn’t a beg. It sounded more like a command. He was the dominate one in bed there was no doubt about that, so when you demanded something he didn’t take it lightly. His eyes grew dark, and he pulled you up, laying you across his lap. Your ass was on display, and you held your breath knowing what was about to come. “You want to be in charge?” he questioned, his hand running along your skin. You felt his touch disappear, and jumped in shock as his hand slammed down hard against one of your ass cheeks. The stinging sensation slowly coming. Nate rarely spanked you, so you were a bit surprised. Another slap was sent to the same cheek, and you cried out. “Answer me,” he said, rubbing away the pain.

“No,” you whispered, earning another slap on the other cheek. 

“I can’t hear you,” he growled, giving you a few more spanks. The pain turning to pleasure. Nate stopped spanking you when he heard a moan fall from your lips. Finally he slipped his hand between your legs, rubbing your clit. You moaned even more as he plunged two fingers into your heat, thrusting them. You were dripping wet by this point, Nate groaning at your wetness. “Please Nate,” you whined, “I need your tongue.” He smiled, curling his fingers up to hit your g-spot before he pulled them out. You climbed off him, flipping over onto your back. Nate gave you a passionate kiss, his lips trailing across your neck. He grabbed one of your breasts, massaging it while he took the other in his mouth. You fingers ran through his hair as he sucked on your nipple. He showed the same attention to your other breast, marking your skin some more. 

“Is this where you want me?” he hummed, taking a tentative lick up your slit. You softly moaned, nodding your head at his words. He smiled, pulling you towards his face, and plunging his tongue into your heat. “NATE!” you shouted, feeling his thumb run over your clit. He rubbed it in fast circles, moaning at the taste of your juices. You gripped at the bed sheets, back arching off the bed. Nate decided to pay attention to your clit, sucking, and nibbling at it. You cried out in pleasure feeling your release approaching. He stuck two fingers into your heat once more, pumping them into you. Your mouth hung open, eyes rolling back as he curled his fingers to hit your g-spot. You came raining down on his fingers. Moaning, Nate slurped up your juices sucking you clean. He pulled away, and watched intently as you tried to catch your breath. Nate’s length was throbbing, straining against his boxers, your moans had really got to him. You rolled over, and crawled to him. He bit his bottom lip, holding in a groan as you grabbed his clothed length. You yanked his boxers down, his length slapping up. Wrapping your hand around it, you stroked his length. You licked your lips, and leaned forward, sucking on his tip. As much as Nate wanted to have you choke on his dick, he wanted to be inside you more than anything. 

“Need you,” he groaned, pushing your head away from his length. You nodded at his words. He stood up watching as you moved to his favorite position; on your hands, and knees just how he liked it. He moved closer to you, stroking his length. You wiggled your ass, moaning as he tapped his length over your ass cheeks. He ran his tip up, and down your folds. With one hand holding tight to your hip, he pushed in. You let out a puff of air as he pushed in more, filling you to the brim. “Fuck,” Nate moaned, stopping to let you adjust. He ran a hand through his hair a groan falling from his lips as you pushed back against him. Nate gripped your hips tight, and slowly slid out of you, then pushed back in. You softly moaned, and he continued, finally getting into a steady rhythm. 

“Faster,” you whimpered, the upper half of you body now resting against the mattress. He nodded at your words, speeding up the pace. The sounds of skin slapping against skin mixed into the air with both your moans. “You feel so good wrapped around me,” Nate groaned, starting to pound into you. Your hand reached forward, gripping at the bed sheets.

“Papi,” he heard you moan. Nate grinned, giving a sharp thrust and holding deep inside. You screamed in pleasure, his tip brushing against your g-spot. He pulled you up so that your back was rested against his chest. You turned your head to the side, capturing his lips with yours. The two of you engaged in an intense make out session, his thrust becoming slow. Pulling away, you started to thrust on him. Nate watched as you fucked yourself on, and off his length. He moaned, leaning over, and continuing to pound into you. The headboard of the bed banging against the wall. He could feel you clenching around his length, knowing you were close. Reaching his hand around, he started to rub your clit chasing the two of you to your release. You started moaning his name like a chant, your juices leaking out, and spilling onto the sheets. Your body began to shake, incoherent words leaving your lips as you came. He kept thrusting, riding out your high. You were becoming sensitive as Nate bucked into you, his own thrust becoming sloppy as he was close to the edge. He pulled out, flipping you over, and pumping his length. Swears mixed in with moans flew from his lips as he came, coating your chest with his load. He kept stroking his length until he finished, collapsing beside you. The room became quiet as you both laid there catching your breath. After a few minutes you looked at Nate a smirk on your lips. “Round 2?” you questioned earning a nod in return.