skate snow


Another trip ice skating on a frozen Swiss Lake - in this case Lago Bianco. Check out the pattern of frozen cracks on the lake - reminds me of Lake Baikal in Russia.


More figure skating au based on the fan fic “Sakuya On Ice”. by @wonderfulchaos69 (although I got kinda ahead of myself since I am co-planner of this fic. ^^;;; BUT I DREW THESE TO GET HYPED FOR THE MISONO SUBPLOT. Tetsono? Family Drama? and Rivalry? :0c *gasps* )

Misono is our first rival of the story~! (and you can only guess who will be the next one~ ;D) Misono has been already introduced ,and there will be a bit more art later. (a possible comic of one of my favorite scenes in the fic!) 

Licht rival art will happen once he makes his appearance finally. x)  I don’t know what else to say, cause I was hoping people would just read…. so I hope you guys will take a peek at the fic if you haven’t already!! 

Ice skating is hard to draw…. but good practice too!! :D 

Also this au is inspired by yoi not completely based on it. The story is way different from it, so definitely recommend a read. ^^