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We’re at #LogoSnowDays in Aspen, Colorado with some of the iciest queens. 

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OP Side Girls week has arrived and is warmly welcoming everyone in! Come have fun with some of the gorgeous ladies from One Piece.

Monday 5th //Boa Hancock to start the week with the Queen
Tuesday // Baby 5 & hot chocolate
Wednesday //Vivi writing Happy Holiday cards to her nakama
Thursday // Conis ice skating, skiing, snowboarding… winter sports!
Friday // Monet enjoying an ice-cream or a sorbet on a chilly day
Saturday // Keimi & good cold soup for good cold winter days
Sunday 11th // (your Own Fav Side Girl from One Piece) 

December 5th–11th

Draw the girls and remember to use the tag “#op side girls week”, copy&paste that right in the tag section and I’ll be able to reblog it to this blog dedicated to this week. Thank you! 

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Okay today I spent an hour x-country skiing and the weather was so beautiful and being in nature gets my creative juices flowing, and now I really want an alpine skiing anime. It could be called “Hit the Slopes!!” (I considered “Hit the Powder!! but it sounds like everyone would be doing drugs haha). Consider:

- Main character(s) is/are from Hokkaido, where skiing is big in Japan. 

- characters based off Olympic skiers

- international-themed, with locations like Chamonix, Mont Blanc and Les Trois Vallees in the alps, or Mont St Anne and Le Massif in Quebec, etc

- training montages of x-country skiing when they can’t hit the slopes

- romantic apres ski scenes; hot chocolate by the fire after a long day of skiing

- kisses on chair lifts

- that one character who is really obnoxious and intense (*cough*Yurio*cough*) who prefers to skate ski when doing x-country, and ONLY likes skiing through glades, and is always shouting “EAT MY POWDER!” to their competitors

- maybe a character getting an injury and instead of being devastated accepts that their new role is a coach

- inclusion of disabled skiing - a character who skis sitting down because they use a wheelchair 


- also I would love a pole-dancing anime called “360!!” or something, with characters of all genders and body types having a go, and everyone is really supportive of each other, and everyone is there to have fun, and UGH. 

I wish I had infinite time to make these @_@ 

Christmas Special

Surprise!, It is a short Nate Maloley Fanfic. The prompts will be this ones:

Day 1: First impression/meeting

Day 2: Friendship/rivalry

Day 3: Family

Day 4: (First/last) date/love

Day 5: Childhood

Day 6: Stars

Day 7: Ice skating/skiing/sledding

Day 8: Christmas decoration of the house/tree

Day 9: Drunken night

Day 10: Hangover

Day 11: Movie night/cinema/theater/concert

Day 12: Pillow fighting

Day 13: Treason/lies

Day 14: Finals/studies

Day 15: Anxiety/depression

Day 16: Memories

Day 17: Job(s) for money

Day 18: Prom: college/university party

Day 19: Dream/nightmare

Day 20: Food/chocolate eating

Day 21: Christmas town

Day 22: Bag snatching

Day 23: Electricity cut

Day 24: Christmas eve/last minute gift

DAY 25: Christmas!

Day 26: Sleep over/cleaning-up

Day 27: Karaoke

Day 28: Sick at home

Day 29: Snowing outside (or inside)

Day 30: Mistletoe

DAY 31: Happy new year!

Rules: write, draw, make a fanvid, a playlist, a gifset, an edit, an aesthetic, a cosplay, or really, anything creative… Do this for one, or a few, or all of the following prompts for the month of December, with one or more fandom(s)… It’s totally free to interpret as you want! It can even be OCs!

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The movie Skating To New York has such a wild cast in my opinion. It’s got Connor Jessup, Dylan Everett, and Matthew Knight. In other words, this movie has Ben Mason from Falling Skies, young Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and Ethan Morgan from My Babysitter’s A Vampire, skating around for and hour and a half.