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yuzuru hanyu: favorite moments from the medal ceremony | aci 2017

i just remembered that i had a dream last night that the ISU banned including five or more quads in a single program and I kind of understood the logic in the dream but Nathan Chen was pretty much going to fight every official in the ISU in a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot at 3am and I was so there to rub his shoulders and tell him to go get ‘em, tiger

freshly sharpened skates tied to his hands like boxing gloves

i know this is a lot to ask but somebody please draw this

voltron as stuff people have said at the ice skating rink
  • keith: i will not hesitate to kick you with these newly sharpened skates
  • lance: *does waltz jump* i am a majestic ice princess now. you can't touch me
  • pidge: oh come on that was WEAK *imitates coach* AGAIN
  • shiro: i am not responsible for your funeral costs when you fall and die
  • hunk: i can't believe i picked this over IHOP
  • allura: aww man my spirals suck. you guys are so much better than me *does perfect, beautiful spiral all the way across rink*
  • coran: *walks onto ice with skate guards on* why do these things always happen to me

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viktor nikiforov as a sugar baby for praise and affection instead of money

1. did you mean canon

2. hooooollyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiit though dude just imagine victor nikiforov getting like one sixteenth of a teaspoonful of a taste of people being happy to be around him and like being an addict for life he doesn’t know what he did to make it happen but he’s going to make it happen again and again

2a. Does he need to support all of Hasetsu? does he need to let the triplets crawl all over him while wearing freshly sharpened skates? does he need to get Yuri ten gold medals and a Rolex? he’ll fuckin do it. he’ll fuckin do it three times over. he’ll eat natto and like it. he’ll buy mari all the cigarettes she wants. he’ll let his own dog sleep with the most beautiful boy in the world while victor himself is stuck in a california king he bought to share with the boy and his dog. victor is ready for anything. 

2b. i know we’ve kicked around this idea before but the thought that victor goes to hasetsu like IM GONNA FIND OUT WHAT THAT BOY LIKES AND I’LL BE THE BEST IT THERE EVER WAS I’VE SPENT TWENTY YEARS SKATING TEN HOURS A DAY IT WILL BE EASY I’M FINE IT’S FINE and then Yuri completely, accidentally, unmeaningly, manages to rip twenty years of fronting and building a person apart by telling him he doesn’t want Victor to be the best version of what Yuri wants - he wants Victor to be himself, just himself – still kills me dead. Imagine that complete total OUT OF FUCKIN CHEESE ERROR that Victor Nikiforov processed in like five eternal seconds 

3. “why would you think you need to change yourself to make me love you” says yuri katsuki, five years later, after victor confesses this in the dark of the night. “what. why. how could you. why would you do that to yourself”

“I didn’t think it mattered that much,” says victor, aware that he’s probably dooming himself to a week on the couch.

instead Yuri rolls over and pulls Victor tight into his arms, head cradled in to his chest, Victor’s nose pressed up against the dear night-smell of yuri’s skin. “don’t - you can be whoever you need to be. don’t change for me.”

“I won’t,” says victor, “I know. I don’t have to.”

good,” says Yuri.

Victor has always been a fascinating character for me. And I’ve been thinking a lot about why I find his character so interesting. So in honor of @viktorweek (and specifically prompt 2 ‘Past’ and prompt 4 ‘Family/Friends’), here are some thoughts on my favorite romantic sadsack. 

Perhaps one reason I love Victor as a character is because when I started watching the show I expected something very different from what we got. In the first episode, we as the audience are introduced to Victor Nikiforov, top athlete and celebrity. This Victor is cool, calm, collected. This Victor throws a flirtatious wink at his fans and melts hearts worldwide. This Victor only smiles when he’s on the ice, receiving adulation for his prowess, and is quiet and contemplative in interviews and in his home.

And then of course, we meet the real Victor, the one who danced drunkenly with a stranger and then moved into his house after watching a fateful internet video. The real Victor is absolutely ridiculous. He’s a hedonist. He loves good food, good alcohol, and being comfortable. He lounges about in a loose robe and immediately buys a sofa to fit in his tiny guest room. He relaxes in a hot spring every night and waxes poetic about the beauty of the ocean. And he is unabashedly, overwhelmingly enthusiastic about his interests. He’s delighted by so many things, he loves to be a tourist and enjoy new sights and places. He revels in the drama of competition and approaches every challenge in as over-the-top manner as possible. He thinks about the people he knows in terms of grandiose metaphors and fairy tales.

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I am laughing so hard at all of these that I forgot the name of the show but Viktor and Yuuri basically swap families with a different marriage and they get to raise a bunch of normal kids for like a week while the other poor couple has to deal with Yurio, a sad Makkachin and Yurio's cat who steals food

“These children don’t swear at me!” Viktor says to the camera, perplexed. “How will I know if they love me if they don’t tell me to fuck off? I don’t understand? Also, their dog doesn’t eat the scraps I drop on the floor for him? I’m very confused?”

“SAVE ME,” screams the other dad as Yurio sharpens his skates in the living room. “I HONESTLY THINK HE IS TRYING TO MURDER ME.”

“So, uh…do you kids like…Katsudon?” Yuuri mumbles on their first night there, trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

There is a twelve-year-old here. One of Yuuri’s greatest fears is twelve-year-olds.

“We’re vegans,” huffs the twelve-year-old with exquisite disdain

“We have to leave immediately,” Yuuri tells Viktor.

My piece for the @carver-defense-squad’s secret santa!  I got @hollyand-writes for my person

one of the options was Carver/Merrill and let’s just say I was down w/ the clown on that shit. I thought it be cute to have them go on a date type thing and since it’s winter why not skating?  I told myself to keep it simple but….I failed RIP.

fun facts:
Merrill’s borrowing Bethany’s boots since she owns none herself
I researched old ass skates so their wearing sharpened bones strapped to their feet B)

Happy New Year and all that!

  • Nate Schmidt: Skates sharpened?
  • Brooks Orpik: Check.
  • Nate Schmidt: Sticks taped?
  • Brooks Orpik: Check.
  • Nate Schmidt: Did you have breakfast?
  • Brooks Orpik: Breakfast is not on the checklist.
  • Nate Schmidt: I added it because I care about you.
  • Brooks Orpik:
  • Brooks Orpik: No, I did not have breakfast.
  • Nate Schmidt: Unacceptable. Look in your bag.
  • Brooks Orpik: *pulls a protein bar out of his bag*

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I keep seeing people mentioning Phichit going all "LEMME SHARPEN MY SKATES AND SUMMON MY HAMSTERS ITS MURDER TIME" on Victor and Yakov but on further thought those two might be a little further down the hit list after that sod of an ISU employee who leaked the whole story, and the gossip rags who published the story without a shred of decency or respect for Yuuri's privacy. If Phichit ever gets any names they'll be goers for sure *evil cackling*

More than just Phichit, Celestino is currently in the process of suing the shit out of them all for slander and libel!

Thoughts and Observations on Until Dawn’s First Person Prototype Version

So I’ve been watching this video with the newly-uncovered prototype first-person version of Until Dawn that was original going to be a PS3 Playstation Move game, and I of course have some thoughts and observations about it. Also for people who don’t want a watch a 42-minute video you can just read this, since i pointed out most of the important stuff lol

pictures and commentary under the cut!

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I know @marcandrefleuryz was saying I should post more info, because I didn’t earlier. So, @sidcrosbbae and I went to the Pens practice rink today after she had picked me up from the airport. We only managed to catch the tail end of their practice. (Niemi was on the ice, talking to the goalie coach, so we got to watch that for a few minutes.) Candace went and got her skates sharpened, and while that was happening, Geno went back onto the ice without his gear on for a couple of minutes. So we watched that until he left. Cut to when we were leaving, we noticed people hanging out so we were like, sure, we’ll see what that’s about. (We figured, but still.) So yeah, Sid drove out, drove up to the fans waiting, and we got to meet him, say a few words, and got his autograph. Met a few other Pens players (Niemi!) and even coach Sullivan. But yeah, we met Sidney Crosby today. 

Brendan Gallagher- Twins (requested)

“Hey, you got their skates sharpened, right?” You asked, walking into the living room and stepping around a set of building blocks.

“Of course! I did it yesterday after practice. Don’t worry, honey, I got this,” Brendan answered, standing up from the couch and giving you a kiss. He turned to the two toddlers who were playing on the floor in front of the tv, squatting down to be eye level with them. “You guys ready to go learn how to skate?” He asked, smiling.

“Yeah!” Both the girls yelled happily, standing up and rushing their father with hugs. He fell backwards, landing on his butt as they climbed on top of him and continued to hug him. At three years old they had their father’s gray eyes, but their hair matched yours.

“That’s enough, girls; you don’t want to squish your dad,” you laughed, winking as Brendan glared at you.

He picked up the girls, one in each arm, as he stood up, walking towards the mudroom to put on their shoes. You followed a minute later, skate bag in hand as you sat down in the chair to lace up your boots.

You laughed as you pulled a toque over Chloe’s eyes, bopping her on the nose as she pushed the toque back and giggled. “Mama, I gotta be able to see,” she lisped.

“You can see me now, can’t ya? Come on, let’s see if we can get done before Lucy and Daddy,” you whispered, bundling her up quickly.

“If you hadn’t spent time giggling you would’ve beaten us,” Brendan said a minute later, Lucy’s hand in his.

“You need to zip her coat up,” you replied.

The four of you climbed into the SUV a few minutes later, each of you strapping one of the twins into their seats. “Now don’t be undoing the buckle like you did last time,” you heard Brendan tell Lucy as he pulled the straps tight across her chest.

“But I want to see out the big window,” she whined.

“You’ve got a plenty big window next to you to see out of. You scared Daddy big time when you undid your buckle.”

“Okay, I don’t do that again.”

“Good girl.”

He drove to the Bell Centre, parking in the garage next to PK’s car. PK hopped out of his car as you opened the back door to get Chloe out, and she squealed as she yelled, “Uncle PK!” You handed her off to PK once you got her unstrapped, and he tugged on one of her pigtails as she giggled.

“How’s my Chloe-bear doing?” He started walking to the entrance, Brendan carrying Lucy while you trailed behind with the skates.

“Good. You gonna skate with us?” She asked.

“Yes I am.”

Everyone was gathered in the locker room or already on the ice, and Chloe demanded she be put down so she could run to Brendan’s locker. You and Brendan laced up the twins skates, walking slowly behind them towards the ice as you held their hands.

“I’m scared, Daddy,” Chloe whispered from in front of you, staring at the ice hesitantly.

“You don’t gotta be scared, sweetie; I’m not gonna let you get hurt.”

She followed him onto the ice, gripping his hand tightly as she slipped. He pulled her up before she landed on the ice, and you were next on the ice with Lucy.

“You’re doing great, honey,” you reassured her as she picked her feet up, walking along the boards.

You held her hand as she slowly started to gain more confidence, sliding her feet more and more. You dropped her hand as she stood along the boards, skating to three feet in front of her and kneeling down. “Come here, Lucy; skate to Mama.” You held your hands out towards her, and she slowly half skated half walked to you. “Yay!”

“Look at them.” Lucy pointed at Briere’s 3 sons passing the puck around and skating quickly. Some of the older kids were whizzing by, racing each other. “I wanna go fast too,” she continued, looking up at you.

“You got it, squirt.” You picked her up, setting her on your hip as you started skating.

“Race ya Uncle Chucky!” She laughed as you skated by him. He took off after you two, always keeping a stride behind so he could make faces at Lucy as she looked behind.

Brendan skated past you two then, Chloe in his arms. “We’re beating ya!” She called, waving at you two.

You stopped by one of the benches, Brendan circling back when he saw you and Lucy weren’t following.

“I wanna see Mama go fast,” Chloe said, wiggling her legs to be put down. She slid over to the boards next to Lucy.

“Yeah, Mama, go fast!” Lucy echoed.

“Okay, if you’re gonna give me that look…,” you trailed off. You watched as Brendan sat down on the ice, pulling the girls onto his lap and giving them both kisses on the tops of their heads. You took off down the ice then, tapping PK on the shoulder as you skated past him and blew him a kiss. He quickly passed you, his son Archie in his arms.

You smiled as you skated back to your family. Brendan was a great dad, and you couldn’t ask for a better extended family. People say it takes a village to raise a kid; you thought it just took a hockey team instead.

(written by Anna)

OMGCP and Information About Figure Skating

Hey Guys! I’ve been in the fandom for a couple of months and have seen a lot about Bitty’s time as a figure skater. As somebody who skated for more than 2/3 of their life, I have a lot of information about this topic and would love to share it for fic purposes! 

  • What people do on the ice are generally referred to as “jumps” and “spins” rather than “tricks” or “twirls”
  • Men wear black skates and women wear white (but fuck gender norms amirite)
  • You generally can’t sharpen your own skates and have to bring them to other people
  • Speaking of which, if you’re skating a lot, you should be getting your skates sharpened every 2 or 3 weeks
  • Bitty can’t do a lot of jumps on hockey skates as most require a toe pic (however, he could do an axel, loop, or salchow (pronounced sow-cow) because these are edge-based jumps)
  • You can’t skate when the zamboni is on the ice - unless you want to get yelled at :(
  • Bitty probably can’t do quadruple jumps and I would be surprised if he could do most triples - if he had a quad axel, he’d be going to the Olympics and he probably wouldn’t casually do a triple axel while warming up or figure skating for the first time in a while
  • In skating, a flip jump refers to this rather than a front flip or back flip like you might imagine. Those are actually illegal to do in competition 
  • A skater has a long, short, artistic light, and dramatic program, serious skaters focus on the short and long
  • Artistic light and dramatic are when the skater has the ability to show off their artistry and have fun
  • Longs and shorts are technical and are comprised of jumps, spins, footwork, and other choreography
  • These are generally around four minutes long
  • There are different levels in figure skating and they are not determined by age, you have to test up
  • I’d say Bitty was probably a junior or senior (second highest and highest level, respectively, for a non professional skater)
  • Bitty went to Regionals in 2010 and back then you weren’t allowed to skate to lyrical songs for long/short so he couldn’t have skated to Halo :(
  • Scoring is no longer on the 6.0 system, the new system is called IJS and it is very confusing
  • While breaking in skates definitely isn’t fun, it’s pretty manageable (think a few weeks of sore feet and maybe a few blisters–not Ice Princess)
  • Skate moms are THE WORST™. Seriously, my club was approached by the producers of Dance Moms to see if we wanted a show. That’s how much drama there is. 
  • We did not want a show. 
  • If your fic has Bitty working with Jack on his skating and speed, have him start with posture (IT IS SO IMPORTANT)
  • You can not seriously skate in jeans. Please don’t skate in jeans.

Please message me if you have any questions or just want to talk about figure skating because I love talking about it!