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honestly though there's??? a difference between Yuuri "Unreliable Narrator" Katsuki and what the show actually shows us???? like with all the stories with unreliable narrators, you gotta *look* and pay attention to figure out what's bullshit and what's actually true. it's like with all the fucking references they make to figure skaters and skating and even queer stuff, if you don't know *what* you're looking at it'll fly right over your head. the yoi staff loves figure skating to bits

I mean he literally breaks a world record that Victor set with a program as difficult as anything Victor ever did. This is outright stated in the series. This isn’t even something you really have to pay much attention to see. There’s another point where his short program is called the SP with the highest difficulty ever. 

These are such blatant things. You don’t even have to know anything about skating. You don’t have to know anything about skating to know that he did Victor’s world championship free skate while out of shape and out of practice in episode one either!! Like?? Come on people. These aren’t context clues they’re context ANVILS. 

If you can’t get that Yuuri Katsuki 300% has the potential to be the number one skater in the world you’re just not paying attention to him.

  • Me after watching Yuri on Ice: I'm gonna be a figure skater, it's so amazing I can totally do this
  • Me: *breaks a sweat going to the kitchen*

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How about a fic of Phichit taking care of sick yuuri during their detroit days.

Filling a prompt that involves Pichit for the Hamster King’s birthday! This is partially inspired by a piece of fan art I saw the other day. Enjoy!

When Yuuri misses the landing on his triple axel, usually his best jump, Celestino decides that enough is enough. Yuuri has been shaky and clumsy since he arrived at the ice rink, occasionally pausing to muffle a fit of coughing or sneezing into his elbow. He calls Yuuri over to the rail and watches as he slowly gets to his feet and makes his way over.

“I’m calling off practice for today,” he announces. “You’re in no shape to skate right now, and I won’t have one of my best skaters injuring themselves. Make sure that he gets home safe, Pichit.”

“Yes, sir!” Pichit agrees instantly from where he’s been watching nearby. Yuuri would not protest, but any words or air he could spare are stolen by a nasty-sounding coughing fit. Pichit leads his friend off the ice, rubbing soothing circles on Yuuri’s trembling back as he continues to cough.

“You shouldn’t miss practice for me,” Yuuri says hoarsely as he slowly puts on his skate guards and changes back into his sneakers. He’d insisted on doing it himself, but it’s taking him much longer than usual today.

“What kind of friend would I be if I left you to suffer on your own?” Pichit points out, slinging Yuuri’s arm over his shoulders and steering him out the door and to the bus stop. “Besides, now we can have the King and the Skater movie marathon that we’ve been talking about! I can’t go on knowing that my roommate hasn’t seen the best movie ever made!”

Yuuri chuckles at Pichit’s passionate declaration, which sends him into another bout of coughing that scrapes out his throat and makes his eyes water. When the fit ends, Pichit notices that he’s shivering, so he slips out of his own jacket and gently tucks it around Yuuri’s shoulders. Surprisingly, Yuuri doesn’t protest, too grateful for the extra warmth.

Fortunately, the bus doesn’t take too long to arrive. Yuuri dozes for most of the trip, snoring softly, his head lolling onto Pichit’s shoulder. It’s very endearing; Pichit has to resist the urge to take a selfie, figuring that his shy roommate would probably not appreciate him taking pictures of him when he’s sick. But he’s so cute!

Right before they reach their stop, Pichit nudges Yuuri in an attempt to wake him up. “We’re here,” he announces. Yuuri stirs reluctantly, yawning and rubbing his eyes sleepily. It’s absolutely adorable, but Pichit already misses the comfortable weight on his shoulder.

Yuuri shivers his way to their dorm and up the stairs. “I think you’re running a fever,” Pichit says once they’ve reached the privacy of their room, pressing one hand to Yuuri’s forehead and the other to his own to check. “Yeah, you’re definitely a little warm. You should probably lay down.”

“That sounds good, but I want to change out of my practice clothes first,” Yuuri protests.

“Do you need anything? Medicine? Water?”

“Some cough medicine sounds good,” Yuuri says. He’s changed into his pajamas and put on a face mask. “You know, you don’t have to stay here and take care of me. I’ll get you sick.”

“I don’t have to, but I want to. Besides, we’re roommates! I was pretty much guaranteed to catch this from you anyway. It’s one of the first rules of living together.”

“Well, alright. If you insist.” Yuuri still sounds a little reluctant, but Pichit beams. He digs through the bathroom, finds some medicine that looks like it’s not expired yet, and pours out the recommended dose. Yuuri takes the medicine, and gratefully drinks the water that Pichit brings him, before falling back onto his pillows.

“You should get some rest,” Pichit suggests, taking a seat on his own bed so that he can keep an eye on Yuuri.

“But what about your movie marathon?” Yuuri says, his eyes already drooping. He twists to sneeze into his elbow before sinking back against the pillows.

“That can wait,” Pichit assures him, waving a hand nonchalantly. “For now, just sleep. It’s no use watching the movies if you’re not awake enough to enjoy them!”

My rough translation :

“The same with people who support (Hanyu-senshu) , Sendai Broadcasting also has lot of dissapointed feeling . However, surely Hanyu-senshu himself would feel regret more than anyone else. We hope that Hanyu-senshu is able to recover as soon as possible and shows the best performance and smiles again.”
(From Sendai Broadcasting before Sendai Fair Day)

*disclaimer : my translation might be off, and not 100% correct, please do inform me any correction. Thank you.


Heads up! Yuri On Ice spoiler alert! If you haven’t already watched the last episode, skip what I write, THEN come back!

I just realized something……..

Viktor tells Yuuri that in compensation for him being his coach again for another year as he also competitively figure skates again under Yakov, that Yuuri should try to do what Viktor did.

Yuuri asks him to stay as his coach for one more year, telling Viktor that he will definitely win gold in next years Grand Prix Final. BUT, Viktor with his eager eyes, and love struck face, tells him ok good! But keep going he tells him. Viktor tells Yuuri to keep going, surprising Yuuri for a moment. Viktor goes on saying how it will be difficult to both make a comeback and train again as a competitive skater and also train Yuuri. In exchange he tells Yuuri, “I’ll need you to become a 5 time Worlds Champion at least.”

For those who don’t know, The World Championships takes place after the Grand Prix Final and will take place between March 28-April 3 of 2016 (remember the Grand Prix Final in YOI took place last year in December).

Viktor is telling Yuuri to keep on going, to keep on competing, to try to get to his level by pushing and encouraging him to win gold for the Worlds like he did because he knows Yuuri can do it.


ALSO! Regarding Viktor!

Viktor said he is going to be training himself up again to compete in the Russian Figure Skating Championships. Now keep in mind it was too late for him to skate in it because it was taking place around the same time as the GPF. So he literally has until September of 2016 to train and win the series of competitions in Russia for the Final. He took a year off of training to coach Yuuri so it’s going to take him some time to get back in proper shape to skate competitively again. It’s not an over night thing even if you have been skating for years, he has to get himself training and body physically fit again rigorously. Viktor has 9 months to train for the Russian Championships when the first round of competitions begins. It is partly why Yuuri moved to Russia at the end of the episode and why the next season we more than likely get to know Viktor more and any family he has as we will be leaving Japan and heading to Russia. 

Season 2 we will more than likely see Viktor compete in the Russian Championships as Yuuri competes for the Grand Prix Final again. 


On Love

My very first Viktuuri drabble yay!! Pure fluff to soothe my soul and hopefully yours ^^ Enjoy! (I tried to incorporate both Russian(thank you Soul!) and Japanese here because I find it’s an integral part of their relationship, feel free to correct me on any of it though it was pretty minor) Edit: thank you to homewriters and to Lili on Ao3 for the Russian correction!

“Yuu-ri!” Viktor called from the attic, pushing his way through the boxes, “Are you sure they’re up here?”

“That’s where you put them last year,” Yuuri called from the kitchen, before stuttering iie, iie, iie at Makkachin, because his Japanese always slipped out when scolding the poodle. Viktor giggled, picturing his darling Katsudon trying to keep the cookie dough away from their oversized dog.

Viktor definitely remembered putting the Christmas lights up in the attic at the beginning of January last year, but they’d accumulated so many boxes, and they were all just so brown, Viktor didn’t really know where to start.

He sighed, kneeling down against the first box he saw. He’d need to organize these better one day. Maybe after it stopped being so cold.

He pulled the box closer to himself, flipping open the side. No lights. Paper? What did they have paper for? Oh, not paper. Posters. Yuuri’s old trophies.

Viktor smiled. That was nostalgic. Some of his own were mixed in too.

He reached for another box, hoping to find more.

Nothing but his old costumes. The one Yuuri had worn for his Eros performance. Viktor held it up, admiring the sparkle from the black piece, wondering if he could convince Yuuri to wear it again. He’d gained a bit of weight since then (so had Viktor) but they were both still in relatively good shape, skating together on weekends and off days. The costume would be a little tight, but somehow that only excited the Russian further. A happy pink rose to his cheeks, the way it did after a few sips of vodka.

With childlike giddiness, he reached for the next box, popping it open and pulling out more posters. He pushed those aside, grabbing for the sets of trophies. Cute ones. Little ones. From so long ago that they had to be when Yuuri first started skating as a child. And he squealed in quiet glee at the sight of a few pictures, Yuuri probably around twelve or thirteen, cheeks red with cold and smile swelling with pride, holding up the medal around his neck.

Too cute.

“Viktoru!” Because Yuuri always added a ‘ru’ to the end of his name, “Did you find them?”

“Ah, almost!” Viktor quickly shoved the trophies back in the box, as if he’d been caught doing something bad. He grabbed for the pile of posters, which of course managed to all spill out of his hands, spreading out across the attic floor.

And Viktor stopped for a moment. Really looked at them.

All of them. Every single one, was of him. On the bottom corner of each poster, in handwriting that seemed to get sloppier as the Viktor in the posters got older, were dates. Or, at least, Viktor was almost sure they were dates. He knew that much kanji at least. But not enough to be overly confident about it. Especially when there were a few other things scribbled along the sides.

And then, between one of the many posters, was a picture of Yuuri, about seven or eight, and a poodle that was just about as big as he was.

He stared at it for a long time, seeing the happiness in his young lover’s eyes, squinting from smiling so hard, the poodle’s tail obviously wagging from the blur in the photo. Yuuri’s arms were wrapped around the dog in nothing but pure excitement.

Viktor continued to smile as he flipped the picture over, finding neat, even handwriting that didn’t match the ones on the posters.


And Viktor knew at least that much. Recognized his husband’s name, alongside his own. Knew that it was actually the poodle’s name, not his, but it almost felt like it was, like some strange wish that had been set on that day, fate placing the two names side by side. Maybe that’s why Viktor began to tear up. Or maybe it was out of frustration, because he couldn’t read what followed, didn’t recognize enough characters to.

These Japanese and their kanji.

Viktor wiped his face, putting it all away carefully, considered bringing down the posters to wave in his husband’s face, if only to see the blush that would follow.

Have you loved me for this long?

But that would be a ridiculous question. So he decided against it. Put the posters back. Kept the picture. Found the christmas lights easily after that, because they were in the box he’d labeled рождество last year, along with all the other decorations. He knew he’d done a bit of organizing.

“Did you find them?” Yuuri said, still stirring the dough with a wooden spoon, like an old-timey housewife, despite the fact that they owned the latest state-of-the-art mixer.

“Yup!” Viktor beamed, holding up the box, setting it down on the counter. Yuuri smiled in response, muttering some sort of sweet nothing to Makkachin in Japanese. It was too low, or too fast, or maybe both, for Viktor to catch.

“Lyubimiy,” he said, capturing Yuuri from behind, mindful of the bowl Yuuri still held. “Look what I found.” He held up the picture in front of their faces, Viktor pressing his cheek against his lover’s so that they could both see.


“You named your dog Viktor?” He grinned, “Was it after me?”

His husband set the bowl down and took the photo, admiring it with smiling eyes. “You were my inspiration for skating, back then.”

“Mmmm, only back then?” The Russian puffed his cheeks, “What about when I became your coach?”

Yuuri hesitated for a moment, giving a half, lopsided smile to the picture before setting it down on the counter, next to the bowl of dough. “When you were my coach, you stopped being my inspiration.” He cocked his head, so that their noses touched, blue eyes meeting brown. “You became my reason.”

It was now Viktor’s turn to hesitate, his eyes going wide, but then softening around the edges as they fluttered closed, placing a kiss on his husband’s cheek.

“You shouldn’t say things like that,” he warned, “I might just fall in love with you all over again.”

Yuuri smiled, turning his neck just a little bit more, so that this time, Viktor could kiss him on the lips. With bright eyes that shined behind his glasses, Yuuri gave a small giggle of a sound, the tops of his slightly chubby cheeks tinting with warmth, as he leaned in for another kiss. 

“Is that a promise?

And Viktor couldn’t help but smile, inhaling deeply and pushing his hair back, holding up his hands to catch Yuuri’s cheeks. “Mm,” he said, giving him another peck, “Promise.”