skate out your heart

½ of the movie: competitions, training, etc. (This includes pre-routine banter, freaking out, good luck speeches and hugs; in that order).

¼ of the movie: bonding time, dinner, gay, relationship development. Basically anything that doesn’t happen at the arena.

¼ of the movie: The wedding ceremony. Because during the aforementioned ‘bonding time’ Viktor’ll be like: “dont worry Yuuri, we’ll get married whether or not yoi win gold, just skate your best!” And they’ll skate their hearts out, Yuuri will get gold and Viktor will come second.
So they’ll get married, thus the rest of the movie is all about how gay and in love they are.

William Nylander #2

Anonymous said: Could you make one where you met William nylander family for the first time?


A/N: apologizes for any spelling or grammar errors, as usual i wrote this at some god awfully late time. but hope you all liked it!! :)

Word Count: 2,759

If your boyfriend thought you were just casually going to up and meet his family then he was crazy. And after walking into the suite you normally sat in during Leafs game, it was confirmed - William Nylander was freaking crazy. Cause staying around was his entire family, visiting from Sweden, and looking at you as if you had two heads.

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Seriously? [Teen!Sam Drake]

Pairings: Teen!Sam Drake x Reader

Request: n/a

About: Sam Drake and the reader outside at midnight, sharing a bottle of vodka. Secrets and suggestive conversations ensue. 

Warnings: NSFW mentions, mention of drugs, alcohol, mentions of abuse (geez angsty)

Inspiration: x

Originally posted by z1r43l

“Hey, calm down,” Sam ushered, catching your fist as you readied it to thump against the skating park ramp. You let out a deep breath, your heart hammering as you willed away the saddened tears in your eyes, angry at yourself for getting upset.

“Fuck! Okay, I’m sorry,” you breathed, exasperated. “I’m just feeling really suffocated in that damn house. Those stupid inconsiderate nuns are starting to piss me off. Am I being dramatic? I feel like I’m being dramatic.”

“A little,” Sam teased, to which you responded by thumping his shoulder. “Ouch. That hurt, you know. I’m sensitive.”

You laughed a little, “yeah, right.”

“It’s true,” Sam spread his arms out, “I am a man in touch with my emotions. Girls think that’s hot, right?”

“Oh, yeah,” I winked at him, “I’m so turned on right now.” 

Sam laughed. “Well, that’s the sort of effect I have on the ladies. Can’t blame them, either.”

“What?” You asked, frowning in sarcastic confusion and laughing. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I’m a total hit with chicks! They love me,” Sam continued. “A total specimen. Irresistible, charming, dash-”

“Sam, have you ever even got laid?” You laughed, leaning back against the bars of the ramp you were sat on, your legs dangling over the edge, your skateboard to your side. 

“Sure I have,” Sam responded quickly.

“Oh, yeah, to who?” You rose a brow at him, turning to face him. 

“To Crystal,” he announced, folding his arms as if announcing an achievement. In response, you rolled your eyes. That girls name always left a bitter taste in your stomach. She was friendly and she was gorgeous, which was the worst part. You didn’t like her.

“And how long did that take? A week?” You shot back at him teasingly.

“A couple months,” he shrugged. “Why does it matter, anyway? What about you, huh?”

“Sure,” you shrugged. “Twice in my whole life. Both horrible, scarring experiences,” you laughed.

“What happened?” Sam asked.

“I don’t think that’s a territory I want to tread foot in again, thank you very much,” you shook your head, rummaging through your bag and pulling out a bottle of cheap vodka. “Want some?”

“Sure,” he accepted, taking a couple of swigs before wincing and handing it back to you. “You’re still telling me this story, though.”

Rolling your eyes, you leaned back and took a swig. “Ah, let’s see. Well, the first guy, his name was Keith or something. Kris? Maybe. I don’t know, they don’t sound like jock names. What’s a jock name that begins with K?”

“Seriously? You don’t even remember his name?” Sam laughed, humming for a while. “Kyle, maybe?”

“Yeah, that’s it,” you laughed as he got it right, taking another swig before passing him the bottle again. “Well yeah, it was at high-school party. I was fifteen. He was seventeen I think, and that was just so cool to me. And yeah, it lasted for about thirty seconds and was the most painful experience ever, in some random strangers bathroom.”

“Classy. Sounds like a great life experience,” Sam teased. “Okay, what about the other one?”

“My drug dealer?” You said it like it was a question. 

“You had sex for drugs?” Sam was taken aback, but you shook your head quickly. 

“Oh, god no, definitely not,” you denied. “He was super cute and I was into him, so we hooked up a few times. He used me and kinda broke my heart,” you shrugged, “but yeah, he totally supplied me with free weed after that for like three months, but that wasn’t my initial idea.” You sucked in a breath, still feeling a pang of hurt. You truly did care about that stupid idiot, and you thought he’d felt the same. He’d been nice and genuine, but he’d used you. 

“Tough stuff,” Sam took a swig of alcohol, “they both sound like total assholes, though. You deserve better than that.”

“Name one guy that’d be fucking worth any of my time,” you rolled your eyes, slightly bitter, slightly tipsy. 

Feeling the extra courage from his edge of alcohol, he perked up. “Well, me for starters.”

You glanced over at him for a brief second, his eyes sparkling and his cheeks flushed. Whether that be from the alcohol or his statement, you couldn’t tell. Shuffling, you laughed a little.

“You’re worth all my time, Sam,” you teased, a small grin on your face. “Could you imagine the nuns if they found out? They already know I’m a dreadful sinner, Morgan.”

“Well, they wouldn’t have to find out, would they?” Sam nudged your side playfully, clearly getting excited about the idea. You would be totally down for that, but you’re not sure your emotional stability could handle that. You acted like you were a tough, totally nonchalant girl who didn’t care about anything, but you were quite the contrary. You cared quite a lot. 

“Why would you want to be with me anyway? Or at least infatuate yourself with me, albeit romantically, let alone sexually,” you drawled. “I’m a good-for-nothing seventeen year old who’s parents used to beat the crap out of because they were bored.”

Sam winced at your words and you felt a little guilty for saying that sort of thing. It wasn’t his normality and you had to remember that. 

“Not everybody feels that way about you, you know,” Sam sighed, “not everyone wants to hurt you.”

“Seems like it.”

“Okay, you’re being dramatic now,” Sam smiled sarcastically. “Course they don’t. Nate loves you to bits, you know.”

“Oh, yeah? And you?” You rose a brow, guarding your smirk behind the neck of the vodka bottle as you sucked the dregs from the bottom. 

“More than you’d ever know,” he shook his head, running his fingers through his hair. 

“Huh?” You questioned, not quite catching his words.

“Never mind,” Sam smiled, pulling himself to your feet. “Come on. Let’s get your sobered up before you get back to the orphanage. If the nuns see you drunk again you’ll be sleeping in the ‘dungeon’ again.”

“Oh, right,” you shuddered. The ‘dungeon’ was really just the basement where they isolated you from the others to pray until they felt you’d been forgiven. The worst of kids had been down there for a week, at most. “Okay.”

“Come on,” Sam offered you his hand, which you took, easing down the ramp with him. “Let’s get you back, yeah?”


Request that MC is an ice skater and RFA reactions of seeing her perform

this request was made bye @soccergirl4471 :) 

HELLO EVERYONE MOD SAERAN HERE :D i refused that nothing was going to be posted up today so i got the energy to post up this short HC :) enjoooyy~~

Jumin: *song only exception by paramore”

-You told Jumin that you wanted to perform something for him. He was a tad bit curious, but he happily went because you told him that he could bring Elizabeth 3rd.

-He was about to wear loose commoner clothes but you mention that he can wear his fancy warm clothes. Okay…. no commoner clothes…..he has to make Elizabeth wear a sweater…… HE WAS WORRIED TBH. HE THINKS YOU WERE TAKING HIM TO ALASKA. He was about to call Driver Kim but you told him no to that as well because you were going to drive. He saw you wearing only a trench coat and carrying a gym bag loosely on your shoulder.

-The ride was about 30 mins and you were singing a song happily. He was recording you but this poor man videos even come out blurry. How is that possible ????? Who knows, but you love the man anyway!! :) you guys got to the skating rink and NOOO HIS KITTEN IS IS AN ICE SKATER. He sat down and put Elizabeth 3rd next to him. He patted her and waited for you to get out of the locker room. He saw you in a beautiful tight black dress. You made Aphrodite look like a potato. You did a warm up around the rink and then he leaned over a bit to get a better view of you. You skated to him and grabbed his coat and pulled him towards you. You were forehead to forehead “ don’t ever take your eyes off me” (YAAAS YURI YAAAAS). You did your short performance and he was in awe. He was speechless because you were an ice goddess. He never seen someone so beautiful and graceful. He fell in love more.


-He was working on coding as usual and you wanted to surprise him with a cute quick break :) you blindfolded him and he trusted you. You helped him get in one of his babies and you drove to the ice skating rink.

-When you guys arrived, you gently took off the blindfold and kissed his cheek. He smiled and you put on his glasses for him and flicked his nose cheerfully. You grabbed his hand and guided his way to the inside. He was looking around in awe wondering if you were a figure skater. You led him to a private rink and sat him down. You gave him a cheerful smile and he was LIKE OH MY GOD IS SHE GONNA PERFORM FOR ME.

-After waiting 10 mins, THERE WAS GODDESS 606. He wanted to cry because your dress was dark navy with little diamond beads around it. You looked like the night sky. HE WAS ALREADY GETTING EMOTIONAL. You played the song “ Thousand Years by Christina Perri” and you looked at him and gave him a warm smile. He had tears in his eyes because you were flying. You were in your natural element. You were performing your heart and soul out for him because you trusted him and loved him. After your performance was done and tried running to you but he kept falling on the ice. You skated to him and hugged him <3


-this performance GOD had seen it all. Rarely anything ever shook him. When his other colleagues win awards or did a performance, he just faked the whole emotion. He was losing his muse and you didn’t really know what to do. So you decided to show Zen something that you have never really shown anyone before.

-God you were nervous….. what if he just faked the emotion with you because you were his girlfriend. No. girl. You gotta be strong. You gonna skate your heart out. So you texted him an address and time and simply said “Be there.”

-You put on a red dress and went outside to the rink hoping he was already sitting on the stands. You were calming your anxiety and was ready to go out. You walked out and saw him skating around the rink. When he saw you he was internally shook. He thought it was going to be a cute little date but he didn’t know you were going to come out like that. He skated over to you and kissed you. You smiled and dragged him gently to the middle of the rink. You played “Katy Perrys: Rise” and performed your heart out. You were basically skating with your eyes close. Zen felt very emotional because all the feelings he had of numbness were going away. You broke the ice around him. When you were done he skated to you and thanked you like never before.


-This POOR BABY. She was so stressed out from all the bullshit work that Jumin have her. You decided that she needed to treat herself. So you planned this beautiful day for her.

-In the morning, you two stayed in bed and drank coffee together :) you then gave her an amazing massage and she swore she was in heaven. After you two went to the mall and got cute outfits for your date. She was wondering why you picked out a semi warm outfit.

-You took her to get frozen ice cream and she was enjoying her time. Then it was time for the grand finale :) you took her to a different city skating rink and she was highly curious of why you brought her there. She didn’t know how to skate so she was assuming something spontaneous. You two walked in and everything was greeting you so she thought you were a regular. You told her to go inside and to sky closest to the rink. You later came out and saw was in awe of how beautiful you were. You played “Miley Cyrus: Adore you” and she was in tears with how beautiful you skated. She was clapping so hard whenever you landed a stunt. She was your biggest fan. When you were done she thanked you for letting her see you in your natural realm.


-this poor baby was stressed. He had so many assignments to do D: all he wanted to do is stay home and forget about the world and finished their shit ( THIS POOR BABY IS ME RIGHT NOW I FEEL HIM SO MUCH). But you weren’t gonna let that happen. This baby needed to smile and not cry and stress. So you had a plan.

-you got an outfit ready for him and he was so confused. But he loved it because he knew he was gonna go somewhere fun. He loves surprises C:  you then took him to the skating rink and he was thinking you guys were gonna skate together like a cute couple. But nope. You told him to sit and enjoy like the precious man he is. He did what you said THIS MAN I LOVE HIM.

-He was waiting for you to come back inside till he heard the LOL theme song playing. He then saw you coming out with an LOL inspired dress and he was shook. He was beyond shook. His pants were getting too tight. His emotions were everywhere. Then your performance started and he was screaming/crying and clapping like the little seal he is. He then put skates on himself and tried skating to you but he almost ate shit :(. You skated to him quickly and grabbed his hand and guided him around. He was screaming how much he was in love with you.

Yuuri Week 2017, Day 1: Terra Incognita
Title: 91 Days of Winter
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Vicchan, Victor Nikiforov.
Pairing: Yuuri/Victor.
Genres/Tags: Romance, Fluff, Anxiety, Depression, Seasonal Depression, AU.
Rating/Warnings: T/None.
Summary: What if Vicchan had lived? Or, Yuuri and his “Two Victors.”

Winter used to be Yuuri’s least favorite season. He supposed it was ironic, considering he spent most of his life on ice; a place he also felt at home, competing in a winter sport.

Perhaps it was because of where he’d grown up. Winters could be harsh, but they didn’t usually last long. Then the cherry blossoms would bloom in spring, the onsen would once again be busy, the town would be bustling with activity and festivals. To Yuuri–when spring came and washed the bleakness and murk of winter away–it was like coming home.

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Ice (Jimin Angsty Smut)

*I think I had too much fun with this*

Word Count: 2047 words

He watched you, his dark eyes focused on you.

You were his.

At least that was a few months ago, when you used to smile at just the sound of his voice. But now even seeing the letters that make up his name repulsed you.

Disgusting. Evil. A sick excuse for a human being.

But you were too stupid to let him go. It’s been three months. Three fucking months and here you were, faking your enjoyment with your friends.

“Y/N! Come on.” You faked a smile, faked your eagerness.

Why the fuck were you even here?

“Y/N, you need to get out! You can’t live under your covers forever?”

Just watch me.

It was sickening, how you were here doing something you used to love so much without the person you loved to do it with.

Here we go again.

You were an ice skater, it was your favourite hobby that you’ve done since you were little. You could remember when you first went to a skating rink with him.

“Jimin..” Your happiness erupted and he smiled at you. His smiles were the cutest. You dragged him along, slipping into the skates quickly and rushing him.

He had bad balance, making you stay close to him and you skate backwards, trying to teach him how to balance himself.

“You’re a dancer, I thought you would have better balance~”

“Look, I don’t dance on ice, Y/N. Especially ice that could break at any moment.”

“Jimin, quit being a worry wart~ Just hold onto me and try for me, please?” He nodded, taking your hands and you guided him. You avoided his eyes and he got quickly enough. You watched over him, scared he’ll slip up again but he was fine. You started to do a little tricks, adding some spins and little leaps.

Jimin stayed close, worried that you might slip but you stay in perfect form without a slip up.

“Come on, Jimin. Dance with me.”

“O-On skates?! Are you-” He liked into your eyes, the seemingly innocent determination from you enough to make him crave in. You started slow with him, just letting him spin you.

He caught onto every move quickly before you two had an audience. It was unreal to you, his hands holding you. His body flowing in time with yours and he never missed a move.

You ended with a dip, both of your faces hot. You were both breathing heavily and you place your hand on Jimin’s cheek before he pulled you up for a kiss.

You hoped that you wouldn’t fall from this heaven. His lips were softer than fleece, sweeter than honey and you could feel yourself beginning to melt into his body.

You pulled away, hearing applause from the other skaters and you both blushed.



“Aren’t you coming?”

“Yeah..” You joined them on the rink, feeling better. The ice was your home, no matter what. But you could feel eyes watching you, you scoped around quickly before catching up to your friends.

They chatted, giggling and talking about boys. You couldn’t care less nor could you shake off the feeling of watchful eyes.

“Y/N, what is wrong with you?”


“By now, you have a crowd around you while you skate your little heart out but you’re not.”

“I don’t have to get all the attention all the time.”

“It’s because of him, isn’t it?”

“Why is everything about him? Why can’t be because I don’t want to?” You huffed out, upset by your friend and you turned around abruptly bumping into a stranger.

At least, he felt like a stranger now.

“Nice bumping into you, Y/N.”

You just got up, helped him up and skated off. You could hear him following you, when you left the rink, while you walked down the street and you stopped. He bumped into you, his hard chest against your back.

“Quit following me.”

“Look, Y/N, we need to talk.”

“You’ve said enough last time.”

“I have more to say.”

“Say it to someone who wants to listen.”

“Y/N.” He grabbed your arm while you tried to walk away. This wasn’t like last time. When he just let you go. When-

“Fuck off.”

“We’re talking about this.” You don’t know how he got you here. Sitting in this hotel room. Sitting face to face. He smelled the same.

Why were you even here?

“Why the hell am I here?”

“I’m only in town for a few days.”

“I’m supposed to care because..?”

“I want you.”

“You had me and then you let me go, Jimin. I’m not your little ‘backsie’, we were fucking through.”

“I was stupid too, okay.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth.”

“But you don’t have to be such a bitch about it.”

“Oh, I’m a bitch? And what does that make you, an asshole who dumped me after 8 months because you need something new?”

“I thought-”

“That’s your fucking problem. You thought. And guess what, you were wrong this time. So thank you, for coming back and making me feel fucking miserable.”


“What is it?”

“You’re crying.”

“Fuck you.” Park Jimin. The only son of a bitch that had this effect on you. He could easily bring you to tears, make you laugh uncontrollably, smile until your lips hurt and needy as hell.

If there’s a divine entity, they must hate you with all their might to make you fall for him.

You couldn’t help it, you broke into sobs and he came closer to you. You pushed him away but he still managed to hold you after you stopped fighting him.

He wiped your tears, but your anger was charged once again.

“Get the fuck off me.” You pushed him away, but he grabbed your hand and pulled you into his chest.

“I’m sick of this.”

“I’m sick of you.”

“I know you still love me.”

“I don’t love you.”

“Then look me in the eye and say it.” You looked into his eyes and god were you fucking insane. You pulled him by his shirt, pulling his soft lips onto yours.

Was it because of lust?

Were you mad that he was right?

His hands grab your ass, you emitting a little yelp while you continued to kiss him. He stumbled you into the bedroom and he sits the mattress.

“I missed you, daddy.” You whispered in his ear before kissing his ear. Your lips left a trail of hot kisses down his neck while his hands worked your hips. He grinds your hips against his, knowing you loved the friction.

You could feel yourself getting wetter from this alone and he whimpers your name as you leave hickeys on his neck.

You bit your lip, marvelling in your masterpiece and he slipped off your top. His hands roam your torso, feeling your breasts through your bra.

“So perfect, baby girl.”

He takes it, tossing it off to the side and cupped your breast. He kissed them harshly, leaving hickeys over your breasts. He made his own replica of hickeys along your neck and you collarbone.

He knew how his lips sucking on the very skin could make you soak your panties. You weren’t afraid to vocalize how you feel in gasps and whiny moans.

You tugged on his hair, wanting to feel more.


“Keep moaning, you little slut.”

“P-Please, daddy.” He squeezed your ass hard, you gasping loudly and he smirked. This is also Jimin, the man who loved you falling apart in front of him while he continuously fucked you senseless.

He loved to watch you cum, that constant reminder that he was the only one that could make your hand clench the sheets like that, make your toes curl up like that, gets to see your blissful expression like that.

Oh, and you were surely going to cum for him tonight. As many times as he wanted.

Your clothes disappeared from your body and he lied down.

“Sit on daddy’s face, baby.”

You obeyed, the lust overriding your senses and you felt his tongue dart on your wet pussy.

“You’re such a wet little slut, baby. Did you want my cock, huh?”


“Answer me, you little slut.” His voice taunts and he slaps your ass aggressively. You moaned out, earning yourself another slap.

“Y-Yes, d-daddy..!” One had held you by your ass while the other pumped into you. His tongue did its work, licking the surface of your pussy. He found your clit, sucking on it to hear you moan out his name.

Your hand reach over, trying to find balance and he held you in place, stopping you from grinding your soaking wet pussy into his face.

“M-More-ah.” He unreleased such an erotic aura from within you, one where he was the one with the key and locked it up for all this time.

You were truly alone, alone for all this time, and you know why.

Because no one else was Park fucking Jimin.

“Suck my cock, baby.”

That’s where he thought you shined, you always glowed when you did anything. Even when you were cursing him out, all he could see the soft glow around you.

Fuck, you still held his heart and you didn’t even know.

Countless nights, countless women and none of them felt like you did.

None of them had your tongue, that hot tongue that was dripping in saliva. He watched you drench in his cock in your saliva, bobbing your head on his cock.

How the fuck did he think that you were replaceable? How did he think there was someone better than you?

There was nothing more perfect than you, nothing that made him harder than seeing you. Nothing that lit up his day like you did.

“I fucking love that dirty tongue of yours.”

“Thank you, daddy.” You purposely licked your lips, knowing exactly how to drive him wild.

You pumped him, your tongue already tasting his pre-cum and watched as you made him get harder. He cursed, groaning out every name under the sun before he stopped you.

He ravaged your lips, your hands moving t o his chest while he wrapped his arms around you. He pushed you against the mattress, pumping his fingers into you again.

“O-Oh-god-daddy..!” Your words were a mess, no longer able to concoct simple sentences. All you could think of Jimin, the way his fingers pound into your mercilessly and the smug look he had on his face while you lose yourself to him.

“You like that, baby?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, d-daddy!” He kissed you again, your arms wrapping around his neck and he pulled away just quickly. He flipped you over, your ass sticking out of him and slid into you.

You screamed into the sheets, the muffled sound still loud in your ears.

“You’re so fucking tight. When was the last time you’ve been fucked?”


“Answer me.” His hand came down on your ass again and it was purely pleasurable to you.

“I can’t remember.”

“Because I’m the only one who can fuck you like this.” You didn’t reply, rather clenched onto the sheets more.

“I’m the only one that can make you moan like this.”

“I’m the only one that can make you a mess like this.”

“Say it, baby.”

“N-Nobody does it like you, daddy..!”

“F-Fuck me harder, daddy!” He pulled your hair, raising your head from the bed and he continued to drill you.

“You’re such a good little slut, baby.”

He pressed little kisses against your back as his cock rammed into you and your voice became hoarse.

“Cum on my cock, you dirty little slut.”

That sharp command make you cum immediately, your voice letting out one last emphatic moan before you reach your sweet climax.

He came on your back, admiring his art work before wiping it off your back with a napkin. You flipped over, panting and your sweat forming all over your body.

He lied next to you, hugging your body close and you put your hand on his face, caressing it softly.

“Come back to me, Y/N.”

~Admin Blake

ROLLER DIVAS  a mixtape for skating your heart out, looking damn good, and maybe falling in love with your best friend

1. american girl bonnie mckee 2. let it go dragonette 3. starships nicki minaj 4. all of you betty who 5. everytime we touch cascada 6. really don’t care demi lovato ft. cher lloyd 7. we r who weke$ha 8. hot stuff donna summer 9blow beyonce 10. bad reputation the dollyrots 11. trouble neon jungle 12. i’m so excited pointer sisters 13. bring it on gossip 14. hell on wheels cher 15. take it off the donnas 16. superlove charli xcx 17. cherry red ida maria 18. i’m coming out diana ross

Yuri’s Proposal

My brain has been thinking a lot since episode 7 came out so here’s what my dream marriage proposal between the two would be.

  • It would take place maybe 3 or 4 years after the events of the show that way they’d be settled into their relationship.
  • Yuri and Victor would have settled down in Hasetsu and have both pursed coaching together bringing skaters from all over just the chance to be taught by them.
  • Yuri of course is a nervous wreck about proposing but really wants to do it but struggles to find the perfect ring for Victor.
  • He finally finds the perfect ring, a white gold band with aquamarines’s embedded in it, the perfect stone that matches Victor’s eyes~
  • Yuri asked his composer friend for one last piece to be made for him. A piece that represented his and Victor’s love from the beginning till now. Filled with every emotion they’ve ever felt along the way. It’s titled “Love is Victory”.
  • After getting the music he practices in secret making a routine that uses segments from both Yuri on Ice and Stay Close to Me to signify the two of them becoming one through marriage.
  • The night Yuri decided to go through with his proposal he tells Victor he wants to go over a lesson for their students as a way to trick Victor into going with him to the rink with him.
  • “I made this for you.” Yuri cupping the side of Victor’s face bringing their foreheads together, running a thumb lightly over Victor’s bottom lip much like Victor had done to him those years ago. “Keep your eyes only on me.”
  • Yuri skating his heart out to this routine! This is the most important performance of his entire life! Putting his heart and soul into it, losing himself to the music as he thinks of all his and Victor’s precious memories. At the end he it knelling in front of Victor arm stretched out with the ring offered to him as he finally asks the question. 
  • For the first time in his life Yuri is not scared. He is not nervous or afraid of rejection because he knows Victor and he definitely knows Victor’s heart. He is confident and expresses this by looking right into Victor’s eyes. “Will you marry me, Victor?”
  • Victor is overwhelmed with emotion. The entire time he is watching Yuri his eyes don’t stray away for a second, he hasn’t even realized he had started tearing up halfway through the performance. There are even more tears once he realizes Yuri is proposing. His heart might burst from his chest!
  • He says yes in the most elegant way possible, by jumping the barrier and tackling Yuri down to the ice screaming yes about a million times.
  • The ring is a perfect fit and the two enjoy a long tearful kiss on the ice holding each other tight not wanting to let go for a second.
  • “You keep surprising me everyday Yuri…how do you keep doing that?”
  • “I had a really great coach.”
Missing You

Can you write a fic about Meryl being really upset about leaving Maks after SWAY? - hannahalise222 

I just took this and ran with it. Hope y’all enjoy it! ~Brooke 


Maks. He was her first thought when she woke up and her last thought before she fell asleep the night before. She missed him. Their last good bye was upsetting. 

Good byes never bothered her. They just weren’t a big deal. To Meryl, it was simply just   see you soon. Until now.

Dancing With the Stars changed her view on goodbyes. Or maybe it was Maks. Perhaps it was a combination of both the show and a stranger who managed to turn her life upside down. It killed her to say goodbye for the day. How strange was it, that a man she only had known for over a month made her feel alone when he wasn’t in her presence. It was even worse the week they had the big switch up and she hadn’t seen him for a full week, other than video chatting. That week marked the beginning of difficult goodbyes. Because often times, they said goodbye when she and Charlie had to travel for Stars on Ice. That was brutal.

What was been worse, was when the show ended. Neither of them had a clue what the future held. Would they have the same relationship once the magic of the show was over? Or would whatever they had, disappear into thin air?

But alas, the months went on, and through Japan, India, LA, Michigan, Italy, everywhere, their relationship grew to new levels. Which made every goodbye ten times worse.

But something from their last goodbye was more than Meryl could handle. Closing her eyes, she laid in bed, reliving her SWAY day, that was just two short days before.

SWAY was everything she hadn’t expected. He warned her ahead of time, afraid that she would get burned out, telling her that it was intense, rigorous, and full of energy. It was all those things and more. SWAY was making memories with her new family that she found. SWAY was taxing on her body, a body that was not at its peak Sochi condition, but still incredibly fit. SWAY was emotionally heart wrenching, because it reminded her of the memories she made with Maks, when they created the dances she was to perform during the two shows she was participating in.

By the end of the second show, she had been thoroughly exhausted. Her natural Olympian demeanor helped her mask it from everyone but him. He knew. He always knew. And when he had gently taken her aside, asking her if she was okay, concern pouring out from the looks of his face, it warmed her heart. Just to know that someone cared so deeply for her made her love him even more than she knew was possible.

During the second meet and greet, while she was overcome by the excitement of the fans seeing her and Maks dance together again, the fatigue, the sadness, and the weight on her chest became too much all at once. Meeting her fans, she felt bad. She wasn’t into it. The atmosphere, the heat, and the lights made her feel like she was having an out of body experience, floating amongst the crowds, trying to find a familiar face.

When someone had finally noticed how she wasn’t really there anymore, just wandering around, like a person trying to find his or her way back to the real world, Maks was beside her. Which made her even sadder. Because she knew Maks would put her first and take her home where they would have to say another unbearable goodbye. She was his priority. He guided her out, her still in a daze but still aware enough to know another tough goodbye was just hours ahead of them. They had gotten home, both exhausted from dance, but more from the stress of knowing they would have to say goodbye in a mere 5 hours.

Meryl shifted in bed, suddenly needing the feeling of him. Reaching across her bed, she put on his hoodie. Amongst all of her designer dresses and shoes and bags, his old VALENTIN sweatshirt was always her first pick. It was the best piece of clothing she owned because it was her way of bringing him everywhere she went. Softly stroking the fabric, it brought her back to her flashback of the night of goodbyes.

They stood facing each other in front of the bed. Both wanted to show each other how much they loved one another, but the bags under both their eyes told them they needed their sleep.

“Not tonight, my love,” he said softly, as he removed her dress off letting it fall to the floor. He pushed down his pants leaving them beside her dress and stripped his shirt off, only to fling it across the room. Grabbing her a shirt and himself a fresh pair of boxers, he silently slipped on his clean boxers and gave her the oversized t-shirt of his.

The two fell into bed, not saying a word, only because words were not necessary between them. The silence conducted a conversation that they didn’t want to be said out loud. ‘I don’t want to leave, but I have to. I love you and I know you love me.’ The connection of their bodies spoke volumes of love, as she rested her head on his chest, allowing herself to fall asleep listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Her six o’clock plane came, quicker than both of them had wanted. The drive to the airport was silent, but it was the most beautiful silence. Their fingers were intertwined as they rested on her lap. Still connected, he had walked her to through security, put her bags on the luggage belt, and walked her to gate 4. The tears in her eyes emerged, as she had willed herself to keep it together for the sake of him. And when he pressed his lips against hers, harder than every before, she almost had to stop herself from leaving the airport and going back to his apartment. She had wrapped her arms around him, missing his touch even though he was still in her arms. Not wanting to let go, he forced himself to prod Meryl off of him and gently push her towards the gate. But unlike all the other times when she left him at the gate watching her, she hadn’t looked back. Her tears were running and she didn’t want him to see her that way.

Feeling sadder than she had anticipated to feel so early in the morning, Meryl felt something wet slip down her face. Raising her hand to her cheek, she realized it the wetness was tears pouring down her cheeks.

As if on cue to comfort her, her phone buzzed, Maks was calling to facetime her. Before she answered, she quickly wiped her face and took a deep breath, hoping her voice wouldn’t sound wobbly from crying. 

“Hey babe,” she greeted him, her smile not quite matching her eyes that reckoned a forced happiness. He didn’t respond, but instead studied her, knowing something was off.

“How are you?” he asked, his voice echoing off the walls in her room.

“I’m good…” she trailed off, unable to speak suddenly. It was as if his voice was pushing her off the edge. She had missed his voice. Normally, hearing him talk to her after not seeing each other for a few days was the best medicine, but today it made things worse because she couldn’t physically have him with her.

“Mer,” he said softly, knowing she was on the verge of tears. “Why so sad?” With that, he saw her eyes turn red as the tears began to stream down her face. It killed him, that he couldn’t be with her to kiss every tear away, and hug her so she would feel protected.

She sadly stared at him through the camera. “I just miss you a lot. I hate that I had to leave early. I know I was exhausted, but I’m more exhausted when I’m not with you, because all my energy goes to missing you.”

“I miss you more,” he simply said. “But I promise you, one day, our lives will slow down enough, and we’re never going to have to say goodbye as much as we do now. I promise you, when life slows down for the both of us, I’ll make sure with all my power, that you’ll never feel as sad as you do now. Because you’re my love, my beautiful Meryl.”

She smiled, unsure of what to say. He sensed her hesitance and added, “This is just one more time closer to not ever having to miss me. I promise.”

 She let out a watery laugh. “How did I get so lucky?”

“Oh no. I’m the lucky one in this relationship,” he winked. He kissed the air and blew a kiss to her, “Now go get dressed and skate your little heart out. I love you Meryl.”

Laughing, she blew a kiss back. “I love you more. Miss you.”

She ended the call and tossed her phone back on the bed. She urged herself to do what Maks said and get ready to practice. Standing up, she hugged herself, closing her eyes and savoring in his smell.

This is just one less day of missing you before we’re together all the time. Only a handful more days of missing you, she thought, as she left her room to begin her day.