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Vans US Open 2017  |  DIY Buttons with Lizzie Armanto

We took a trip to the Vans US Open pop-up shop with Lizzie Armanto in search of the perfect piece to add some DIY flare. The winner? None other than the already adorable Funville Mini Backpack. Lizzie showed off her creativity (damn this girl can draw!) and her other hidden talent (Japanese!) while making custom buttons to add the perfect bit of flare to her backpack. Want to decorate your own backpack like Lizzie’s? Get the Funville Mini Backpack in stores or online

Photos 1, 9, and 10: Life Without Andy

How to be a Great Downhill Skateboarder

First things first: you have to look the part. If you aren’t swagged TF out in some of this season’s hottest clothing trends (sold exclusively at Zumies!), don’t even waste your time leaving your house to go skate. Second, don’t wear anything childish. Skateboarding is something not meant to be an expression of yourself, or a way to project your strange fetishes onto via appearance. Wear age appropriate, stylish clothes. It’s easy!

Actually, don’t take a single word of that seriously. Seriously. Skateboarding IS an expression of self. But in the same sense, it also isn’t. There’s no popularity contest in skateboarding. Nobody ever got famous in skateboarding because they looked fly AF. They got there because they were a GREAT skateboarder. However, being unique comes with it’s own set of fans, but uniqueness is subjective. Wear whatever you please. Event T shirts, your favorite band, nothing at all…you just do you.

BUT, when it comes to doing downhill skateboarding, what really counts is what’s in the pants. Not exactly physically IN the pants, but what’s…in the pants. You know, material wise? The worst thing is to bail, slip, or otherwise wreck your pants, revealing those cute panties you bought that match your bra, which you were saving for the cutie at the top of the hill later on. Get a strong pair of pants that can withstand a few falls. Your body will thank you. Road rash is a real…pain in the butt. And guess what? Once you’ve decided which pants are going to be your skate pants, you better stock up on duct tape. Duct tape is a girl’s best friend when it comes to saving money. Stop buying new jeans just because you can see your pimply butt through that new-found hole! Just double up on the duct tape and get back to the hill. 

And for something that actually matters - get yourself some dang pads. There are people out there who were once very talented who now only host events, or those that don’t even skate at all who have lost their passion for skateboarding because of a fall that wrecked their body parts. Knee pads are essential. You don’t know where you’re going to fall, but if you’ve got knee pads, you can drop right onto them and slide across the pavement like the princess you are, right into a safe and complete stop so you can crush that line better the second time. Knee pads are essential, there’s no argument. And of course, you could shell out and get the top of the line knee pads that cost you your entire Taco Bell fund, but it’s not necessary. Just get something that’s going to come in between you and the pavement and get to work. My knee pads are so old that they started turning grey. And they’ve been used so much that the little straps that actually keep them in place have eroded straight to concrete heaven. But do I pay the premium and get new ones? No. What makes a great skater is doing the best with what you have. I simply just duct tape them around my knees and go for gold. And they don’t slip!

Equally important is slide gloves, not only because I couldn’t imagine being a great skater without them, but also because your hands are a national treasure and they deserve to be treated that way. Take care of your hands. They’re the only two you’ve got. What really matters is your helmet. Keeping brain goo in, on and around your brain is something you should aim for every day. You can do your part on skate day by wearing a dang helmet. We’ve all heard horror stories that usually end on a teary note - but they don’t have to. Just by strapping a certified, tested and inspected hunk of protection on your head, you’re already a great skateboarder.

Being a great skateboarder has nothing to do with your ability. It has everything to do with your attitude. I can name a few (I won’t) people I know that aren’t “great” despite their abilities on the road. They’re the kind of people who only skate with a select squad, tell people they are “blowing” spots (by falling on hills they want to skate again), and have no time dedicated to being a positive influence. A great skateboarder is one who organizes a get together. Someone who truly shows interest in growing the industry. Someone who strives to be better as a person, a skater, and a role model. Guess what? Flying down hills at breakneck speeds is impressive - people are going to look up to you! Just by sharing the notion that literally anybody alive can skateboard, you’re already a great skateboarder. It could be as simple as standing on the corner and giving up your next run so you can help the next guy work on his form for a slide, or just offering a ride to someone who wouldn’t have otherwise gone out that day. Anything you do that makes someone appreciate the scene of downhill is making you great.

But even if you’re not already a skateboarder, you can still be a great one! By standing at the top of the hill, you’re great. By getting back up after a fall - you’re great. By going for the one line again after you’ve been trying for hours and failing - you’re great. Never giving up makes you great. Putting time into being great makes you great. Having a positive attitude even though your ass is bleeding and everyone else is astronomically more skilled than you makes you great. Getting home after a long day, putting your Spongebob onesie on with the butt flap left open, and cracking open the last juice box in the fridge, and smiling because you tried something new makes you great. Being on a skateboard makes you a great skateboarder.

Downhill skateboarding is a social activity. You’re probably going to get a ride to the hill with somebody you only know from the internet, or you’re going to meet up with people you’ve only heard rumors about. It’s okay! And when you’re at the hill, you might take a break and inhale the devil’s lettuce with people, or crack open a spiked canned beverage. You might not at all. You might just sit in the car seat and rest. It’s all okay. Putting yourself in a position to make friends is already a step to being great. Personally, I have a lot of friendships that are solely based on our connection through skateboarding. And I have a lot of friendships that have lasted longer than any others because of skateboarding. Keeping it alive by still getting out and skating - that makes you a great skateboarder.

You will fall. You will get hurt. You will spend 30 minutes standing in the furthest corner of your shower trying to soak every part of your body except for the one covered in road rash. You will scream in agonizing pain when your gauze pad sticks to your road rash after accidentally falling asleep on the couch with an open beer in your hand. But you can smile when you’re walking with a weird limp so your jeans don’t rub your sensitive areas. Why? Because, for god’s sake, you’re a great fucking skateboarder!

Just throw on some more duct tape and hit the road. Again. With your whole body. At high speeds. I promise, you’ll learn to love it. And if you don’t learn to love it, you’ll learn how to at least protect yourself a little better, and learning is what makes you a great skateboarder.

Nobody ever jumped on a wooden plank with clay wheels for the first time and threw a 100 foot slide on their first, second or third try. They came from backgrounds of surfing, roller blading, street skating, sports of all kind, yoga, stand up paddling, or motivation. They eased into it, built their confidence and worked their comfort zone until the only way to get a high while doing it was to go down a dirt path on a 99% grade hill in the rain. You’re going to get frustrated. You’re going to get hurt. You’re going to get upset, angry, and otherwise emotionally bothered in some way at some point. I can promise you that. But building on those emotions with perseverance is what is going to make you a great skateboarder.

There is no judgment in downhill skateboarding. Everybody has respect for anyone looking to join the ranks. Anyone who does it will agree - they don’t care who you are. They don’t care about your identity, your color, sexuality, or any other factor that you discern is “different” from what is perceived as normal. I personally am transgender. You know how many other transgender skateboarders I have skated with? A few. Very few. Less than 3, but more than 1. Nobody has ever not skated with me because of my gender. Nobody has told me I can’t skate because of my gender. Every event I’ve competed in has welcomed me with open arms. And I’ve skated with people with tattoos from their ankles to their necks, people who are gay, lesbians, bisexuals, black people, asian people, hispanic people, people that don’t even speak English, people that have no idea what their gender is, white people, people that can’t even stand on two feet, people that have no feet, 70 year old people and 5 year old people. It literally doesn’t fucking matter. You know what doesn’t make you a great skateboarder? Assuming that you can’t do it because other people won’t accept you. 

The only thing that makes you a great skateboarder, is being a skateboarder.

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I feel like Victor own's a beauty channel. Is that just me? Just imagine him doing a 1000 degree knife shoes video

привет! I’m Viktor Nikiforov, I’m 28 years old and live in Russia with my amazing, beautiful fiance, Yuuri Katsuki. <3 I post new videos twice a week on Wednesdays & Sundays @6pm UK Time! On this channel you can find anything from Makeup, Hair and Fashion Tutorials through to DIY, Skating, and Vlog videos! Why don’t you stick around and enjoy! :❥

On Tuesday I’ll take a plane for the very first time. I’m going to Helsinki for a week, for ISU World Figure Skating Championship. I am nervous, I am anxious, I am hella excited. Made a Hope & Legacy inspired phone cover. I hope to have fun, take a lot of pictures, make some new friends and hopefully meets some of my favourite figure skaters… ❤️


The DIY spot has been coming along great, been working on it every time I get a chance. A big shout out to my local shop for funding the whole thing and giving my town the closest thing you can get to a park. Basically we’ve put in a down rail, a small ledge, spine rail thing and we fixed up the tall down ledge my friend made along with the kicker that’s been there forever. Things to come are a couple rails with one going over the water and a steep quarter pipe