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Imagine viktor and yuri back at hasetsu after episode 9, cuddling and watching their favourite skating videos all night :’)


Life of a figure skating fan

a Yamamoto x Kubo short film

Featuring such scenes as:

-lagging and disconnecting livestreams

-time zone differences interfering with your sleep schedule

-lamenting that your local TV station won’t show the event live (or at all)

-when all else fails, you can count on the Russian and Chinese streaming sites

-finding out you’ve missed a bunch of skaters, but you’ve luckily made it for your favorite’s turn

-your favorite skater is about to start, when a parent/roommate interrupts

“I applaud the director and writer for faithfully capturing the struggles of passionate fans. These scenes may not be as glamorous or dynamic as the figure skating itself, but they tell the story of the unsung heroes who support the skaters from afar.” ~Anon E. Mous

(…but seriously, I really do appreciate these little snippets in Yuri!!! on ICE. They’re spot on.)

  • Me: I'm fine
  • Also me: It was just released that there will be a Gala in ep. 12 where the top performers of the Grand Prix Final get to skate a special program for fun and both Yuri and Yuuri are on the list meaning they both will make the podium at the Grand Prix and the music was also released and Yuuri is skating to a duet version of Stay Close to Me which was Victor's last program that Yuuri attempted to skate and went viral online which led Victor to him to be his coach so one can only assume that because it is the duet version that Victor will join him on the ice at the Gala and I am NOT OKAY

ah yes.. Let us all get mad.. Very angry.. Because an anime about ice skating won an online award.. which we know.. offers amazing prizes to the winners.. our fandom is now destroyed because we didn’t win. . Let’s hate on the anime and its fans.. And tell them its overrated.. because I was emotionally scarred.. By this result.. like dis if u cri evertim. .

Edit: “it shouldn’t have won the best animation!!” ok but hear me out: I don’t care? It won?? u can’t change that?? Stop crying?? Tell people to vote harder next time?? tell it to someone who cares??

skate starts at 1:40 ish its very good

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I'm surprised ppl haven't brought up Yuuri's gaming hobby. Imagine him and Yurio playing Smash Bros with Yuuri coming out super savage on cat son. Also imagine the trio doing a let's play of Resident Evil 7 with Yuuri playing with stone, cold eyes while Yurio and Victor are scared out of their wits. Lastly, imagine Phichit and Yuuri doing LPs in off seasons during their Detroit days

(Referring to Yuuri’s Japanese Skating Federation online bio. I added the arrow and box to point where it says ゲーム“game” - gaming/video gaming)

Thinking about it…I’ve only seen maybe one or two fanfiction/Tumblr drabbles early EARLY in the season that touched on Yuuri with gaming and I think I’ve seen a couple of fanart here and there. There might be more now, but I don’t watch AO3 every hour, so I do miss some stories (if anyone knows some good fics on this, please rec them!).

I may not be as avid a player as I used to be, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk a decent amount about video games~ I’m putting a majority of this post behind a cut because it got a bit long with musing on what game genre and platforms he might play, along with some headcanons.

I’m pretty sure Yuuri’s athlete+student lifestyle would mean the depth of his gaming hobby is going to be similar to Yuzuru’s gaming hobby - perhaps a little more since gaming is Yuuri’s only major hobby, or perhaps a little less now that Victor is spending time with him. Regarding Yuzu, he trains hard on and off the ice, balances university work, is a serious audiophile, and has other obligations (advertisements, ice shows, publicity, etc.). But when he plays games, he’s a completionist. His beloved series is Monster Hunter (check out those links for the commercials). When Yuzu has his foot in a cast, or gets out from surgery and is on bed rest, he says that he catches up on schoolwork and plays videogames.

So I imagine that Yuuri also has little time to be a hardcore gamer, but if that’s his single notable hobby, he’ll probably sink time into games that can be done on the go, or games that don’t require lots of planning and forethought (unlike, say Fire Emblem or 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors). Basically, the ideal games would be the kind that he can drop back into, see what the next quest/next dungeon is, and can get back on track. Games that feature lots of grinding, such as RPGs/MMORPGs, are good because they’re pretty straightforward, have repetitive actions/tasks, and offer a range of options and sideplots to keep them interesting for a long time.

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Welcome to CHEAP SKATE ONLINE VALENTINES! Where instead of making something myself, I take photos of things I would buy for my friends if they lived closer and I had dispensable income!! YAAAAAAY!

Happy Tuesday to all you crazy visnos!

Also, this was after my stores valentines section got very late month disorganized, so I found what I could. >:V

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I'm just sayin...

I fuck with Derek heavy now… but some of y'all are being fake AF talking about “yup. I’m a day1” “day 1 right here” and all that like YOU JUST FOUND DEREK THROUGH SKATE HOW TF YOU GONNA BE HIS DAY ONE🙄 then Skate is gunna come online and the same ones are gunna be like Skate this… n Skate that…

I’m just saying that I, PERSONALLY, found out about Derek through Skate and now I like BOTH of them and no matter what’s going on between them I’m still going to support both of them.