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figure skating meme: [1/?] favorite friendships: johnny weir + stephane lambiel

“Stephane is a crazy artist like me, so when we’re together, we can relate on that fact and sing and dance and go wild. Stephane and I have been friendly since we began competing with each other in Slovenia in 1998, and ultimately our friendship evolved as we got older. He’s one of the kids I went to kindergarten with, so to speak, and we go through a lot of the same things. I have very few friends in my profession, and performing in many of the same shows with Stephane is always special.”


Happy birthday to my very wonderful friend Zoya ( @greencheeked )! Don’t work too hard - I hope you get to have a good non-stressful birthday!!

Drew this because “well she likes ice skating… and lance… and altean lance…. !!!” (And fun fact I looked for a Nathan Chen pose for this) 

(I have been needing to draw overdue birthday drawings for few years now…. I should shower you in more drawings honestly)


Yuzuru Hanyu EX Requiem of Heaven and Earth || Skate Canada 2015

Throwback to an edition of Requiem that tends to be overlooked. Sure enough it did not come with the significance of the performance at NHK, nor did it carry the weight of emotion we witnessed in Boston, but personally I always treasure the first time I saw Yuzuru skate to a new piece of music, not least because he is never content with stability, and so every first performance is always the start of an evolution, the chrysalis, if you will. At the time of SC 2015, Requiem too was very much a work in progress, and in this occasion I felt that the tentativeness and hesitation as Yuzuru explored the new choreography perfectly complimented the raw emotion behind the music. All in all, a very, very beautiful chrysalis, my favorite first performance

“Form Voltron !!” 
Well, close enough.

Air Gear crossover 


i need an aggro skating au ???