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This is Figure Skating Senpai, and his full name: Yuki-senpai! He is a national-title holder, achieving his claims to fame in high school. He aims to enter both the Olympics and the International Figure Skating scene before he turns 21. 

His birthday is January 12th, and his height is 165 cm/5′5″. You will often find Yuki-senpai practicing at Ikemen’s rink when the hockey team is not in session, but he enjoys coming to the café afterwards for a warm and revitalizing drink. 

You as the player are not aware of his talents in his 1st CG, where you meet him coming into the café and telling you about how hard he works and how he needs something you recommend. You offer it and he happily compliments it, saying he will have to come back more often.

In his 2nd CG, he invites you to the rink, saying that he’s done something for you. He skates a short program to a snippet of your favorite song, confessing his love to you moments after he’s done. 

Yuki is a little mischievous, the kind to suggest that you should tie a player’s shoelaces together or crack a joke when someone slips. But he is very loyal at heart and passionate about his work, not taking kindly to those who believe the art of figure skating to be a solely female/feminine sport. A better listener than talker, Yuki enjoys the company of close friends and will always invite you to his shows and performances. 

Contributors: Sky // Kashi


Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me) - Jaden 


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