skate it or hang it

  • Ziggy: If we are walking together, please take into consideration my tiny legs. I can't keep up with you. Please think of my tiny legs, I don't want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll you TITANS.
  • Robbie: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang on to my sleeve, we don’t have all day.

Someone give me seventeen-year-old Yakov Feltsman at the 1964 Olympics wearing bell-bottoms and a peasant shirt with a scarf around his head, hair cut into a moptop and skating to The Twist. He landed the first triple flip in competition and, in an interview, announced that his inspiration was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, his girlfriend of three weeks Lilia Baranovskaya.

Yakov’s coach is banging his head against a wall somewhere just off camera.

Forty years later and Viktor Nikiforov, he of the fae-like looks and waist-length silver hair, wants to wear a bondage costume on the ice and Yakov can’t even tell him not to because when he tries Viktor starts screaming “COME ON BABY LET’S DO THE TWIST” and Yakov is immediately paralyzed with shame.

“I mean, really, you have no room to talk,” Lilia tells him, examining her nails as Viktor announces that he’s engaged to a skater he’s barely known for eight months. Who he’s still actively coaching.

Yuri shows up in his exhibition skate outfit and doesn’t even wait for Yakov to open his mouth before he’s holding up a picture–an actual printed picture where did he find it–in full color of Yakov on the podium at the 1964 Olympics.

“Bell bottoms, old man?” he says, flipping his hair as he skates onto the ice.

(Lilia frames the picture. It hangs in her office underneath a laminated poster reading “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”)

my personal headcanon is that jonas finds out that isak had a crush on him when jonas asks him, slightly hurt, “why don’t you hang out at the skate park anymore?” while they’re having lunch in cafeteria and isak, shovelling food down, says “not my thing anymore man” and jonas pesters him a little about it, grumbling under his breath its-not-your-thing-anymore-cos-of-even, which isak hears and blurts out, over a mouthful of food “yo, i only ever went because of you, i don’t even like skateboarding” . a beat. and jonas’ eyes go wide, and isak’s eyes go wide and they stare at each other for a moment, and isak swallows the food with a gulp, and shakes his head wildly and jonas has a huge grin on his face and “I FUCKING KNEW IT!” and isak goes “nei nei nei nei nei nei”, and jonas gets up from his seat, rounds the table, takes his friend’s face in his hands roughly and plants a smacking kiss on isak’s forehead and laughs out loud, and never lets it go for the next 100 years, isak regrets everything from then on

  • Bitty: Tall people, if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. I can't keep up with you. Please think of my tiny legs, I don't want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll, you TITANS.
  • Holster: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang onto my sleeve, we don't have all day.
  • Jimin: Tall people, if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. I can't keep up with you. Please think of my tiny legs, I don't want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll, you TITANS.
  • Namjoon: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang onto my sleeve, we don't have all day.
Love on the Ice ~ Klance AU

-Lance is a World Champion ice skater and Olympic Gold Medalist

-Keith is an All-Star hockey player and on a World Champion NHL team called Voltron

-Hunk is also on team Voltron as the goalie and he’s quite popular for his excellent blocks

-Pidge is an Olympic silver medalist and is being coached with Lance

-Shiro is a retired Voltron player and is now the coach of Voltron

              -Him and Keith are stepbrothers

-Allura and Coran are retired couple skaters and now are coaching Lance and Pidge.

-Shiro and Allura dating but no one really knows

-Lance and Hunk are childhood friends and they never miss each other’s games/performances

              -If they can’t make it they would watch them together on Youtube  

-Keith is new on the team but earned respect when he basically won the championship with the most goals

-Pidge is a very smart person so her performances have clever stories and choreography that people just love

              -her favorite types of songs to skate to is techno pop

-Lance loves to skate to pop songs and Spanish songs

-Keith and Hunk become friends after a while of Keith ignoring his introductions

              -Hunk gave him and the rest of the team cookies

-Hunk convinces Keith to go an ice skating competition close by

              -Keith thinks it’s too girly

-Keith watches Lance’s performance and falls in love with the sport and the boy

-Lance and Pidge goes to one of Hunks games and oh boi you know what happens

              -Keith took off his helmet and lance melted

-Since their careers are more important than a love life they pretend to hate each other

              -Hunk and Pidge made them meet each other

-They almost always go out to eat after to eat after practice, so hunk and pidge have to eat through constant arguing

              -Hunk and Pidge are suspicious

-Lance is insecure and homesick cause we have to have some Langst

              -He moved from Cuba to America to train


-Hunk and Pidge finally make them hang out ALONE

              -they give each other skating tips

-Mutual Pinning

-Lance spills his insecurities on, the one and only, Keith

               -Keith hugs lance

-They become more flustered with each other after that

-Private skating sessions become more common

-One day one of Lance’s favorite cousin dies from suicide and goes into a state of depression

              -he and his family are really close and since he moved to America he                 hasn’t talked to them much

              -he feels like it his fault since he hasn’t been there to notice anything                   wrong

              -he doesn’t eat, sleep, practice, or leave his house for days

              -Hunk forces him to go to the rink with Keith to get out

              -at the rink, with Keith he almost passes out

              -Keith, of course, catches him and takes him home

              -takes care of him for a few days and talk about his family

-Lance and Keith become really close and their fans start to notice

              -Klance is trending on almost everything

-Voltron is in the NHL championship and everyone is there for support

              -They win of course

              -Keith and Lance hug and Klance is trending on everything again

-Ice skating comes into season and lance makes it into the finals

              -It was lance’s toughest performance on an emotional level

              - Same thing again, everyone come for support

              -Lance gets gold

              -Lance and Keith kiss after his performance and Klance is trending                     for a week


Okay, I have no idea if this has been done before so please forgive me if it has.

Don’t Stop Us Now

@softkent ‘s 14 Days of Love fic-a-thon, day 6: ruined surprises!

It all started because Katya decided to have mercy on Eric and let him take morning classes this semester. WGSS120 was an amazing class, Professor Atley had the coolest stories about how postwar industrialization led to compulsive female domesticity, and his seatmate wasn’t the worst thing to see at 9:30 AM every Tuesday and Thursday. He would have almost been dreamy if he had the slightest knack for small talk. As it was, Eric didn’t even have a name to go on, just intent blue eyes and an ass that even the baggiest of shorts couldn’t mask.

One day, Eric decided to drop a hospitality bomb on the guy and see if he could coax a response out of him. They were both consistently early to class, so Eric budgeted ten minutes for a brief chat before class started and turned to Cute Guy with a winning smile on his face.

“So how about that reading, huh? I thought it was fascinating how cake mix became a prestige thing- everyone in my family bakes, and I don’t think we’ve used a box mix in forty years.”

“Yeah,” the guy said, “I think it had something to do with the scientific advancements they made in food preservation for the troops. Shelf stabilization wouldn’t have been nearly as achievable in earlier years.”

Miraculously, once you got onto a clear subject, Cute Guy was actually a decent conversationalist. Eric found himself losing track of time as they dissected last night’s chapters of Marling.

“And the American National Exhibition anecdote!” he giggled. “Who can even tell the difference between Russian and American Coke?”

“I bet it’s easier with all of the Soviet Union breathing down your back. ‘Da, cola of Mother Russia is vkusno!’”

“Nice accent,” Eric told Cute Guy.

“Really? Thanks, I’ll have to tell Geno. He’s always knocking my Russian. He’s, uh, a friend of my dad’s, and we both play hockey.”

“So that’s what your weird doodles are? Hockey plays?”

“Yeah, I’m captain of the hockey team here. We’re not half bad, if I say so myself.”

“Wow,” Eric enthused, “you must be a pretty good skater, then.”

“Yeah, I guess. I could teach you sometime, if you want. I’m Jack, by the way,’ Cute Guy said.

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Kent Parson positivity time

Sometimes Kent spends time with the very little Lil’ Aces, the ones who have just upgraded from Learn to Skate 3 and started learning the basics of hockey. They adore him and don’t really understand who he is other than “Hockey Kenny”. His favourite thing is letting one hang off each elbow and skating laps around the rink.

Okay so everyone always has Jack proposing with this super elaborate gesture and I totally agree with that, but what if Bitty beats him to it? 

Like, Jack has this whole thing planned out. During a family skate, where Bitty is hanging out with everyone as Jack’s long-term bf, Single Ladies starts playing over the loud speakers and Bitty starts dancing with one of the kids on the ice and the lights dim and suddenly like a disco ball or something pops out and SMH all comes out on the ice and start dancing around Bitty and he’s laughing and when “all the single ladies put your hands up” plays Bitty throws his hand up and the music stops and Jack drops down on one knee in the circle formed by his friends and teammates and says “Bittle, if you’ll have me, this is the last time you’ll be a single lady. Will you marry me?” And Bitty is crying and Jack is grinning his stupid Jack grin and Shitty is bawling and Ransom and Holster are sniffing and holding hands and Bitty says yes and they kiss and the song starts again at “if he liked it he should have put a ring on it” and everything is perfect. 

At least, this is what Jack has planned. He told George and she had tears in her eyes and said that “of course she could make it happen” and the Falcs all think it’s great and all of their SMH friends set the date and plan on being in Providence come hell or high water. And it’s the night before and the thought of the ring in his hockey bag is making Jack want to puke and he and Bitty are curled up on the couch watching Cut Throat Kitchen and eating dinner.

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Damianos of Akielos Headcanon:

he has the exact same body type as Jason Momoa, and if he could, he would wear nothing but Cargo pants at all times and hang out at a skate park:



  • Atem: Tall people, if we are walking together, please take into consideration my tiny legs. I can't keep up with you. Please think of my tiny legs — I don't want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll, you TITANS.
  • Seto: Just get a pair of roller skates and hang onto my sleeve! We don't have all day.

Literally my favorite thing about the pre-competition scenes is Viktor wearing both his and Yuuri’s badges, and I love imagining them exchanging them back and forth after Viktor returns to skating

Viktor wearing both their badges–Viktor Nikiforov-Katsuki, Coach/Athele; Yuuri Nikiforov-Katsuki, Athlete–over his Team Russia jacket, clutching at them as he watches Yuuri skate his short program

Yuuri lifting them off Viktor’s neck and hanging them around his own instead, kissing Viktor before he skates off to do his own program

Viktor reminding Yuuri: “Your badge, darling,” before he goes to warm up, pulling it up over Yuuri’s head as he haphazardly yanks off his skate guards.

Yuuri forgetting he has both of their badges around his neck and noticing during the press conference, nonchalantly taking it off in the middle of answering a question–”Yeah, I’m really looking forward to Worlds; there’s so much talent in the ranks right now…”–and hanging it over Viktor’s head.

So many times, SO MANY TIMES, they get them mixed up–Viktor leaves the competitor’s area for some reason and doesn’t even look which badge he’s taking off Yuuri’s neck as he goes; returns fifteen minutes later and has to explain to the security guard that yes, he understands that the person on the badge doesn’t look like him, that’s because it isn’t, it’s his husband–

Yurio wanders by while this is happening and Viktor shouts at him to go get Yuuri–Yurio does, grumbling. Yuuri and Viktor exchange badges over the stanchion and Viktor smugly waves his badge in the security guard’s face. He’s salty for the rest of the day. The same thing happens again four weeks later at Worlds.

  • ha sungwoon: tall people, if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. i can’t keep up with you. please think of my tiny legs, i don’t want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll, you TITANS.
  • park sungwoo and kwon hyunbin: just get a pair of roller skates and hang onto my sleeve, we don’t have all day.

Remus is great at figure skating.
When he was young, he used to go out skating a few days after his transformation, when he was still sore and bruised, to make the cold numb his pain. In the winter, he would skate in his family house’s backyard, on an ice surface his dad would make just for him, knowing what it meant. In the spring, summer and autumn, he would go to an indoor skating rink and hide all his scars and recent cuts under long clothing. He would skate in circles and move without purpose, just going around the rink and thinking. He used to skate only with hockey skates, but he lost them one day. It was a three days after the last full moon and he really wanted to go skating, but he couldn’t find his own pair of skates, and had to use his mother’s old pair of beige figure skates. They were weird to get used to, with a longer blade in the back and spikes in the front, but he was interested.
He now alternated between hockey and figure skates. At the indoor rink, a girl came up to him and told him he glided around really well in his figure skates, and she asked him if he had ever had lessons because she was hoping to get some.
They signed up for lessons together, and started competing when practicing, laughing and falling. After a few weeks and months, they were both getting the hang of it, skating gracefully, backwards and forwards, creating step sequences. Remus was surprisingly good at jumps, using his unusual, tall and lanky form to his advantage.
The girl he had met had to leave one day, but he remembered her as the girl who unintentionally introduced him to real figure skating. He remembered hugging her and watching her long red hair flutter behind her as she walked out of the arena for the last time. He saw her again a few weeks later, at Hogwarts, staring angrily at a boy with dark curly hair and glasses, grinning stupidly. A boy called James, who sat next to a long haired cute boy named Sirius, who he later discovered was an amazing hockey player.