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Notes for Yuri on Ice panel at 221b Con 2017

Here’s basically what I said for my five-minute comments at the #221bcon2017 Yuri on Ice panel.

Notes on genre and political context for Yuri on Ice

Yuri and Victor, the main couple, are examples of what Mark Gatiss describes as “incidentally gay,” meaning their sexual orientation isn’t the main focus of the story.

In my opinion, YOI is primarily a skating story that has male/male romance in it because it’s structured around the rhythms of the skating season.  We get to see the full programs of even the minor characters.  It’s so accurate about technique and everyday social details that actual figure skaters are obsessed.  It’s an insider’s portrayal of figure skating as a subculture. That explains why homophobia and gaybashing aren’t intrusive plot elements.

Figure skating is at once the gayest sport and a homophobic sport. 

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If the GOM Went Ice Skating Together:


  • Would probably already know how to ice skate
  • Would also be constantly bumping into others because they didn’t see him 
  • Would be trying to help those who can’t skate but would just end up scaring them, making them slip and fall down in shock.
  • “Aomine-kun, it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it.”


  • Probs doesn’t know how to ice skate.
  • Would pretend that he isn’t trying when he falls down
  • Would probably give up after falling down 3 times
  • Would probably try again when he sees Kise get the hang of it due to his competitiveness 
  • “This is such a bother, I’d rather be sleeping…”

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Borden, Hosoi, Russell, Omar & Pedro all threw down pretty hard Sunday atThe Red Bull Skate Generation contest in Brazil. Pedro probably would’ve ended up taking it if he didn’t dislocate his ankle in practice. You can check out a full recap on Red Bull’s site

Photos: © Red Bull Media House 


October Skating Challenge Day 24: Favorite national team
↳ Team Japan

TBT to Grosso getting inverted at last year’s Red Bull Skate Generation at Pedro Barros’ house. Next weekend’s contest will go down at the all new Rio Tavares Skatepark. Look for all the live webcast details next week.

Photo: Helge Tscharn


Thrasher just posted the first of their edits from their stay down at Pedro Barros’ pad in Brazil. This video is full of the shredding leading up to Pedro's Skate Generation contest with Pedro, Christian HosoiAlex PerelsonOmar Hassan and Josh Borden.