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200 Days until the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea!

Medal Prediction Update #7

Netherlands: The Dutch are the most recent nation to ascent into the top 5. After constantly sitting in places 6th-8th, Holland has displaced Austria and France to set into another top-five Olympic finish. All of there medals are to come from some sort of speed skating, with 4 in short track and 14 in long track. This is a change from Pyeongchang, as they went down in gold and total medals in long track, but increased in short track. 

Spain: This Spanish nation has only ever claimed a Winter Olympic Medal 2 times, all in alpine skiing. After claiming multiple world championship titles, Javier Fernandez of Spain looks to win a figure skating medal at the upcoming games. His world dominance and rivalry with reigning Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu has lead to some of the highest levels of mens skating. Can he bring home number 3 for spain?

Most Decorated Athlete: Laura Dahlmeier, Germany, Biathlon. 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 0 Bronze

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#4)

LET’S TALK ABOUT THEIR COUPLE SKATE. Pairs Skating vs. Ice Dancing. Debunking the fic myths.

Background Info:

There are three categories in competitive skating:

1. Singles Freestyle (i.e. what Viktor and Yuuri do)
2. Pairs Skating (NOT Viktor and Yuuri’s duet)
3. Ice Dancing (i.e. Viktor and Yuuri’s duet)

Skaters only compete in ONE category. Sometimes younger skaters will start in Freestyle and compete in more than one (usually Singles Ice Dance, which only goes up to a certain level before you’re required to get a partner) but then they have to pick because they have to dedicate time and training to it.

Pair Skating vs. Ice Dancing 

Pairs Skating involves couples (usually with a significant height difference). Pairs Skaters do jumps and spins side by side. These are graded on unison (among other criteria). They also perform throw jumps, and over the head lifts, and pair spins. Here’s an example of Pairs. 

Ice Dancing is (in really simplistic terms) much more like ballroom dancing on ice. The skaters do not jump and are not allowed to do any lifts over the shoulders. Ice Dancers skate closely and in hold for much of their routine, not moving very far away from each other. Here’s Davis and White competing in Ice Dance.

Takeaways for my beloved fic writers:

1. Skaters don’t miraculously know the other two styles without previously studying them. We’re gonna assume Viktor had to study ice dance at some point.
2. Viktor and Yuuri can’t compete or skate as a pair couple just because of the physical demands. They could do side-by-side elements, but Viktor probably couldn’t throw Yuuri or lift him over his head. 
3. THEIR DUET AT THE END OF THE SEASON IS AN ICE DANCE. (Which makes sense because the show’s choreographer was an Ice Dancer). 

As always, you guys rock my socks with the quality and quantity of magnificent fics you produce. If you have any skating questions, my ask box is always open, and Toepick, my friendly former competitive skater/Ice Dancer now coach is on hand to answer any questions I can’t. Keep making history!

Ariana’s Figure Skating Masterpost

Okay, so as a figure skater, I love Yuri on Ice… But as a figure skater I am begging you to PLEASE do research on figure skating before you write YOI fanfics because if I see the word ‘twirl’ one more time I am going to shit a brick.

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100 Days Until the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea!

Medal Prediction Update #9

Italy: After not claiming a single gold medal in Sochi, Italy will be looking at a slightly more promising future. Federico Pellegrino is expected to win gold in the men’s sprint in cross country skiing. In addition, 2 medals will be won in alpine skiing, 1 in biathlon, 2 in cross country skiing (including Pellegrino’s gold,) 1 in luge, and 1 in snowboarding. The Italians are looking to grow their success as the season continues. 

Latvia: After earning medals at all of the past three Winter Olympics, Latvia are on track to earn their first ever Winter Olympic Gold and Fourth total Olympic Gold. Martins Dukurs, who won silver the past two editions, will now be expecting to earn a gold after continued success. In addition, they will take a silver in the men’s two-man bobsleigh. They are expected to be the most successful of the three Baltic states. 

Most Decorated Athlete: Laura Dahlmeier, Germany, Biathlon. 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 0 Bronze; 6 Total. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I consumed half a jar of nutella while writing this rip

This fic uses two prompts (thanks!); social media from @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​ is the main focus, while @queermiraculous​‘ prompt discovery rounds it all off ~

The formatting should be pretty clear? but bold represents a screen name. I’ve also used some emojis because it’s social media and I dig that, so hopefully that shows up?

This fic is shameless tbh and so is my self-promotion (head to ao3)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words- a Chlonette fic (1347 words)

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anonymous asked:

umfb hc: on their less serious training sessions together, or when one of them was too frustrated to train properly, phichit and yuuri would clumsily freestyle pair skate to bad britney spears songs, while aggressively lipsyncing. ok this is a lil unrelated to ur story but i just cant get the idea out of my head of yuuri being angry with himself and his skating not being good enough and phichit just blasting 'toxic', grabbing yuuris hand and swinging him around in a clumsy circle til he smiles

omg yes!

Hearts of Ice

x Kim Taehyung (V)

Fluff ft. Smut || Master list || Words: 4437

AU: You are a figure skater, Taehyung an ice hockey player. The two of you meat by coincidence on your shared home ground, the ice and while Tae Has the hockey league finals ahead of him you have your individual competition in figure skating. 

Kinks featured in smut: Dirty talk, spanking, shower, public place

Originally posted by figure-skating-news

You grabbed a hold of the wall, panting slightly, your feet sore.

“Good, but not perfect. We’ll continue next week. Until then I want to see you improve.” Your trainer scolded and pointed towards you with her pen, second later she was gone, leaving you alone in the ice rink.

You sighed and fixed your pony tail before skating out towards the center again.

You performed the entire routine flawlessly, but for your trainer everything under perfect was flawed. You decided to call it for the day and began to swirl around the ice in freestyle, skating around and around in circles, easing your mind. You didn’t have a lot of time left before the hockey team would come and shoo you off the ice.

The figure skater team and the hockey team were familiar with each other, even though they shouldn’t be, but parties on the weekends were common amongst them.

Normally you wouldn’t go to the parties, even though you were invited, but it was never really your thing to get drunk and then forget what you’ve done the night before. You also had strict orders from your trainer and no alcohol and early bedtime was two of them.

You skated off the ice and took off your skates, putting them in your bag as you walked out of the arena you could hear the sound of hockey clubs and heavy steps approach. Right on time.

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Repping my #synchro team in my Icesymmetrics jacket. And somehow still landing jumps (barely) after six months of focusing on ice dance and artistic numbers.

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