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Today on ‘I’m Gonna Cry over Fanart’

At the end of the SP, Yuzu looked up and said “Sorry”(Gomennasai)😭 Yuzu said he wanted to do well in the SP to honor the anniversary of Prince’s death.
Everyone has high expectations for Yuzuru and he is also extremely strict to himself.
I just hope that he won’t blame himself for not doing good enough but enjoy his time at the WTT ☺️
AND Someone go hug and comfort him plsssss (his reactions make me wanna cry)😥


Was stalking the tags on the reblogs on a couple of my posts (#not.creepy) and realized that quite a few people were baffled by the reference to GOAT so here are the official definitions:

The short: GOAT = Greatest of All Time


The long (but not nearly long enough):

Star Struck

Yuuri knows from experience that Viktor is just a regular guy. One that managed to win five consecutive golds, set new world records, and flip the skating world and its expectation of what constitutes a reasonable routine on its head, but still.  

Even so, after half a decade of marriage and learning to help each other though the less glamorous aspects of being a human navigating the world—it sneaks up on Yuuri, sometimes: the realization of ‘holy shit this is Viktor Nikiforov™ my childhood idol.’

Thirty-year-old Yuuri is privy to things about Viktor’s life that fifteen-year-old Yuuri could’ve never dreamed. Intimate things that extend the trivia bullet points in the Figure Skate Life articles rotting in crumpled piles under his childhood bed. Like how Viktor’s snores sound like a bullfrog gargling marbles when he’s really sleep deprived or how he has very specific hair-related rituals involving mayonnaise and egg whites that Yuuri has a feeling have more to do with allaying his fears of his receding hairline than nourishing his follicles.

Yuuri’s star struck moments never seem to happen when he’d expect, like at the skating rink, watching Viktor transition from an effortless triple axel into a flying sit spin.

Instead, they tend to manifest when it’s just the two of them settling into the interstitial moments between the major plot points of their lives. One minute, Yuuri’s sprawled out on the couch—the laptop on his belly warming the sliver of skin his hiked up shirt reveals. The next, he’s being called over to the bathroom to hand his husband a roll of toilet paper through a crack in the door.

It’s a familiar routine—Viktor can never seem to remember that toilet paper is an integral part of the human waste to toilet exchange—but for whatever reason, this time Yuuri feels the need to text Phichit about it later.

(20:14) I can’t believe I just handed Viktor Nikiforov toilet paper through the door??? He didn’t even pull up his pants?????

(20: 15) You mean Viktor Nikiforov-Katsuki, the man you married five years ago and whose hand you held through a colonoscopy last Spring?

(20:15) ??? I mean I guess?????

It’s a joke at its core—their own personal meme.

Oh my god Viktor Nikiforov just took a dirty plate out of the sink and reused it???

Viktor Nikiforov just asked me if I want to go get ice cream. It’s 4 am and I’m ??? ? ??

There’s an aspect of truth to it, though. Yuuri’s come a long way with his anxiety and self-esteem since his Detroit days, but there remains a persistent, needling part of him that will never quite believe he’s worthy of the love he receives. It was hard enough to come to terms with his family’s affection, and their love is meant to be unconditional.

But despite what Yuuri might believe, Viktor’s not immune to it, either. It hits him unexpectedly, like when he’s chasing Yuuri around their apartment because “your toenails are talons, Yuuri, honestly why do you let them get so long? How is that even comfortable?”

Yuuri squeals and shields himself behind Makkachin, insisting that he’s the toenail Samson and if Viktor trims them, he’ll lose all of his powers.

“What powers?” Viktor folds his arms over his chest with a crooked smile.

“Toenail related ones,” Yuuri says, slapping the nail clippers out of Viktor’s grip.

Viktor stands there—watching Yuuri laugh all crinkle-eyed and rosy-cheeked—and he just wants to sit on the floor and cry because ‘holy shit this is The Boy Who Saved My Life™” and how did he ever get so lucky?

Queer Self-Presentation and Burlesque Auto-Sexuality in Yuri Plisetsky’s “Welcome to the Madness”

PHEW! It’s finally ready for ya! 

Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting. I was overwhelmed with the response to my teaser post about this meta. I’m sorry it took so long to finish… I had to write the academic version for class, then rewrite it to be tumblr-appropriate (I’m still not sure that it is, constructive criticism is welcome!)

I’m hoping that this will contribute to the ongoing conversation about underage characters in fandom, and am looking forward to your asks. I’m a little nervous to be tossing my hat into the Otayuri discourse, but I hope I won’t catch too much hate.

I took out footnotes but included the bibliography at the end. If you have any questions about specific references, send me an ask or DM :)


(2272 words)

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I have gotten many asks for some Sara/Mila fics, and I couldn’t be more happy because I LOVE this ship! 💜 Enjoy!


flung out of space by rhapsodies, Teen, 4.3k
Sara Crispino has purple eyes and a heart-shaped smile, and Mila is screwed right from the start. LOVE THIS!

shot down by heartsinhay, Teen, 4.7k
Sara Crispino, thirstiest virgin in Barcelona, decides to get rejected by pretty much half the skating world. Mila Babicheva, nursing the world’s worst Straight Girl Crush in recent history, is just along for the ride. SO GOOD OMG

Blossoming by novocaine_sea, Explicit, 5.8k
Sara’s finally free to date men and doesn’t know where to start. Mila shows her something better than what men have to offer. *fans self*

Five times Sara Crispino tried to get a boyfriend, and one time she didn’t by sqbr, Teen, 15k
Alt title: “That One Grand Prix Final Where Sara Crispino Thought Her Life Was Fake Dating Het But It Was Actually Friends To Lovers Femslash.” This is amazing omg

closing in, closer to you (this could take all night) by anyadisee, 3.2k
In which Sara wants to date but doesn’t know where to begin, and Mila gladly helps her out. SO cute!

Out of Order by Val_Creative, Mature, 1.5k
Sara and Mila “reunite” on the hotel elevator. Nobody else is invited. 🔥🔥🔥

Lovers on the Russian Team by aceklaviergavin, Teen, 1.9k
5 times Mila went to her friends for love advice + 1 time she didn’t have to. Thumbs up!

Morning Tonight by euseevius, Teen, 7k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov and Mila Babicheva are the pair in figure skating, but only on the ice. Off it Mila is dating another skater - Sara Crispino, who is currently looking for a new pair after ditching her brother and moving to Russia. Enter Katsuki Yuuri, a 20-year-old self-described fuck up on the verge of quitting figure skating altogether. Bonus victuuri! I love this so far!

another girl in another time by cityboys, Gen, 11k
According to the multi-verse theory, there is another Sara out there who has her life together. In this world, though, she’s just a high school senior with detention to attend, a prom to contemplate and a twin to reconcile with. Really cute, must read!

violet tulips by dydrmrnghtthnkr, Teen, 11k
Mila meets Sara Crispino, and it’s the first time she’s ever wanted to befriend someone. Well developed story!

Take My Faith In Your Hands by Ren, Explicit,  1.6k
“I thought you said we were just sleeping tonight,” Sara says, but she doesn’t swat Mila’s hand away. Her violet eyes crinkle at the corners as she smiles. ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP CAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS THIS IS GREAT

let’s freefall by celestialfics, Teen, 7.3k
When Mila first sees Sara Crispino without her skates, she expects her to act akin to how she performs on the ice: sharp, calculated, beautiful, and ruthless. Only one of these things is true, but she’s somehow captivating in entirely different ways. Love the rival aspect!

Match Made By Phichit by SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae), Teen, 4.1k
Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him. Everyone’s in this and I love Phichit so I had to include this haha

The gif was created by @nooowestayandgetcaught!

anonymous asked:

Hey if you're still taking prompts... idk how you feel about jj, but how about someone accuses jj of cheating somehow like using steroids and all the skaters rally around him?

Big thanks to @miraculous-katsukii and @marochre for helping me write this prompt up!


Canadian News @CanadianNewsTonight
Just announced: Canadian Figure Skater Jean-Jacques Leroy (@Jjleroy!15) accused of using illegal steroids in previous season

Mrs Ruby @RubyRed
How disgusting! Some people actually train hard for medals @Jjleroy!15!

Canada Girl @MapleTree99
As a Canadian, I am disgusted by @Jjleroy!15! Is that why your performance dropped during the finals!

Ri @yak-+ri
To believe that someone as popular as @Jjleroy!15 would snope so low as to use steroids.

Skater Fan @Gay4Skaters
No wonder @Jjleroy!15 was always so cocky! At least he didn’t win at the finals!

Shark-Boy @PoolShark
Geez, another sport corrupted by illegal drugs! Who would have expected figure skating to join the list…

“WHAT BULLSHIT!?” Yuri shouted as he scrolled through twitter and read through all the comments that followed the obvious fake news report about JJ.

“Yura? Sweetheart? Everything okay?” Yuuri questioned from the other room, causing him to sigh as got up and wondered into the kitchen.

“Listen to this bullshit,” he grumbled while taking a seat beside Victor on one of the kitchen stools.

“Language,” Victor said while flicking his ear, causing him to hiss and gave the older Russian the rude finger.

“Canadian Figure Skater Jean-Jacques Leroy accused of using illegal steroids in previous season,” he read.

“Accused?” Victor questioned.

“JJ doesn’t seem the type to cheat,” Yuuri said while continuing to cut up vegetables for dinner.

“Exactly! I mean, sure, JJ is an ass but he isn’t a cheater!” he said while slamming his phone against the kitchen bench in annoyance. The room lapsed into silence, causing him to raise an eyebrow in confusion while looking between Victor and Yuuri. The pair stared at him for a moment before sharing a look with each other.

“What?” he demanded.

“Just surprised to see you defending JJ, that’s all,” Victor stated with a shrug.

“Why? Sure, JJ is an asshole. And he is rude, self-absorbed-“

“Yura,” Yuuri cut him off, causing him to sigh.

“Fiiiine. JJ is a lot of things, but he isn’t a cheater,” he stated.

“Well, don’t tell us that, tell twitter,” Victor said with a wave of his hand.

“And ruin my reputation!” he asked.

“Fine, do it as me,” Yuuri said while pulling out his phone and holding it out. Yuri stared at the offered phone for a moment before grabbing it.

“JJ better appreciate this,” he mumbled while opening up the twitter app.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki 
I can’t believe the number of people that have fallen for the fake news released about @Jjleroy!15

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki 
@Jjleroy!15 is a lot of things, but he is not a cheater

“Nawwww,” Victor cooed in his ear, causing him to jerk and hiss in surprise. He hadn’t noticed Victor stand up and wander behind him to read over his shoulder.

“What?” he hissed, earning himself a pat on the head.

“I just think it is cute that you are defending one of your biggest rivals,” Victor said with a sly smile on his lips.

“Then what am I?” Yuuri huffed, causing him to snicker at the look of panic that appeared on Victor’s face.

“Well, of course you are another one of Yurio’s rivals. You are his top rival!” Victor cooed, clearly trying to sweet talk his fiancé.

“Oh, Phichit has reblogged one of the tweets,” Yuri mumbled more to himself than the love couple.

“What?” Victor gasped, “God, getting left behind by all you young people.”

Yuri watched as Victor pulled out his phone and started to type away on it.

“There, done!” Victor said brightly a few moments later, “Hopefully all this stuff clears up soon.”

“Yeah, hopefully,” he mumbled as he continued to scroll through twitter on Yuuri’s phone.

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
I know for a fact that @Jjleroy!15 doesn’t take any steroids! Of any kind! #JJdoesn’tCheat

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
is a hardworking skater that doesn’t need lies and rumours spread about him

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Would you want someone telling everyone lies about you! No, so please leave celebrities and sports stars to do their jobs! #JJdoesn’tCheat

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
I may not know @Jjleroy!15 that well, but he isn’t that type of person to #JJdoesn’tCheat

Otabek Altin @otabek-altin

Otabek Altin @otabek-altin
JJ is a good guy and doesn’t deserve this type of media publicity

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
@Jjleroy!15 is a very skilled skater and doesn’t need any drugs to help him preform #JJdoesn’tCheat

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Thank you everyone for your support. The sudden accusation about me taking illegal steroids was shocking.

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15 
I can assure everyone that the current accusation against me are false. I do not take steroids, let alone illegal ones

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Thank you everyone not only for your support but also the trending hashtag #JJdoesn’tCheat

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15 
Also, big thanks to my little kitten @yuri-plisetsky for his support

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Rot in hell @Jjleroy!15

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War


Today’s Yuzuru Hanyu and Shizuka Arakawa’s monument event.


It was the evening just after a full moon. A dim light shone through a cottage window and illuminated the snowy street below. The soft glow was coming from a bedroom in the house. Inside, it was silent except for the quiet echo of music. Two men were lying side by side on a bed; their faces just inches apart. Their eyes were closed and faces serene. Legs were tangled, hands were holding, and hearts were pounding. It was impossible to tell whose limbs were whose. Their steady breath mingled together as they lay peacefully together. The soothing voice of Ryan O’Neal was coming from a pair of earphones, one in each of their ears.

The man with black hair pulled into a messy bun opened his dark eyes to look at his companion. Deep love shone through those midnight irises. He lifted his hand and gently caressed the other’s cheek.

“Re,” he murmured softly.

The fairer man kept his eyes closed but tenderly touched the other man’s hand in response. Remus, although content, was skinnier and paler than usual. His scars were more prominent on his pastel skin. It had just been the full moon; one of the most exhausting nights he had to endure every month. Every full moon, he was growing weaker than the last. He had been resting ever since Sirius carried him home in the very early morning after he’d switched back.

“Remember when we first met and you introduced yourself as ‘Lemus Rupin’? You were so goddamn nervous.”

Remus’s lips turned up into a reminiscent smile and he opened his eyes. He loved playing this game. “Remember when McGonagall caught us making out when we didn’t show up to class?”

“Poor McGonnie. She tried so hard to keep a straight face, she really did. Remember when we lost Harry when we were babysitting him?”

We? I believe that was all you, love. You insisted we make cupcakes for James and Lily’s anniversary and the next thing you know, Harry wasn’t in his crib.” They laughed. “Remember when you charmed a piece of mistletoe to follow me above my head as an excuse to kiss me every minute on Christmas Day?”

“Now that was a brilliant plan. Remember when you fell on your arse after I proposed to you?”

“We were ice skating, what did you expect?”

“Well, I certainly made the most out of you flat on your back.”

Remus shook his head and laughed. He sobered when the next song played into his ear. Sirius also stilled at the lyrics of their song. Their hands intertwined and Sirius rested his forehead on Remus’s. They listened for a few moments until Sirius broke the silence.

“Remember when you felt completely worthless? When you had no hope?” Sirius tentatively asked. “When you had no plans for your future because it seemed pointless? When you couldn’t stand another night because merely breathing was exhausting?” He looked into Remus’s eyes with wonder. “I don’t. You made me forget the darkest moments of my life with a single touch.” He let out a soft breath. “I never thought it was possible.”

Remus’s eyes filled with tears. He leaned forward and grazed his lips on Sirius’s scruffy jaw. He slowly moved his mouth down to his neck and breathed him in.

“Kiss me already,” Sirius whispered hoarsely. Remus continued to nuzzle the sensitive part of his neck. “Please,” he begged as he licked his lips. Remus kissed and sucked his neck with infinite tenderness. Sirius’s pleads made him bring his mouth up to the other’s heavily breathing mouth. Their lips finally met and Sirius deepened the kiss. Nostalgia and love passed through their lips, tongues, teeth. Their lips were swollen and raw when they broke apart. They held on to each other with everything they had in themselves. Their song slowly faded away and a new one began.

“I love you.”

May these words be the first
To find your ears.
The world is brighter than the sun
Now that you’re here.
Though your eyes will need some time to adjust
To the overwhelming light surrounding us,
I’ll give you everything I have.