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I hate how anyone can judge or put you on a stereotype by the kind of music you listen like bitch I can go from Selena to motherfucking Shostakóvich to Doctor Who soundtracks real quick and you’re telling me that I’m “that kind of girl” shut yo mouth

Top 5 OTPs tag

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List your top 5 OTPs from 5 different fandoms and tag others:

1. Bughead (Jughead Jones + Betty Cooper) Riverdale

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1. [Equal to Bughead] Flarke (Finn Collins + Clarke Griffin) The 100

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2. Scallison (Scott McCall + Allison Argent) Teen Wolf

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3. Skate (Kate Austen + James “Sawyer” Ford) Lost

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4. Swanfire (Emma Swan + Neal “Baelfire” Cassidy) Once Upon a Time

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5. Tenrose (Tenth Doctor + Rose Tyler) Doctor Who 

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  • Me after watching Yuri on Ice: I'm gonna be a figure skater, it's so amazing I can totally do this
  • Me: *breaks a sweat going to the kitchen*

“On this day in 1986, Debi Thomas became the first African-American to win the World Figure Skating Championship. She was also the first African-American to hold U.S. National titles in ladies’ singles figure skating and the first black athlete to win any medal at the Winter Olympics. After her career in figure skating, Thomas finished school and became an orthopedic surgeon.”

Hit and Run Chapter 3

Hey guys, as promised here’s chapter 3 of Hit and Run!

For those who haven’t read the previous chapters yet…


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Thanks @gays-on-ice (aka @peanut-jars) ,  @ppastelderpp, and @peachyviktor for putting up with me <3

Also… considering the new information revealed by the last few episodes… I may need to review my general outline and make appropriate changes.

Chapter 3 : Hospital Stay (2)

Yuuri plastered his most serene expression onto his face and hoped that Victor wouldn’t be able to call his bluff.

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Minami Rant

Minami’s parents are notably both doctors, and his brother is in a Medical School in Tokyo. With that being said, I have a couple theories about his backstory and just Minami in general.

1. (And in my opinion the least tragic) Minami’s family supports his figure skating career, but they have no time to attend his competitions. I feel like this would make him feel lonely at times, but he hides it with a smile.

2. Minami’s family actually doesn’t really approve of him not also pursuing a medical career. Maybe he has some kind of stipulation hanging over his head that one day he will have to quit figure skating to be a doctor.

3. More of an observation: Minami and his coach Kanako have a very close relationship. I believe this stems from the concept of Minami’s parents not being around, because its noted in several sources that Minami and Kanako have a very mother-son relationship.

4. Multiple descriptors I have found of Minami claim the only part of his hair he dyes is his bangs. This might be a long-shot but maybe he’s mixed race in some way?

Either way, he probably will have some kind of “I’m lonely sometimes” moment and I am going to GROSS SOB.

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Luke. 79 or 85.

‘Hi again Dr Hemmings.’ you sighed as you walked into the small room. . 

‘Y/N again, this must be what the third time this month?’ he asked with a chuckle. ‘Please, take a seat.’ he gestured over to the examination bench and you climbed up carefully. 

‘This makes it the fourth actually.’ you laughed, although stopping abruptly when the action hurt your bruised ribs. 

‘One of the drawbacks to being a skateboarder I assume.’ Luke commented with a smile. 

‘That and not being able to wear any shoes other than vans without getting dirty looks.’ you joked, studying the doctors broad back as he washed his hands before walking over to you. You had to admit, you might not be so reckless in your skating if your doctor wasn’t quite so young and cute. 

‘So what is it this time? I can’t see any injuries.’ Luke mused as his eyes raked over you. 

‘It’s uh, under my ribcage this time actually. My shirt rode up as I fell and I managed to slice myself open on the edge of the ramp.’ you explained, hand drifting to the injury without thinking. ‘Should I just?’ you asked as you started to pull your t-shirt up. 

‘No, no, take it off please.’ he instructed. 

Slowly you lifted the shirt over your head, letting it drop to the floor. Luke stepped towards you, fingers cool as they examined the makeshift dressing you’d applied at the skate park ealier. He unwound the bandage slowly, wincing as he saw the raw wound. 

‘That’s going to need stitches I’m afraid.’ he said, turning around to find the necessary equipment. You found yourself releasing a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding once his fingers left your skin, but he clearly took the sigh to be a sign of your nerves. ‘I’ll be gentle, don’t worry.’ he reassured you as he turned back around. ‘Could you lie down for me please?’ he asked, and you stretched across the cool leather of the bench. ‘Now, this antiseptic is going to sting a little bit so-’

‘Fucking hell!’ you yelled as the liquid touched the raw skin of your open wound. Instinctively your hand shot out to grab the nearest thing to you, which just so happened to be Luke’s wrist. ‘Bit of a fucking understatement there doc.’ you winced as you let go of his wrist slowly. 

‘Would you rather I was more honest then?’ he asked with an amused quirk of his eyebrow. ‘Because the actual stitches are really not going to be fun.’ 

‘Just get it over with.’ you sighed, sucking in a sharp intake of breath as the needle first pierced your skin. ‘So why medicine?’ you blurted out, anything to distract yourself from the thought of a needle sewing you back together. 

‘Money, security later in life, please the parents.’ Luke listed off. ‘Maybe a bit of a god complex too.’ he conceded with a slight smile. ‘Why skate boarding?’

‘Adrenaline junkie.’ you managed to say through gritted teeth.

‘You must be pretty good if you can afford to do it for a living.’ he noted as he continued to work. 

‘Let’s just hope you’re as good a doctor as I’m a skater, I don’t want a scar.’ you warned and Luke puffed cool air on your skin as he held in a laugh. 

‘You’re in safe hands, there should be no sign of it in a couple of weeks.’ he said, glancing up at you. Only now did you realise how close his face was to your breasts as he leant over you, and he seemed to become suddenly aware of this too as a slight blush coloured his cheeks and he looked away. ‘All done.’ he said quickly, and you saw that while you’d been distracted by his blue eyes he’d finished sewing up the wound. 

‘Oh, thanks Dr Hemmings.’ you said, fingers lightly brushing across the stitches. 

‘Any time, and with you I’m sure that time will be soon.’ he chuckled as you sat up. 

‘I’m sure I’m the highlight of your week though.’ you teased, watching that blush return to his cheeks again. 

‘A Doctor shouldn’t have favourite patients.’ he said simply, although you could tell he was trying not to smile at you. ‘Your shirt by the way.’ he said, bending down to hand it to you. You took it with a smile and started to slip it on but as soon as your arms lifted above your head you winced, the stitches tugging at the movement painfully. ‘Here, let me.’ Luke said as he took a step forward, carefully helping you to put the t-shirt on, hands lingering on your waist once done. 

‘Well that’s definitely the first time a guy’s put clothes on me rather than the other way round.’ you chuckled. 

‘Well if you’d consider switching doctors surgery, maybe next time I see you with your shirt off it won’t be to give you stitches?’ Luke smirked, standing between your legs as you sat on the high bench. Your legs hooked around his waist, pulling him in even closer to you. 

‘And maybe next time you ask me to take a seat, it’ll be on your face?’ you asked innocently, a chuckle leaving Luke’s mouth. 

‘I think your time is up Miss Y/L/N.’ Luke said, unwinding your legs from around his waist and walking back over to his desk. ‘Although I’d be happy to arrange a private consultation.’ he added, handing you a piece of paper with his number written on it.

‘I’ll be sure to make an appointment.’ you smirked, casting one last look over your shoulder as you walked out the door.  

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“What sort of food do you think they’ll serve at the reception?” Lena asks, bouncing merrily on the balls of her feet.

           “Doesn’t matter—we don’t get to eat it,” Jack replies. He frowns as he tries to adjust her chronal accelerator where it sits awkwardly off-center across her pristine uniform. He sighs, gritting his teeth at her continued movement. “Sit still, would you?”

           Smiling to herself, Lena obliges, going obediently still. Jack thanks her under his breath as he goes about trying to fix her appearance.

           Reyes watches the exchange with a smirk. “He’s such a dad,” the Commander mutters to Angela, who stands beside him. “Like a tired, middle-aged, suburban dad.”

           Jack looks up to throw him an annoyed look, when his hand accidentally brushes against some key switch on Lena’s chronal accelerator and she gasps before she blips out of existence with a hardly a sound.

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Happy sixth day of the DW Advent Calendar!

We decided to do some sightseeing today and visit the Bryant Park winter village and Christmas tree here in NYC! We checked out all of the shops and could not find ONE jelly baby however, so we’re not sure how to feel about that. It’s still so beautiful here though- maybe when we come back we’ll do some ice skating. 

I’m in the delivery room, and I’m in labor. It’s not painful, but I feel – off. There’s something wrong. Also, I notice that I’m wearing roller skates. The doctor, who’s Drew Barrymore for some reason, tells me to push, and I do, and I hear the nurses kind of gasp. I ask what’s wrong, but no one will tell me, not Nurse Eve or Nurse Juliette Lewis or anybody. I push one more time, just so I can see what’s wrong with the baby, and suddenly Michael Cera comes out, fully grown and covered with afterbirth. ‘Ellen, what’s up?’ he says. 'Wanna get a burrito after this?’ I scream, and that’s when I wake up. [on her weirdest dream]

Update from Han's weibo (11/12/2014)

最近什么也吃不了,我(教)妈(练)特意去食堂要的牛肉给我做了碗牛肉面 还有谢谢大家的关心,我还好。除了脑震荡就是怀疑肺出血,下颚好的还挺明显…..明天会上冰试试,如果不是特别疼,还是会进军法国!祈祷我明天一切OK!

My translation:

“Recently I can’t eat anything, my mom (coach) went to the cafeteria to get beef specially for me and made me a bowl of beef noodles [picture]. And thank you everyone for your concern, I’m ok. Besides a concussion, there is suspected bleeding in my lung, but my jaw has improved considerably… Tomorrow I’ll try to go back on the ice, if it doesn’t hurt too much, I will go to France! Pray that everything will be ok with me tomorrow!”


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