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Enemy's With Benefits ~N.M.~

Summary: you and Nate hate eachother but ocasionally mess around.

Warnings: Language. That’s it.

Requested:no. Just popped in my head.

Note: If you want a part 2 let me know ❤️

Me and Dillon Rupp had been bestfriends for as long as I can remember. It started in 2nd grade when I punched this girl that pulled his hair. I mean we both got in trouble but hey.

I’ve always supported Dillon and was beyond excited when him and Taylor moved to LA for 2Virgins. Dillon was basically my brother and made sure that I moved with him.

“Where I go, you go, cause we go together” dillon always told me.

I get along with every single one of his friends. They were all chill. Expect Nate or Skate. He was an ass from the jump. When Dillon joined Freshlee he invited me to the joining party. He introduced me to everyone.


“Aye skate this is my lil sis Y/N” Dillon introduced me. “Hey don’t touch my equipment” Dillon ran off to go do some stuff and left me alone with Nate.

“Wassup I’m Nate.” He said taking the blunt out of his mouth.

“I thought your name was skate?”

“That’s just what they call me. I didn’t know Rupp had a sister?”

“He doesn’t me and him are just really close. You mind if I hit yours?” I was feeling a bit of tension from Nate.

“Get your own” he says walking away.

Later that night Nate had spilled 2 drinks on me and called me a hoe. Now Dillon wasn’t worried because he knows I handle myself. But I was pissed. I snapped on him infront of everyone and stormed out. He chased after me and slammed me up against the wall and made out with me. He took me to his place and fucked me senseless.

I woke up still salty at him. We agreed we hated eachother but we could call eachother when we needed a good fuck.

*Flashback over*

“Dillon do I have to?” He wanted me to come to the studio with him. Something about how I was good luck and he couldn’t think of good music.

“Yes babe. You do. You and skate have to get over whatever the fuck y'all got going on.”

“Dillon he’s just a dick with a good dick” I told Dillon everything so he knew about our arrangement.

“Okay well y'all are friends with benefits so act like friends”

“We’re more like enemy’s with benefits actually” I say grabbing my phone knowing Dillon was going to drag me out of my house if he had to.

We walk in to the studio and I immediately go sit by swazz. I was across from Nate and he hadn’t even looked at me yet. Thank god. At the same time I felt mad. Maybe because I looked sexy af today.

“You look good ma” swazz whispered in my ear throwing his arm over my shoulder.

“Thanks Swift” I say leaning into him.

He handed me the blunt he was previously smoking on.

I had moved to johns lap and we were just talking. I saw Dillon messing with his beats before he gave up and sat beside me and swazz.

“Swazz if you fuck my little sis I’m killing you” Dillon says nodding his head at us as he takes a puff from his blunt.

“Dill shut up I fuck who I want” I say rolling my eyes and flipping him off.

“Nah you always listen to me. It’s cool I know you won’t do anything with swazz” he says winking.

I face John and pull his head closer to me and kiss him.

“Damn Ma. You always gotta be right huh?” Swazz said placing his hands on my thighs.

“Well fuck. Here I was thinking Swazz only fucked with pretty girls.” Skate said chuckling to himself.

“First of all hoe, I don’t fuck with swazz, he don’t fuck with me. I was proving a point. Second, bitch I am super gorgeous.” I say staring at Nate.

“THATS IT. THANK YOU BABE. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. PLAY THE BEAT.” Dillion jumps up and runs into the studio. I hit record and Nate starts the best Dillion had been making.

Rupp had the song finished in no time. It was actually straight fire.

“Wow y/n you’re actually useful for something other than a good fuck” Nate says fake smiling at me.

“I fucking hate you” I say gritting my teeth. He was actually starting to piss me off. If he thought it was bad when we first met he was had a whole other thing coming.

“You fucking love me” he says leaning back like the cocky asshole he is.

“No I love fucking you. I can’t stand you as a person. As I said to dill. You’re just a dick with good dick. So you know what, Nathan, forget you. Don’t call me when you want a quick fuck. Don’t call me at all. You’re just a stuck up selfish ass. If I had any nerves left I’m sure you would be on every last one. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I DID TO YOU BUT IM SO FUCKING SORRY THAT I RUINED YOUR PRECIOUS GOD DAMN LIFE. I DONT THINK IVE MET ANYONE SO GOD DAMN ANNOYING AND STUPID. SO FUCK YOU. AND IF YOU CONTINUE WITH THIS BULLSHIT I WILL FUCK UP YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. I WILL LEAVE YOU CRYING IN THAT LITTLE MANSION OF YOURS.” I didn’t even realize how much Nate actually got to me. But I meant every word of it. I grabbed my phone off the table and went to leave.

I turned around and stared deep into Nates eyes. “And learn what the fuck to do with a clit” I spit out at him. I slam the door shut and go back to my place.

To Swazz💘👅- Can you come over. I need a fuck but I’m not calling Nate. 😊💦

From Swazz💘👅- on my way 😘

Cameron Dallas (Smut)

Cameron and I have been dating for like 6 months or so , he treats my like a princess, fucks me like one but I just want to be fuck like a slut. I decided to tease him today, by wearing a yoga pants that make my ass look nice and round also one of my favorite tank tops without a bra, #freethenipple .

I walked to the living room where Cameron was watch tv. I felt his eyes watching my boobs, but then turn his head to watch the tv again. I tried another way to tease him is to drop something and pick it up. “Don’t even think about it” he said when I attempted to drop the remote control. I mentally cursed is it that obvious that I was being a tease, what a fail. But that didn’t stop me. I drop the remote control and then pick it up slowly before looking back and seeing me stare at my ass, he made eye contact with me, and I winked before running to the room, knowing his going to be following me.

I closed the door behind me, laying on bed, taking my yoga pants and my panties also discarding my tank top . I hear Cameron knock on the door. I chuckled and slid my hands down to my dripping core, teasing my self by rubbing my clit. I moan as inserted my finger inside my pussy. “Babe, you’re touch yourself right?” Cameron said from outside the locked the door, I moaned in response, he muttered something but I couldn’t quite hear because of my moans.

“Please, let me in” he begged, shaking the knob. I pumped my finger faster and moaning loudly his name, receiving a groan from Cam. “Babe, my finger are better than yours please let me in” he growls. “My finger are perfect” I teased, he is right his finger feel fucking perfect inside my pussy, I heard the door knob jingle I knew he had keys for our bedroom. He enter the room, I look at him innocently and moaning as I added another finger pumping more faster than before.

He palms his dick through his sweatpants. Honestly my dream was seeing Cameron touching himself. He took his dick out of his sweatpants before pumping himself, I smirk when I realized he wasn’t wearing underwear, I knew he was planing to have sex today. “Fuck, Cameron” I moan as I reached my climax. I walk closer to Cam before kneeling down, replacing his hand with mines. he whimper as kitten lips his sensitive red tip. I licked the base then going to his tip of his cock. I took him in my mouth and pumping the rest that couldn’t fit in my mouth. “Fuck, Babe” he groans, making a shift ponytail. I look at him through my lashes, seeing him rolled his head back as I go deeper, his Adam apple bobbing from the groans and moans he was keeping inside his throat. I hallowed my cheeks when I felt him twitched a couples a time before shooting his loads in my throat.

He kisses me hungrily tasting himself. “I know how bad you want to fuck you” he grins, looking for a condom in the drawer. “No fuck me raw, fuck me so hard, fuck me like a slut, make me cum so hard” I said, laying head in the mattress and my back arched. He lifted his eyebrows not expecting the words coming out my so called ‘innocent’ mouth.

He rub my fold with his cock, collecting my wetness using it as an alternative lube. We both moans loudly as he thrusted roughly inside my pussy. “Um…fuck yes yes yes yes” I managed to moan out as the overwhelming pleasure increases when his thrust goes faster then before. He slaps my ass roughly making me groans in mix of pain and pleasure. “I knew you were a bad girl” he said slapping my ass again. “Fuck again, spank me again” I whine, feeling him slap my ass multiple times. “I’m so close” he said, when his started to sloppily thrust but still going deeper. My legs shakes as his dick twitches inside my wet and warm pussy before we both came. “best sex ever” I panted, he nods in agreement, “you should tease me more often” he said making me giggle.


Imagine: Jack likes you but you’re completely oblivious and Madison keeps trying to tell you


This was just a random idea I had last night lol.


Disclaimer: sorry if you don’t like Madison, I just used her bc she’s dating G and all so yeah