skate board photos

I was tagged by @nerdforestgirl to make a mood board of pics from my mobile device, existing pics only.

Difficult because I delete all my pics after download them on my laptop, and almost all I had now were WIP of my drawings, the ones I do to document all my work. I can’t put that now lol, but I had some other pics or screencaptures. I didn’t take new pictures, this is really on my camera roll now.

- My little budgies, my moms send me photos of them

- My skating quartet team, I used to be competing with them, after 10 years, this time I had to see the competition via streaming, they are the best! I was one of the founders of this quartet, with 3 of my friends here.

- My drawing planning sticker post-it on my wall, it’s real, I have that, so I don’t forget what I have to do

- a picture I took of the promo photo of tbbt I wanted to do via my live session last saturday, But I changed my mind and I did Zelda and Bernie chibi

- Mayim pic with her cousin, I posted the pic here, so I had it in my phone. Love her jeans.

- And of course Jim’s arm porn lol. The screenshot is from @tbbt-mosaics stories :D

I tag @linda6788 @stellina2a @anicez-shamy @majimforever @bigbangenthusiast @missshc (only if you want to) and everybody is invited to do it anyway.


All three boards are complete! One is already on it’s way to a new home in the US, I’m holding onto these for now but I’m planning on ordering some more in for commissions.

I’d also like to get a more usable printed edition done, so they aren’t as precious and can be skated on.

AW YEAH Asthetic tumblr girl in belly button high jean shorts watching Broad City reblogging pictures of green aliens with leg hairs and pastel asthetic ribbons with messages on them and a tank top with a single angsty word printed on backwards hat wearing sweater around the waste palm treas with mint to pink gradient carrying either a really tiny skate board or a really long skate board Instagram photo of them from the back carrying the board on their side who’s only anime they watched is Sailor Moon and Myazaki.