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Hey can you explain about Bunny being gender nonconforming in canon and talk about your headcanon about him if you want?

hello! sorry this took so long i’m bad at putting down my thoughts uhh so, well.

in the canon, there is one big episode in which this issue is brought to light, and i should say that it alone is enough to support the claim that bunny is gender nonconforming. u know what i’m talking about: The Rest Cure.

in this story, raffles and bunny are on illegal holiday in some nice kensington house. raffles, who daily sneaks out in disguise, won’t trust bunny to join him. bunny is obviously annoyed by this, and to prove that he too can disguise himself and be trusted outside the house, he dresses up with the lady of the house’s clothes. now: this is clearly not meant to be a funny episode. on the contrary, it’s very gracefully written:

That morning, however, I did my best with a very fair razor which the colonel had left behind in my room; then I turned out the lady’s wardrobe and the cardboard boxes, and took my choice.

I have fair hair, and at the time it was rather long. With a pair of Mrs. Crutchley’s tongs and a discarded hair-net, I was able to produce an almost immodest fringe. A big black hat with a wintry feather completed a headdress as unseasonable as my skating skirt and feather boa; of course, the good lady had all her summer frocks away with her in Switzerland. […] I determined to complete my toilet in every detail. My idea was first to give him the fright he deserved, and secondly to show him that I was quite as fit to move abroad as he.

as can be seen, bunny displays a certain ease in what he’s doing that perhaps suggests that he might have done this before. at any rate, he disguises himself well enough that the owner of the house, upon returning and finding bunny in his study, thinks him a woman. so, in conclusion: bunny is comfortable in dresses just as much as he is in suits. 🐇🏳‍🌈

…obviously, in the 1890s terms like “gender nonconforming” weren’t really a thing. but men wearing dresses certainly wasn’t anything new. and, sadly, there were a few scandals in london involving this, such as the boulton & park case, that hornung surely must have known/read about… this is assuming that he didn’t take inspiration from his own personal experience! (which is, by the way, what he generally did. see for example: bunny’s childhood house in the spoils of sacrilege is based on hornung’s own childhood home)

finally: i’m nonbinary, and i get the feeling that bunny is nonbinary too. for many reasons! i wouldn’t even know where to start? anyway, i love him, he makes me happy