skate babes

Y/n is a model and she travels a lot, shows her outfits and has a YouTube blog. And the guys (Jack and Jack, Sammy, Nate, Stassie and Madison) hate her cause they think she’s a snobby rich kid who has a big head
But then they realize that they are wrong

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Some Nate Maloley smut for you 😏

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Episode 1.
Nate and Y/n go to the same school. She discusses something with her girls. Nate keeps his eye on her. And than Y/n and her friends set off towards the yard and start to draw. Nate starts to bully her but Y/n isn’t the kind of girl who wouldn’t stick up for herself.
Nate likes Y/n
But he’s a fuckboy of the school so Y/n doesn’t like him
Or does she?

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“Alexa the fangirl at her first job interview”

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