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Sprace Headcanons


Race and Spot living in London, modern AU.

  • Spot taking Race on a cute date in the winter looking at all the Christmas lights, and when Race points out it’s more romantic than they usually get he just argues that it’s cheap, but at the same time he takes hold of Race’s hand because he’s learnt that some times it’s okay to show a feeling or two
  • Race buying cheap tickets to West End shows and trying to convince Spot to go with him because ‘come on, Spot, it had ‘murder’ in the title, how can that not be good?!’ (Spot goes. Spot always goes)
  • Tipsy walks home across Waterloo bridge at night, when Spot will occasionally stop and pull Race into a hug, burying his face against his neck and just standing there, soaking up the life he never through he’d get to have
  • Grumbling at all the tourists walking slowly, but at least once a month they do something horrifically touristy like go on the London Eye or visit a museum and pretend to hate it
  • Spot begrudgingly attempting to ice skate at Somerset House. Race is incredibly good at it because his mum took him as a child; Spot’s parents didn’t take him anywhere they went – they didn’t go places fit for children. Race knows that Spot’s thinking about it every second they’re on the ice and he skates close beside him instead of doing circuits of the rink. Afterwards he concedes that they don’t have to do it again, and Spot is more grateful than he’ll ever say
  • New Year. They don’t watch the television to tell them when the countdown starts. Instead they open a bottle of wine and sit together curled up on the sofa, tasting the wine off each other’s lips until they hear the fireworks in the distance that tell them another year has passed and they still have each other
  • Sometimes Race will wake up to an empty bed and panic, but Spot always comes home and admits he just needed to haunt the streets alone for a while. Eventually he starts leaving notes when he has to get out for an hour or two – worrying Race was never his intention
Thirty things to do for under £30 in London

I know a lot of people on Tumblr are planning to travel to London this summer and autumn, so I thought I’d put together this list.

1.  A film at the Electric Cinema

2.   Kew Gardens

3.   The Sherlock Holmes Museum

4.   The London Zoo

5.   Local British treats at Borough Market

6.   Lates at the Science Museum

7.   A cabaret or burlesque show at the Soho Theatre

8.   The Courtauld Gallery

10. “The View from The Shard”

11. Renting a paddleboat at the Serpentine in Hyde Park*

12. “Polo in the Park”*

13. Portobello Road Market

14. A Chelsea or Arsenal football game*

15. The Emirates Cablecar over the Thames

16. The Great Turbine Hall at The Tate Modern

17. Haggling for a multi-course meal on Brick Lane

18. The Notting Hill Carnival*

19. The Roof Gardens

20. Ice skating at Somerset House*

21. Afternoon Tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery

22. Sir John Soane’s Museum

23. A Harry Potter Walking Tour (or any of the tours from London Walks)

24. Viewing recordings of past productions at the National Theatre Archive.

25. Going ‘mudlarking’ on the banks of the Thames at low tide

26. Trying on reproductions of period clothing at The V&A

27. Being a groundling at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

28. The BBC Proms*

29. The book market at Southbank Centre

30. Singalongs to various musicals at the Prince Charles

And if anyone can think of anything else please feel free to reblog and add them!


[Inspired by this post]

anonymous asked:

Where would you say London's best unconventional date places are? xx

That’s a good one. A few things that spring to mind straight away:

Dinner at ‘Dans Le Noir' 

Ice-skating at Somerset House 

A drink or two on the top floor of Tate Modern

Dinner and an event at the Wapping Project

Trip to London Zoo

The list is endless really- if you need more inspiration just drop me message (not anon though) and I can give you some more ideas.