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Birthday Boy
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“Happy Birthday, Parker.” you whispered from behind Peter’s ear, causing him to turn around from his school locker to face you with a radiant smile. You rose onto your toes to leave a red-lipstick print on his cheek, soon satisfied with his giggles.

     You brought the bouquet of lavish roses that were hidden from behind your back. “These are for you, birthday boy.

     Peter reached for the bouquet in your hands and brought it to his face, the heavy fragrant scent filling his nostrils.

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After a week in the news that’s shocked, angered and saddened the open minded punk community, and others around the world, it’s nice when a small spark of light that is a punk album breaks through the chaos.

The Menzingers’ ‘After The Party’ is that spark. I can’t recommend this album enough, and if you need an escape from anything, whether it be the news, family, a relationship, school or work, this should be it for the next few weeks.

Artwork for The Menzingers’ ‘After The Party’. (2017)

Nolan Patrick with long hair: thinks he has the best hair in the dub, goes to the skate park after school and listens to nickelback, thinks teenage rebellion is coming home at 9:30 instead of 9 on a school night
Nolan Patrick with short hair: good wholesome boy, very committed to varsity soccer but makes time for student council, makes quizlets for the whole class, takes his shoes off when he comes over to meet your parents and says “yes ma'am” and “yes sir”

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Skater boy Nico and ballerina Will?

  • will always knew he wanted to be a doctor and so basically everything he did from age 10 and on was to help him get into a good medical school. one of those things was taking ballet classes - not only could he earn scholarships if he was good enough, but some schools like harvard were always looking for male ballerinas
    • also, turns out, will’s really good at ballet???? hes got such good rhythm and hes so flexible??? sure he gets picked on at school for being girly but hes not girly hes smart
    • (((ballet also helped him realize that hes totally bisexual ok)))
  • nico has never once considered what his future might hold and doesn’t care to think about it like at all bc he kinda doesnt think he has much of a future. so instead of working hard to get into a good college or even trying to pass his high school classes he pulls stupid stunts and hangs around the skatepark with his few friends
    • nobody dares pick on him ok and he doesnt pick on anyone bc whats the point?? of any of this???? its all stupid and he just wants to be left alone
  • nico skips class one day while the school’s one dance class is rehearsing in the auditorium (and everyone knows that that’s the easiest place to sneak into when youre skipping) and he can only see one boy in the class but hes tall and muscular and gorgeous and totally solidifies the fact that nico is gay, like he’d suspected before but seeing this,,,,
  • so afterwards nico’s actually heading to one of his classes and he sees a couple of jerks picking on that pretty boy from the dance class and pretty boy is completely ignoring them but nico walks up anyway and shoves the couple of jerks out of the way and goes “leave him alone at least hes doing something with his life unlike you”
    • and before will even has a chance to say anything to nico hes already gone so will asks around to see if anyone even,,,, knows??? who that kid is???
  • will shows up at the skate park after school bc that’s the best lead hes gotten on where to find that kid and when he gets there he can see the kid screwing around, totally looking like hes about to fall all the way down that ten-foot halfpipe but will catches him just before he falls
    • nico thanks him and will’s like “call it a repayment for helping me earlier” and nicos kinda like yeah sure whatever is that all you wanted? and wills like “well actually no i was kinda hoping you would also go on a date with me??”
    • nico’s like “you wanna get picked on more?? u realize im basically a dropout waiting to happen and youre top 10 in our class???” will shrugs and says that doesnt matter to him but what does matter is nicos opinion on pizza bc that’s probably where will might take him on their date 
  • they do end up dating and nico ends up sneaking into every single rehearsal and recital that will has and will buys nico a new skateboard for his birthday with a matching helmet that he knows nico is never going to wear but its the thought that counts 
    • ((instead will wears it when nico tries teaching him how to skate. for all will’s balance, he can’t manage to stay on the board for more than a minute))

thanks for the suggestion i hope this is what you were looking for!!!!

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Long Break


Rayna: Why are you so sad Russel?
Russel: My parents are getting divorced…adults sucks.
Rayna: Oh boy…
Dwight: Yeah adult life is stupid.
Russel: I don’t want to grow up…like NEVER!
Rayna: I hope my parents will stay together. Hey Russel I know what can cheer you up.
Russel: Im not in a mood Ray, really.
Rayna: C’mon Russ, let’s go skating after school.

Skater boy Harry who you meet at the park with your little cousin and when she falls he runs over and gives her a band aid out of his wallet because “you can never be too prepared” and asks for her name and if she wanted to ride his skateboard. He helps balance her on the skateboard and helps her ride down the sidewalk and she’s giggling and happy while you take pictures of her riding and smiling and can’t quite pronounce Harry so his name is “Hawwee” when he puts his number in your phone.
He texts you about the pros and cons of the ice cream man and the ridiculous cost of a Popsicle because you never had to pay this much for a cherry flavored frozen lolli before. He offers to take you out for frozen yogurt and he gets original flavor with granola, strawberries, kiwi and dark chocolate chips and you get chocolate with chocolate chips and whipped cream and you talk and laugh while eating the cool treat before he takes his thumb and wipes the chocolate from under your lip and licks it off his thumb before winking at you.

You meet at the skate park every day after school and he tries to teach you how to skate but you always fall on your bottom and you both laugh so hard your stomach hurts but that’s alright because he pushes you on the swings after and kisses you on the cheek and it’s all so perfect.


Crazed in Spain
#thrashermag #thrasher #ecstasy #skateboards #skate #after #school #skateboard #etnies #vans #supreme #agenda #skateshop #skatespot #mobgrip #mob #grip #street #vert #berrics #huf #wreck #wheels #nikesb #sk8 #skater #skaters #skatepark #skatelife #bape (at Barcelona, Spain)

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-#thrashermag #thrasher #ecstasy #skateboards #skate #after #school #skateboard #etnies #vans #supreme #agenda #skateshop #skatespot #mobgrip #mob #grip #street #vert #berrics #huf #beer #brew #nikesb #sk8 #skater #skaters #skatepark #skatelife #corona (at Flatbush & Church Ave, Brooklyn NY)

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