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  • 2012 me: *watches basketball anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2013 me: *watches swimming anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2014 me: *watches volleyball anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2015 me: *watches baseball anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2016 me: holy fu*king sh#t

Today it’s Figure Skating AU first anniversary! 

For the occasion Eijun became a beautiful butterfly  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I left this AU by itself for a bit because of the Lovechildren AU but I’m sure the figure skating AU tradition will be kept on thanks to yoi (=´∇`=)

And don’t be fooled by anyone, we all know that this year’s ISU Grand Prix was won by Eijun dancing to Sway (= ̄∇ ̄)ノ (particularly looking straight into Miyuki’s eyes when ‘all the dancers might be on the floor dear but my eyes will see only you’)

When are they gonna marry I say

To: Rei (@reivolutionary-penguin)

Happy holidays, Rei! I hope you’re having a great time on your ski trip! It’s a picture of Miles and Phoenix doing a pairs figure skating routine about how law brought them together.

I hope you enjoy this, because I enjoyed making it for you! You seem like a great and thoughtful person based on what I’ve seen on your blog. I would’ve started following you ages ago when I was assigned to you, if I wasn’t afraid I would give myself away as your secret santa! Also, I wish you good luck in the new year!

From: Tee (teekro)

i feel like somewhere on youtube phichit has a channel dedicated to make-up tutorials and embarrassing japan’s national figure skating ace, katsuki yuuri. selected works include “how to get the perf wingtip”, many detroit shenanigans, and choreo vids from dance classes (like celestino def made them take hip-hop/breakdance/etcetc classes off-ice). like Somewhere there’s a vid of them trying to learn anaconda choreo in their tiny dorm cuz they were a lil drunk & needed to use a webcam to see how their butts look. there’s a vid of them reacting to spider videos at 3am. there’s a secret vid of yuuri singing offkey to kpop while trying to cram for finals also at 3am. like why else do you have a best friend who’s also your roomie


OKAY SO- I know I did a ballet au just a few days ago but–

Today Yuzuru Hanyu broke another world record (sorry I am a bit of figure skating trash) and I noticed how many things he has in common with Eijun. The AU sparked alone because the hand said so.
So I imagined young figure skater prodigy Eijun and older coach prodigy Miyuki, retired skater that can’t skate anymore because of a serious injury.
He just didn’t want to even look at figure skating anymore after his compulsory retirement but a friend (Kuramochi) dragged him to a regional competition and that’s where he spotted Eijun. Something sparked and he was so overwhelmed by his way of skating he decided to take him under his wing and become his official coach. 
His dream is to take him to winter olympics and win the gold medal. (SPOILER they do cf. the last four drawings ། ☉ ౪ ☉ །)

I’m just miyusawa trash leave me alone 

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Eijun!!! on ICE

Watching yuri on ice made me think about a figure skating AU of ace of diamond and it also reminded me of this:

It’s the ending card from 2014 (ep60) drawn by Tatenaka Junpei who was one of the animators of Ace of Diamond and is now working for Yuri!!!onICE :D

Happy Valentine’s Day!! (◕‿◕✿)

This is my present for you all! This a comic of the Figure Skating AU, it’s 26 pages-long but due to the fact that some days ago I lost all the work I was doing, I managed to complete only the first part (11 pages). The second part will come out in 4 days, tho, on Miyusawa day 2/18 (*≧▽≦)

It was inspired by and a continuation of the ask lovely @starrwinter sent me some time ago! 

Miyuki and Sawamura went to Alberta for the ISU Grand Prix of the Figure Skating. They’re sharing a hotel room. 

First part is Sawamura-centered. Second part will be Miyuki-centered

I hope you enjoy this!

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Miyuki is that kind of coach that would say embarrassing things about his pupil during the post-olympic medal ceremony interview (Eijun is taking none of your shit stupid ice hitler tanuki!! 。゜(`Д´)゜。)

Figure Skating AU