skate 4 days

Gruvia Week Day 4 -Dancing-

Hello everyone, thanks to the anon-san that told me the prompts, I can participate again yay! So…the prompt…dancing…I can only imagine something like ”Gruvia on ice”. Hope you guys like it, even though I did it on a hurry and it looked like my computer didn’t want to help at all xD

yikes realized i have no clue when i’ll like have free time in the next lil while because i’m working at camp, have to pack and get ready for school, things to do w siblings because my middle sister is going to school, going to school, boot camp, sorority work days/recruitment practice, start of classes and therefore start of being busy every day and having skating stuff 4-6 days a week plus other stuff plus the paid internship i’ll hopefully get with gift of life plus a social life plus appointments during all of this lol

but it’s exciting!! i just do have to be careful because i know when i’m really busy i tend to put food on the back burner