(  A thousand years ago, the glorious empire of Shurima shone like a second sun across the desert. After a flawed Ascension ritual, the gleaming capital city was reduced to ruins, swallowed by the sands forever or so it would seem. )

Top 5 Thursday: Unique Passives

By Helmight

Every champion has a passive ability, but few get any kind of notice due to how little player interaction they actually have. It’s hard to notice things like your champion having a bit of extra damage or innate lifesteal tacked onto their kit when you’re more focused on their QWER.

However, there are a few passive abilities that change up how you play the game in unique and creative ways - and it’s those passive that we’re highlighting today.

#5: Center of the Universe (Aurelion Sol)

Plenty of champions gain bonus damage from their passive and have a bit of optimization about how to use it, but only one is entirely dependent on his passive to function. Aurelion Sol is nothing without his floating stars, and has to be aware of their placement at all times.

#4: Shurima’s Legacy (Azir)

Technically speaking, Shurima’s Legacy is an active ability - but since it’s mapped to Azir’s passive slot, I’ll count it. It’s the only passive in the game that can be manually activated, and summons an entire tower to the battlefield for a minute. That’s pretty darn unique, and goes a long way towards making Azir feel like an emperor.

#3: Crystal Spires (Skarner)

Summoning a tower is nice, but they can only go on the ruins of destroyed towers. Skarner meanwhile terraforms the whole map, summoning a host of crystal spires that greatly empower him if he’s nearby. Teams fighting for control of spires adds extra strategic depth to a game, and certainly makes Skarner’s passive one of the more unique abilities.

#2: Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard (Kled)

Kled’s passive is just weird. Dude comes with two separate health bars, his abilities changes once one health bar is depleted, and then if he builds up enough courage he can get the first health bar back. It makes for a very interesting experience for both Kled and his enemies, and reinforces the fact that Kled isn’t fighting alone.

#1: Friend of the Forest (Ivern)

The Green Father’s passive takes home the top spot because it makes him the only champion in the game that doesn’t even have the option of damaging jungle monsters. They’re literally all listed as allies to Ivern - but that doesn’t stop him from jungling anyways. Friend of the Forest reinforces Ivern’s pacifistic nature and gives him a brand-new take on jungling that no other champion can match.

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I’m aware there’s other characters that are hella viable junglers too, but in this case I’ve hammered out the tankier characters I’m more familiar with. I hope you guys like it!