dON'T lOOK aT ME! || Monkey and Grafitti

Joey’s eye’s were puff, still badly tearing, his nose was read and he was in a constant state of sniffling or sobbing, but he gave zero fucks right now! He got zipped up in his totoro onsie, clutched Skarky to his chest, and lead totoro, his pup, to Cry’s room. He was pre-welcomed so he walked right in with a quivering lip and sniffle, laying on what he understood to be Cry’s extra bed and started to sob.

Naruto Gaiden 700+5

I facepalmed myself on this part. Seriously Sasuke, can you be any more of an emotionless bastard. THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HER, YOU SKARKY SON OF A BIATCH!

God I fucking love you Chouchou, like I can’t even, xD the girl is an angel sent by Kishi to protect Sarada from her emotionally stunted father xD

Naruto’s face in this panel though xD Like, he’s being attacked from the back while he’s supposedly ‘distracted’, but he’s all like, “bitch please. I noticed you three hours ago” xD