Male names from the Viking Age

Arne: eagle
Birger: keeper
Bjørn: bear
Bo: the resident
Erik: absolute ruler
Frode: wise and clever
Gorm: he who worships god
Halfdan: the half Danish
Harald: lord and ruler
Knud: knot
Kåre: with curly hair
Leif: descendant
Njal: giant
Roar: fame and spear
Rune: secret
Sten: stone
Skarde: with cleft chin
Sune: son
Svend: freeman who is in the service of another
Troels: Thor’s arrow
Toke: Thor and helmet
Torsten: Thor and stone
Trygve: trustworthy
Ulf: wolf
Ødger: wealth and spear
Åge: man that ploughs; ancestor