skank fabray


Can we just admire the damn perfection that is Skank Quinn Fabray? I mean c'mon…I’m just in love…
(ah those are not mine, I’m not that talanted)

P.S: Any good fics with Skank!Q and Rach or San? You know Quinntana or Faberry?

Under the cut, there are #222 gifs of Dianna Agron, playing the role of Quinn Fabray as a Skank in the fox TV show Glee: Season 3. This contains all of her scenes where she appears as part of the skanks.

All of these gifs are sized 160x160px, HD, usable on Tumblr and were made by us, so please don’t claim as your own or use in gif sets as these belong to danittanyrph. Feel free to use, reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful.

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❝ dianna agron as skank!quinn gif icons ❞ 

under the cut you will find #67 gif icons of dianna agron as skank!quinn fabray in glee. these gifs were all found [ HERE ]. These are all textured although my action messed up so texture opacity may vary and i apologise for that. These were requested by @prfctillusicn and were edited by sofia. please like/reblog if you found this helpful

tw: smoking 

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