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just how fast the  n i g h t  c h a n g e s?


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Okay guys that chat was just a chat but daaaamnn it spoke volumes. 

The clip yesterday indicated very much that Sana is feeling a little left out from her girl squad…like she is having trouble relating with them all of a sudden? 

I couldn’t help but notice that her entire demeanour with the boys changed when she was with the girls. 

she literally went from this

to this

and it breaks my heart that she’s feeling uncomfortable and a little distant from her friends. 

I feel like the shot we saw before she entered the room implied this kind of distance as well. 

Sana hovers in the doorway for a moment, almost like she’s observing another world, like she is preparing herself. By us viewing the girl squad from over her shoulder we get a true feel of the distance that Sana must be feeling. 

After details like offering Sana pizza with meat on it and discussing sex in detail, we become further aware of the small things that make her feel a little different to her friends and I think it is building up inside her. This kind of loneliness, like no one understands her and she’s scared and not sure how to try and make them understand, how to relate. 

ahhhhh and then that chat, how the girls just ignored her when talking about Vilde being the only one who hadn’t had a boyfriend before. I know they didn’t intend it but to Sana it would feel almost like she didn’t counted? Like her faith suddenly took her out of the equation. She no longer became valid. I know it’s just a small thing but as we know with skam, these small things count and build up. 

I feel like something big is brewing for Sana and ahhhhh I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds <3 

Let me know your thoughts <3 :)  

I could listen to noora singing every single second of my life

Please remember that Skam was supposed to have 2 more seasons

I see a lot of people disliking that stuff from previous seasons get dragged into this season. But you have to remember that Skam was supposed to have 6 seasons, which means that there would have been 2 more seasons to give us answers.

I don’t think Julie or anyone else working on the show could ever anticipate how much impact this show would have. “Fans” have invaded the school and stalked actors, and the pressure on Julie must have been tremendous. I went to a lecture with one of the producers of the show and she said that not only did Julie write and direct every episode herself, she was also involved with almost every single detail in every episode (every song you hear is chosen by her).

This has been a labor of love for Julie, and I think she would have wanted to give the show 2 more seasons, but I understand why it all became too much for her and everyone else involved and why they felt they had to end it all now.

Ending the show 2 seasons before it was supposed to end, 2 seasons before the story was supposed to end, means they have to give the show’s most important storylines a proper ending - right here and right now. Like give Noorhelm a proper resolution. And give us insight into Even’s back story, and show us how it affects Evak.

Yes, it is Sana’s story, but it is also Julie’s last chance to tell us all about this world she has created and give the entire series a proper ending. Does Sana’s story suffer from this? And would it have been better if we would have gotten 2 more seasons to spread out these answers? Of course, but given how things are, I think Julie is doing the best with what she has been given.

I love Skam. I am grateful that we have been given this wonderful show and this wonderful world. And I am grateful to Julie Andem. (But I still hope we get a movie next year that gives us the russebuss experience.)

Here’s to 4 more episodes and a hopefully magical ending to a magical show. Alt er love.