The Eight Worthy


Skirn, Breaker of Men- She-Hulk

Nul,Breaker of Worlds- Luke Cage

Kuurth, Breaker of Stones- Spider-Woman

Nekrodd, Breaker of Oceans- Mockingbird

Angrir, Breaker of Souls- Daimon Hellstrom

Mokk, Breaker of Faith- Black Knight

Greithoth, Breaker of Will- Ghost Rider

Hopefully there will be a great group shot of all of them one day

Images from Marvel. com

I have loved this winter

I know the weather and snow seems miserable. I know the kid being out of school is frustrating. But it’s felt like the winter gods and goddesses have come into some kind of power this winter. Holda and Ullr came to mind first then as the bitter cold moved in Skadi. I think a winter like this is good once in a while but I am sure that’s just me. I like to think it’s because these gods have gotten extra energy from followers. Don’t know but I am glad it’s happened though.