Evak drabble 1- prompt: Baz Luhrmann

“So let me get this straight,” Even said, crunching on a bit of left over bacon and propped his hip up against the kitchen counter. “You watched Romeo and Juliet without me.”

Isak scoffed and brushed a stray crumb from the corner of Even’s mouth, “It was before we even really knew each other. How was I supposed to know that when you said you liked Baz Luhrmann, you meant you were a freak about him.”

Even’s eyebrows rose up a tad, “When did I say I liked Baz Luhrmann?”

Isak paused, “Uh- You mentioned it when we…”

He stopped and winced.

Even scooted forward until he was well within the realm of Isak’s personal space. Bacon breath and all, Isak fought the urge to tilt his chin up just a bit, just enough for Even to get the hint that he wanted to be kissed.

Even inched forward and brushed his nose against Isak’s own. It was their personal brand of affection- one that they both loved dearly despite the teasing it garnered from their friends. “You were saying? When did I mention this?”

Damn him. He knew how difficult it was for Isak to focus on anything when he was this close. Even more difficult when Even’s fucking laser-beam stare bore into his very soul. Isak sighed, “So, I may have googled you. A bit. A harmless round of googling. And I found a video of you and your friend talking about movies.”

Even leaned back, laughing all the way. “You watched Romeo and Juliet because I said I liked Baz Luhrmann!”

“Fuck you,” Isak said, grinning. “I couldn’t help it, alright?”

Even sobered even as his lips still twitched at the corners. “I love that you were obsessed with me.”

Isak groaned, leaning forward and capturing Even’s lips in a quick peck. “Maybe. But at least I didn’t teleport over to your house when I threatened to stop talking to you.”

Even slipped his arms around Isak’s waist with a mock-sigh. “Hmm. Well, since you’ve already watched Romeo and Juliet- how about we watch Moulin Rouge.”

“Or-” Isak murmured, darting up to kiss the corner of the older boy’s mouth, “We could watch something where the main character’s don’t die and live happily ever after.”

Even took in a breath to respond. Isak anticipated the whole spiel, no, it’s not a true epic love story unless they die, Isak. But instead he seemed to consider Isak standing in front of him in his arms, “Yeah, okay. Happy ever after sounds nice.”

Senin yang miris

Senin, minggu ke 53

Hujan tak juga turun, tak pernah ada yang membuatku bersemangat setahun belakangan ini. Semuanya datar.
Senin tak pernah lagi menjadi candu. Menjadi hari yang baru setiap minggu berakhir. Tak ada senyum merekah, rasa yng hangat, ataupun wajah teduh setiap kali bertatapan mata.

“Hai”, seseorang mencubit lenganku.
“Kau dengar yang dikatakan barusan?”
“Apa?” Jawabku datar
“Setiap orang hrus sadar posisi. Apakah itu tak cukup keras untuk hatimu?”

Sadar posisi.
Tapi tak harus dikatakan di depan semua orang kan? Yang akhirnya kembali melirik sinis kepadaku.
Dimana aku selama ini?

Mungkim benar, aku yang tak pernah sadar posisi dan situasi. Katamu, pagi tadi.

Skak mat!!!

anonymous asked:

Skak I really like your outfits you wear (like I feel that you know more than I do ya feel??) and do ya think I should get those retro aviator glasses or?? I'm scared of being made fun of but?? like as prescription glasses that I'd have to wear every single day or should I get something else aaa ty love u

i don’t like them as sunglasses but i’ve seen ppl pull them off really well as like normal prescription glasses