skaila skaran

So I met this Argonian mage (from Interesting NPCs, judging by the extensive dialogue) in a cave and chatted with him for a while. I left the place and was almost halfway down the hill before I realized that he had chosen to follow me and Marcurio even though I didn’t ask him to. I guess we’re a party of three now…?


Text post meme + my TES characters

Nope, still not done with these. This is the text post edition called “why-draw-new-things-when-you-can-recycle-the-artwork-you-have-made-before” ;P

Skyrim characters version


My TES characters + The Signs As Villains by lameasstrology

I’m enough of a dork to have determined star signs for my Elder Scrolls characters, and when I came across this “signs as villains” post I just knew that I had to draw something about it. A day well wasted. I love how most of these are wildly ooc, and then there’s Brenna being basically herself. XD See captions for more info.


I took this a bit further than I originally intended, so here are all my TES characters as trainers - and the pokémon they would most likely have. Ignore the extra non-first gen Chimchar. It’s there just because it reminds me of the imgakin monkey pet Noelie has. For now the team distribution is the following: three for Valor, three for Instinct and two for Mystic.

Thank you! :D Yeah, the way I depict each character has evolved a bit throughout the years… but then again their appearance has changed in-game, too, thanks to different mods and tweaks I’ve used.

Changes to Bron haven’t been quite so drastic, but Skaila and Laraniel have gone through a few different phases… The left one is the oldest screenshot with little to no modding, the middle one is from that time when everyone looked like weirdly flawless porcelain dolls, and the right one is the most recent screenshot (where they actually look like I intended them to).

I walked around for hours wearing a cool mantle I looted from a Silver Hand Elite until it dawned on me that the whole apparel was, in fact, made of werewolf pelt.

Wow, Skaila, that’s totally not an appropriate outfit for the Harbinger of the Companions.