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I never noticed how quality your talksprite is, shit son

aaaah right?

maddie is so rad i went to ask her for one when i saw anna’s and she was like ‘oh yeah i’m almost finished here u go’


Some of the pics of me with some other cosplayers from the Night Vale live show at the Pabst in Milwaukee! I had a great time, and if anyone knows the urls for the other people in the pics, please message me so I can tag them! :)

Apologies to the guy walking behind me when we were leaving b/c those tentacles like, hgng, they got everywhere.

Also whoops, forgot to mention, we based our quick five minute closet cosplays off of simply-psycho’s/Lupey’s designs as well as a bit from nazi-nurse and personal headcanons. c:

Art Commissions Redux

Bringing this back since I seriously need money right now because I pretty much haven’t been paid in a month and I need money for my deposit for school. I’ll still accept points, but..I’d prefer paypal because real money is more helpful right now.

 Fullbody pic: Can be human or anthro. Examples: or  is
Price: $3 or 300 points.
Comes with a free background, any style that you can see in my gallery, just tell me if you want one otherwise it’s transparent.


Transformation full body or comic:  Tell me what percentage you’d like to be transformed, please, no real life pictures. Examples: and
Price: $4 or 400 points
Comes with a free background, just like the regular fullbodies. You may for a comic instead. Up to 4 panels is same price.

Busts: $1 or 100 points


Fullbody Chibis/cheebs :
Price: $2 or 200 points


Quads/Ferals :
Price: $2 or 200 points


Longer comic or TF sequence :

 Price: $5 or 500 points.

Please only comment on this journal for questions! If you would like to claim a slot, please note me!

Art trades are still 100% open if anyone is interested, however, I am *not* doing free requests unless you are a friend/I know you. I simply have too much on my plate.
Please correct me if my point values are wrong, I am not too solid on what points are and I don’t know much about them.

Generic info: