last february brett and i made a bloodswap with a rustblood equius. he was the heir of time, and kind of a jack of all trades with a lot of esoteric interests like glass blowing and ancient technology, which seemed like a good combination of aradia’s interest in archaeology and equius’s in robotics. anyway, his quirk was preceded by

(Y) < A clock that, due to its lack of differentiation between an hour hand and a minute hand, actually reads multiple times at once!

he was sweet and idealistic, but nervous and naive to the point of accidental vulgarity… and of course no one had the heart to tell him his clock looked like boobs.

…i just like how we were apparently so good at zahhaks that we made the same joke that hussie made with horuss six months later:


like it would have been one thing if we’d made that joke with any other character, but that we chose it for a slightly altered version of equius– when hussie blatantly states that that’s all horuss is too– that kind of foresight is wack with poo brain

(the only sad part is that now if we keep that joke it’ll be less funny since it’ll just be ripping off horuss’s quirk. buuuuut we had so much trouble coming up with a plot for our bloodswap (called skaiabound) that it never really went anywhere even though we really really liked all the designs and characterization, so i guess none of it’s ever going to get us anything but bragging rights :’) )

i guess that kind of mistake is our fault for not actually having legit content out for skaiabound but christ u have no idea how good we are at bloodswaps and fantrolls and shit like that we literally were up all night talking about what parts of each troll’s personality/interests/role in canon was intrinsic to them as a person vs the influence of their caste and designed them from there bloodswaps that are just slapping the interests/personality/demeanor/design of one character onto another for shits and giggles are so fucking basic i could scream (i already have screamed) (i am never not screaming about basic bitches)