Skaian Wreckoning
  • Skaian Wreckoning
  • heir-of-puns

Another Skaia song! This one’s for the Reckoning.

Arrangement of:

  • Skaian Starstorm - Astro Kid
  • Pyrocumulus (Sicknasty) - Robert J! Lake
  • Outer Reaches [Veil] - Charles “Crazy-8” Neudorf 
  • Starfall - Jeremy “Solatrus” Iamurri
  • Paradoxical Meteor Shower [Reckoning] - Trent “Trogg” West 
  • Ectobiology - David Ko
  • Skies of Skaia - Mark Hadley
  • How Do I Live (Bunny Back in the Box Version) - Michael Guy Bowman and Nick Smalley
  • Sburban Countdown - Michael Guy Bowman

Songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin.

Incipient Orbit
  • Incipient Orbit
  • heir-of-puns

And the last song left to do for the upcoming Skaia mini-album. This one’s for the Incipisphere, each instance of which orbits around its session’s Skaia.

Arrangement of:

  • Four - Trent “Trogg” West 
  • Null - Mark Hadley
  • “Backwards Souls” sound effect - SoundBible
  • Medium - Arzenic 
  • “Breathing Weird” sound effect - SoundBible
  • Planetarium - Rachel Macwhirter 

Songs belong to their artists.


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Wow, finally uploaded this! Ah, it’s the beta incisphere! I made this for the lovely Eins who recently had a birthday. It took me just about 2-3 days to make. I used styrofoam balls, toothpicks, cotton balls, A LOT OF PAINT, a paper clip, and string to match the kids’ color/color of sburb session to hang them. You can’t seen the actual hook, but basically a couple of paint sticks stuck together with wire and hot glued popsicle stick and the hook of a wire hanger. 

This was incredibly fun to make, and if you have any questions, I won’t mind answering! 


does anyone have any tips?

so i’ve been trying to record speedpaints, but no matter the program i use and no matter the settings on both my editing and recording software, the drawing bits come out blurry even set to 1080p60fps…(example)

programs i’ve tried:




debut video home


windows 10 (game? built in?) recorder

(i exaggerated when i wrote 9, but it feels like a lot)

i use adobe premiere pro cc 2017 to edit 

Dreams of Skaia
  • Dreams of Skaia
  • heir-of-puns

Guess who’s compiling a Skaia mini-album? It’s me. This’ll be the first track, or at least the first main one.

Arrangement of:

  • John Sleeps/Skaian Magicant - Toby Fox
  • Skies of Skaia - Mark Hadley
  • A Study in Skaia - David Ellis (A Lunatic’s Daydream) 
  • Skaian Air - Trent “Trogg” West 
  • Skaian Happy Flight - Seth “Beatfox” Peelle
  • Skaia Ad Infinitum - Andromeda’s Cadre 
  • CumuloSeerus [Oracle Clouds] - Brad “Avinoch” Griffin 
  • Skaiaward [Skaia] - Marcy “Shadolith” Nabors and Jeremy “Solatrus” Iamurri
  • Skaian Birth - Mark Hadley

Songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin.


Here are some better pictures of this fuzzy poster I finished coloring. Naturally, when there’s a giant astrological poster with no colors, it should turn into Homestuck.