Introducing Skaianet Forums!

Whoa whaaaaaat a platform for extended conversations about all kinds of topics where you don’t have to try and remember what you were talking about last time you logged on or else wade through long chat logs? Could it be? Is it possible HECK YEAH IT IS

Check out and post to your heart’s content about Homestuck, video games, silly Youtube videos, TV shows, roleplaying, and anything else you want- all we ask is that you keep it SFW for our younger users!

We’re still figuring out some formatting and theming things (except that banner it’s amazing), so don’t be worried if things change around in the next few weeks, and by all means give us suggestions in our thread for things you want to see! Thanks for checking it out, and we’ll see you there!

Shoutout to the people at who are behind the unofficialmspa bandcamp and the albums hosted at, which is hopefully going to contain the Beforus album post-release.

It’s a site that I often find even myself overlooking as a part of because it does not appear to be linked from the skaianet homepage (that’d be useful), but it’s a really good host for the lofam albums and will allow us at Beforus to have a good place to host links to our commentary booklet and other additional content.

Some life lessons I learned from Homestuck

Life needs balance.

Religious zealots are dangerous.

Bad people aren’t always mean.

Good people aren’t always nice.

Being scared doesn’t mean that you can’t be brave.

Even when things seem hopeless, there’s always something you can do.

Just be yourself, whoever that is.

Because the most unlikely of people can be the best of friends

And you don’t have to be important to do something important.

So never stop chasing your dreams.

But don’t take life too seriously.

Always remember that sometimes, it’s perfectly okay…

… to be a little stupid.


So, I’ve been seeing a lot of these things recently so I thought I’d do one!  For every person that reblogs this I will handwrite their name on a piece of paper and drop it into the Skaia jar!  Please only reblog if homestuck!  



My biggest project: lyricstuck of Demons (Imagine Dragons) I hope you like it.  Enjoy! : _)


Here are some better pictures of this fuzzy poster I finished coloring. Naturally, when there’s a giant astrological poster with no colors, it should turn into Homestuck.