“So… what did you think about the ending of Homestuck?”

“I… thought it was on page 010024?”

“I thought it was a disaster!”

“All the acts leading up to this seem to be taking on at subverting common storytelling tropes, really self aware about itself and the medium it’s in, you know?”


“But in the end it didn’t even matter! John and the other Beta kids, the trolls and players uniting against Skaia to stop omnipotent threats and save all reality… I loved that!”

“Then they all escape the game and live happily ever after in the Alpha Earth? It completely drops all the self aware, anti-normal storytelling vibe Hussie was going with!”

“He didn’t have time to make a proper ending but he could describe sprite fusions for a hundred pages?”

“Y…yeah! Those sprite fusions were worth… twenty pages. Tops.”

“I bet, that since Hussie got enrolled with the Kickstarter project and the comic went on and on he just got fed up with the story and the fanbase, and just decided to end the comic with no satisfying conclusion whatsoever.

“Unlike art, real authors sometimes can’t win against the crushing weight of such a rabid, huge fanbase.”

“That’s my theory anyway.”

“It sucks because I went all the way and backed the Kickstarter… and got my own troll in the comic just to be killed in the next page.”

anonymous asked:

In hsetau, does anyone like go beyond the assuming of "You're probably an adult (or child)" and like actually ask how old someone is?

You see, this question needs to take into account more factors than just “how many years have you been alive” because not only does Skaia have a different rotational speed to calculate how long a day is on their planet, it also has a different revolutionary period around its star, AND a carapace’s lifespan is significantly different from a human’s.

But I decided to do the math for you so I can answer this question more easily :y So, roughly speaking:

  1. WV is 178 Earth years old, and is a YOUNG ADULT/LATE TEENAGER.
  2. PM is 231. She is an ADULT.
  4. WQ is 455. She is an ADULT.
  5. WK is 27. He is a CHILD, more accurately a VERY YOUNG TEENAGER.
  6. SS is 231. He is an ADULT.
  7. DD is 372. He is an ADULT.
  8. HB is 158. He is a YOUNG ADULT/LATE TEENAGER.
  9. CD is 214. He is an ADULT.

For general purposes, a Carapace grows out of infancy at the age of 2 (Skaian years) and begins puberty at the age of 25 (equiv. 36 human years). Puberty lasts for approx. 120 Skaian years (equiv. 171 human years), and enters adulthood at age 145 (age 207 in human years). When a Carapace is 245 years old (age 349 in human years), they reach a perfect cellular equilibrium and cease to have a physical aging process thanks to the development of gene therapy and genetic modification technology affecting their species.

There IS a way to tell how old a carapace is on sight: during each stage of development a carapace grows and sheds their shell. After their adult shell grows in, if it ever receives damage i.e. in war or accidents, it will grow back slightly thicker than before. Other than that, carapaces don’t really experience old age anymore in the modern era.

Roxy wants WQ to teach her all the secrets of perfect cellular equilibrium for never-aging powers and shit but WQ is not a biologist or a doctor and thus doesn’t have NEARLY the qualifications to answer those kinds of questions. 

Today is the Serket Festival of Light!!

Today is Oct 23, the first day (roughly) of the Scorpio sign, and therefore the Light Festival!!

If you are a Serket or Light Player, send us an ask and we here at the temple can give you some positivity and praise on this luckiest of days! 

No matter who you are, you can join us in the Skaia Temple Chatroom to talk to fellow Homestuck Pagans and Witches.

We will continue posting devotional posts for Serkets, Rose Lalonde, and the Light Aspect!

Have a great day!


So, I’ve been seeing a lot of these things recently so I thought I’d do one!  For every person that reblogs this I will handwrite their name on a piece of paper and drop it into the Skaia jar!  Please only reblog if homestuck!  


jadejadejadejade. i had a ton of fun making this one! i originally intended to make it a speedpaint, but unfortunately some of the files got corrupted, so that’s a no. 

i also decided to experiment a bit with print sized stuff, so here’s both a wallpaper and the actual fullsized thing, in case you want to try printing it for yourself!