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could you follow up with your feelings on artemis?

wait artemis in rick riordan or artemis in general?

rick riordan’s artemis: artemis/zoe nightshade oh my god not over it

artemis artemis: same goes as apollo. except she is artemis of the wild, artemis of mountain air and the forest plains and the wild beasts of all the land, artemis who asked as a child for eternal virginity so she can hold her body as a fortress; a privilege that not even goddesses have. artemis who holds herself above men, who is not only unattainable but untouchable and cold as the moon, who turns actaeon into a stag to be murdered by his dogs, who killed orion, who killed niobe’s daughters without mercy. artemis is the wild stuff of the earth, and it’s amazing to think about it in modern times - because the moon isn’t untouched anymore, is it? there are footsteps on the moon, men have touched her celestial body, and (and ari and i had this conversation a while ago if I CAN FIND IT) so artemis hovers away, into the wild stuff of the universe, forever unreachable, forever untouchable, not even by her brother (who can only eclipse her) a representation of that far away frontier.

So I heard someone wanted some Bottom!Sam Sassy

"You need to tell me if I’m doing this right," says Castiel. He pants the words over the back of Sam’s neck. "I don’t want to hurt you."

He mouths over the knob that marks the top of Sam’s spine. It’s slow like the way he fucks Sam, and Sam hates it because it’s exactly everything that he doesn’t want. Sam picked Castiel because he was strong, because he could hold Sam down and fuck the freak right out of him, but instead he gets this — this gentleness, this softness — and every inch of him wants to curl up with how good it is.

Castiel’s version of gentleness isn’t pliable. He’s firm and strong like nothing else that Sam’s ever met, and it scares the shit out of him. But he holds Sam down like he’s nothing, like these weird powers won’t hurt him, like Sam could dream about Castiel dying in a million ways and never see the consequences. It’s amazing and thrilling and awful because Castiel’s worried about hurting Sam when it’s Sam with the prophetic death dreams and the spontaneous telekinesis, yet Castiel covers him and holds him and fucks him until he’s shivering and moaning.

It’s all that Sam can do to just grip the sheets and go along for the ride — each thrust forcing his pleasure and each withdraw dragging out the want from inside him. There’s a peace to their joining that’s dizzying, that shakes Sam right down to his bones, and Castiel touches him as if he knows Sam, atom to atom — from the frequently cramping thigh to the instinctive guarding of the arm he broke as a child.

The easy vulnerability terrifies Sam, yet when he replies to Castiel on a stuttering breath — “You couldn’t… couldn’t hurt me,” — he means it. He believes it. Sam doesn’t know why Castiel reacts the way he does, not the suddenly painful squeeze of his fingers around Sam’s wrists or the catch of his teeth at Sam’s nape — only that it is finally what he wanted.

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RO NO …now i need it.

sobs sobs i’m an adult. no one can stop me now sobs.

but in all seriousness: boyd holding stiles down and just petting him all over with a heavy palm and thick, strong fingers. and stiles is strong in his own right — surprisingly so, for a human his size, no matter how much he complains of the opposite — and boyd wants to own him, all of him, from the top of his head to the tips of his fingers and toes and maybe stiles gets off hardcore on being worshipped, you feel me?

or maybe it’s the other way around, you know. maybe stiles thrills a little inside that big strong, supernaturally powerful boyd lets stiles get on top of him, with his thick body and arms so muscular that it hurts to try and dig his fingers into it. that they can wrestle and stiles will win — of course, stiles knows that he’s being allowed to win, but on the other hand, he’s being allowed to win and how could that do anything other than make stiles want to push for more and more and more until he has everything.

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what’s that you say

you want sam face down and ass up because that’s the way he likes to fuck?


i mean. face down and ass up because he’s got castiel on his knees behind him and two strong hands rubbing up along his back, stroking down into his body and pushing him into a steeper arch, making it so that he can only wiggle to get castiel’s cock deeper into him, making it so that he gasps wetly into the bedsheets and want to moan and jesus christ 

"where’d you learn to fuck like this, cas?" cause sam sure as hell didn’t teach him and castiel just rolls his hips forward, so hard that he would’ve pushed sam right off of his knees if sam hadn’t brought a hand up to catch himself. "you been watching porn again?"

"i remade your body from nothing, sam," castiel says. "do you think i need to watch movies to know how to make you feel good?"

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okay! just to let you know i did a quck check on for jobs (hope i’m not butting in your business) in jersey and there seems to be quite a bit. :D I’m sure y’all will find a job in no time. i’ll miss you, but i’m so excited for you guys!

i was just looking at yesterday, and yeah there’s definitely a handful of stuff there that anthony can totally do.
thanks a bunch. i’m gonna miss everybody too and i keep having fits of tears when i think about it, but we’ve got to do something drastic to make things different. 

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and now i saw there was a crying derek?! oh jesus.

he was a little overwhelmed by just how loved one could feel by having sex and wasn’t sure if he was able to convey his feelings back and it just all felt so good and the sheriff was very, very thorough and derek’s feelings monitor was like I CANNOT HANDLE THIS CREYS

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skadooshthebat replied to your post: Actually you’re wrong about barbarity. The ancient Greeks didn’t think that anyone who wasn’t them was a barbarian but anyone who didn’t speak greek. And greek back then was what english is to the modern world.

oh wow okay so was my history professor wrong? he said that the germanic people were considered barbarians because they didn’t know latin. (i learn so many things from you this is amazing i’m kinda tipsy hi)

yo i’m not sure about that cos i’m pretty sure that’s roman. i’m talking about greek specifically.

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that anon can go fuck itself instead

okay here’s the thing. i went through a period of my life where i submerged myself in nothing but tumblr and tumblr culture and then my old “real life” friends basically told me (actually two of them flat-out told me) that i was detached from reality and i became the weird friend that no one wanted to invite anywhere and it made me feel really shitty because they made fun of me and would say “so what have you been up to? oh just kidding, you’ve been on tumblr blogging about glee” and people would belittle my online friendships and make my friends out to be people who weren’t “real” because i hadn’t met most of them.

and THAT isn’t something that i think is okay. but the post wasn’t even saying that. it wasn’t saying “wow you guys are all sick and pathetic go get off of the internet forever” it was saying “hey guys you really need to try to branch out because you’re missing SO MUCH that you refuse to open yourselves up to because you’ve become so comfortable shunning the outside world to live in your safety bubble and i promise you that in the long run, that’s going to be more harmful than helpful.” and i agree with that. and i think that the politics and the culture of tumblr can be really negatively warping to the minds of people who are still developing social skills and coping skills.

i’m all about celebrating being different and being who you are but people glorify and glamorize things on this website that are not really okay. and it’s alarming how much people want to ignore that because they think they’re being cute and quirky by shunning the outside world.