"Myakuhaku" song commentary by Miya (Google translation only, better than nothing)
  • 1. Pulse: I wrote while thinking of the sound and the scene of their hometown. What is it like Ibaraki? I would like to hear this song if I told you. It is a song with a fluffy atmosphere, but I want you to have a lot of excitement with the flow from the texture to the intro service.
  • 2. Desperate situation: A story of a human being chased in a corner. It might be stronger than expected unexpectedly. Expressing the desperate situation by running through the 16-minute beat feeling like 90's Nu-METAL and ska, ultra fast melody core beat. Mosh, Jump, Skodan, Dive all in 1 Rust! Ww
  • 3. CLASSIC: It was rarely Bass 'Yukke' s songwriting composition, TV anime "Premonition of the Seven Great Omi Jihyo" OP theme. Everything is packed for rust singing. It is a song easy to understand, but it is just a stick and not a fist, it is a song that I want you to excite while moshing throughout the body.
  • 4. KILLER: It is a song with a respect for X JAPAN.
  • 5. BILLY × 2 ~ Entwines ROCK STARS ~: It is a song of "feeling" that can not be felt by oversimplified music. Completely comfortable with a single recording!
  • 6. Apple: What will become of Mixing the DUB and the folk! I thought that songs made. I want you to get drunk. I want you to rampage. If you bite the forbidden fruit, there is a reasonable preparation. Hey you.
  • 7. EMP: The title means the meaning of EMPTY (empty). With respect to the music of the 90 's.
  • 8. Therefore, the skyscraper (ALBUM MIX): I thought that I would make a psychedelic POPS and it was like this. Mixed for the album, I feel that it has become closer to the sound of LIVE.
  • 9. Secret: Combining the CLASSIC DISCO sound and the smoky Vo, I got an interesting song. All synths are played in real time, so I think that the bargaining with the band is interesting in a good sense.
  • 10. Commune: A song written with images of the late Beatles. I want you to dance with side rhythm. I will become personality if I put down minority opinion as well. Would you open it or close it?
  • 11. Forget-me-not: It is a ballade of "Peace".
  • 12. Sirius: To a dead friend. It is an answer · song of the song "Brilliant World". The song I played for the first time with BAND was "ROSIER". Therefore, the sound is a respect for LUNA SEA which is great.
  • 13. Hatching: Song paired with "Myakuhaku" (Track 1).
  • 14. Heide: I did not notice it when I wrote, but I think the current album is heading for every vector. Thank you for being able to sing such songs in the twentieth year.

Born To Die-Leftover Crack 


Operation Ivy - Bad Town 


And when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
I guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time

Streetlight Manifesto- A better place, a better time


no sympathy - chewed up